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Glitch Recap Episode 5

When the episode begins, James (Patrick Brammall), Kate (Emma Booth) and Sarah (Emily Barclay) speak about their current situation. At the same time, Kirstie (Hannah Monson) and Charlie (Sean Keenan) head into town and attempt to unravel Charlie’s history. They quickly discover his name on an Anzac statue and decide to head to The Royal. Inside of the club, Charlie recalls drinking there with his soldier buddies.

Glitch Episode 5

Charlie quickly becomes friendly with the club’s barkeeper, Russell (Greg Stone). As it turns out, Russell is a history buff and admits he knows all about Charlie’s history. Charlie insists he was named after the legendary Anzac. Charlie and Kirstie and offered a drink, before we switch back to Vic (Andrew McFarlane), who arrives at the farm. He awakes Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) and John Doe (Rodger Corser. John hides, while Elishia answers the door.

Charlie Thompson Glitch

Vic accuses Elishia of harboring people and demands to know where they are. She refuses and Vic gets rough with her. Meanwhile, Paddy (Ned Dennehy) continues speaking with Beau’s (Aaron McGrath) family. Beau’s mother is wearing a Noregard shirt and insists she needs to head to work. The company seems to have something to do with the dead rising, but we’ll have to wait and see what pans out. Paddy is forced outside of the home and told to leave the family alone.

Charlie Thompson Glitch

Sarah and Kate continue argue about their current predicament, before things blow up and everyone separates. Back at the farm, John Doe attacks Vic and attempts to save Elishia. Unfortunately, Vic seems to have super human powers and easily overwhelms John. Vic handcuffs him to a tree and forces Elishia to help him. At the club, Kirstie argues with some blokes, while Charlie learns about the war. He also sees a picture of himself with George (Gabriel Carrubba). He has a flashback of himself and George fighting in the club.

Glitch Vic

Kirstie freaks out and is escorted upstairs, where she lays down. Russell continues exploring the past with Charlie. Russell shows him some old army gear, including gas masks and guns. Kate and Sarah finally begin to overcome their differences. Vic takes Elishia inside of her workshop and discovers the piece of evidence, which she removed from John Doe’s grave. They argue a bit, before Vic demands that she call James. Meanwhile, Sarah is forced to lay down. Kate speaks with James and he professes his love for her.

Paddy Fitzgerald

James is interrupted by a phone call from Elishia. She covertly described the situation. Meanwhile, Beau joins up with Paddy and learns about Paddy’s plan for restoration. He insists he is going to gain ownership over his old home. The pair head off. Back at The Royal, Charlie discovers an old binocular and has a flashback to his time, as a sniper. He witnesses his spotter, George, being shot and killed. He freaks out in the present. Paddy and Beau pays a visit to Lucy Fitzgerald (Alison Whyte).

Actress Genevieve O'Reilly

Paddy discovers blueprints of his property, which has the Noregard Pharmaceuticals logo on it. He attempts to explain the situation to Lucy, but she ignores his pleas and insists he is selling the family manor. She blows them off and rushes away. Back at The Royal, Russell tests his blood sugar. He attempts to test Charlie’s, before he kisses Charlie. The move forces Charlie out of the room. He wakes up Kirstie and hightails it out of the club. On the way out of the club, Charlie witnesses himself crying at the bar.

Glitch TV Show Noregard

James finally arrives at the farm. He is confronted by Vic. They speak about the others and Vic alludes to Elishia knowing more than she is telling, before Paddy arrives. Vic attempts to gun down Paddy and a chase ensues. Vic destroys his leg, when he trips in a hole. Beau grabs his gun and Vic is subdued. Sarah attempts to call James, but discovers he left his phone behind. They jump in the truck and prepare to leave. In the vehicle, Sarah learns that Kate knows about James’ shack. She puts two and two together and realizes that the pair slept together.

Glitch TV Series Charlie

Sarah forces Kate out of the vehicle and drives away. Kate leaves on the motorcycle. With Vic subdued, Elishia frees John Doe. She rushes back to her workshop and uses a needle to extract some fluid from a container, which has a Noregard label on it. Back at the statue, Charlie has another flashback with George. He learns that the pair loved one another, before he comes to his sense and tells Kirstie about it.

Glitch TV Series George

Sarah heads to the police station and speaks to Chris (John Leary). She reports Kate’s motorcycle and insists it was involved in the break in. Afterwards, James checks Vic’s vehicle and discovers Maria’s body in the trunk.


Glitch Review

The fifth episode of Glitch was great. We finally learned about Charlie’s history and his lover, George. The backstory was definitely surprising and heartfelt. The Sarah and Kate turmoil was a little drug out, but it ended nicely and will likely make a big impact on the next episode. I am serious glad Paddy made it through the episode, as the preview made it look bleak for the old mayor.

With the finale next, this episode set it up nicely. Things should be explosive and we should learn more about Elishia and her real work at Noregard. The episode deserves a 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with the previous episode of Glitch now!

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