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Glitch Recap Episode 4

When the fourth episode begins, Vic (Andrew McFarlane) attempts to convince Maria (Daniela Farinacci) to show him where the others are hidden. He also tries to convince Maria that Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) is lying to the group. Maria eventually agrees to help him, after he convinces her that doctors might be able to bring her daughter back. Kirstie takes a bath. When he submerges herself in the water, she imagines a man standing above her. Afterwards, Charlie (Sean Keenan) and Kirstie (Hannah Monson) join a party. Kirstie dances provocatively for Charlie, before he stops her. She gets upset and hangs out with several other guys instead.

Glitch TV Series Vic

Charlie freaks out, due to the flashing headlights, and rushes off into the woods. He is unable to locate Kirstie, when he returns. James (Patrick Brammall) brings Kate (Emma Booth) backs to the barn. Charlie interrupts their make out session and informs them of Kirstie’s disappearance. Kirstie hangs out with her new friend. They head down near the water and jump in. She convinces her new friend to choke her. During the process, she imagines a man from her past choking and killing her. James and Charlie arrive. They quickly put a stop to the madness.

Glitch TV Show Maria

Kirstie tells James about her death and he agrees to investigate. In the morning, James calls Elishia and learns about John Doe’s (Rodger Corser) disappearance. Next, John is shown in a convenience store checking out Aunty Mae’s Kanga Flakes and drinking milk. He is confronted by the shopkeeper. Unfortunately, John demolishes the poor guy and leaves him on the floor. Meanwhile, Sarah (Emily Barclay) reminds James about their visit to Elishia’s office. He asks her, if they can stay at home afterwards and chat. She agrees. They also speak about the cemetery and Kirstie.

Glitch TV Show Kirstie and Charlie

At the police station, Beau’s (Aaron McGrath) mother and Chris (John Leary) force him to give up information about Paddy. We see Paddy (Ned Dennehy), who still hasn’t managed to get his box open. Back at the police station, James collects information about Kirstie’s murder and learns about Beau’s story from Chris. Vic and Maria pay a visit to Leon (Gerard Kennedy). Maria tells him about the potential of bringing back Anne, before she departs with Vic. James uses Beau’s information to track down Paddy.

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After an initial scare, James convinces Paddy to travel with him to the farm. Back at the barn, Kate (Emma Booth) discovers a broken down motorcycle and vows to fix it. Paddy is transported to the farm and immediately asks Elishia about a tool house. He encounters Kate on his way there and they share their greetings. Paddy insists James is the lucky one now. James confronts Kirstie and shows her the crime scene photographs from her murder. She is told her murder’s name, Kevin Brunner (Jim Russell). Initially, she doesn’t believe it, but James convinces her that it had to be him.

John Leary Glitch

Meanwhile, Vic begins to grow tired of Maria’a schemes. He insists she needs to give him information about the others. Eventually, she jumps out of the police vehicle and flees. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get far, before he hauls her back. James tells Elishia that he is going to speak with Kevin and prepares to leave. He is stopped by Kate, who demands he tell Sarah about her return. Vic takes Maria to her daughter’s death scene. After Maria refuses to give up information, he snaps her neck and finds a dry cleaning receipt in her dress pocket.

Glitch TV Show Ned Dennehy

James speaks with Kevin, who has an alibi for the day of Kirstie’s return. The pair argue, before Kevin demands that James leave his house. Back at the barn, Kirstie tells Charlie about her murderer. He agrees to help her get revenge. Next, Paddy finally breaks open his box and discovers a dress for his wife inside. Kirstie calls Kevin and convinces him to meet her at a specific location.

Aussie TV Series Glitch Vic and Maria

Elishia speaks to Kate and learns about her plans to fulfill an old dream. John Doe takes a trip into town and attempts to drown himself in a swimming pool. James and Sarah visit Elishia’s clinic. They learn the sex of their baby, which turns out to be a girl! During the visit, Sarah witnesses James and Elishia speaking in secret. Elishia gets a call and is forced to meet John at the park. He admits he was contemplating killing himself, since he cannot remember anything.

Jim Russell Actor

She takes him to a museum and shows him the masks of three bushrangers. She reveals that they were hung and buried in the city, without tombstones. She also attempts to convince him to quit dwelling on the past and instead make up a past of his own. At home, Sarah asks James about his secret conversation. James begins to tell her about Kate, but doesn’t follow through. Instead, they kiss and head inside. Vic follows the receipt to the cleaners and waits outside for them to open.

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Kirstie and Charlie surround Kevin at the lake. Kirstie spooks him and accuses him of killing her. He insists he is innocence, before she runs into the woods. She has a flashback and imagines another man choking her. She apologizes to Kevin and learns about his hardship and time in prison. Kevin admits he cannot do this, jumps in his truck and flees. John Doe and Elishia share a moment back at the homestead. They end up kissing.

Glitch Jim Russell

Vic ends up waiting outside of the cleaners all night, until they open. He easily convinces the shopkeeper to provide him with the address to Elishia’s farm. Meanwhile, Paddy pays a visit to Beau’s house. While there, Paddy explains about his wife, Kalinda (Leila Gurruwiwi). He shows them the dress and learns that his wife was the women’s mother. He tells the women that he is their father. At the end of the episode, Kate rides around on her motorcycle, hangs out for awhile and visits Sarah and James.


Glitch Review

The fourth episode of Glitch was undoubtedly the best thus far. Learning about Kirstie’s death was the most impactful moment yet. Jim Russell was excellent as the wrongfully convicted Kevin Brunner. Paddy’s discovery was equally interesting. Of course, each of the characters were great. John Doe’s potential bushranger history and Vic’s insanity are difficult to ignore.

Overall, the episode was great. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the previous episodes of Glitch now!

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