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Glitch Recap Episode 2

During the beginning of the second episode, another deadman, John Doe (Rodger Corser) emerges from the ground and heads to the local school. Kate (Emma Booth) looks at herself in the mirror and discovers that she had a mastectomy. In the present, her breasts are fine. Meanwhile, James (Patrick Brammall) speaks to his wife, Sarah (Emily Barclay). He fails to mention anything about Kate. Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) speaks to Kate and learns about her vision.

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Elishia checks her breasts and confirms that the cancer is gone. James calls can schedules a meeting with Elishia. Meanwhile, Paddy (Ned Dennehy) breaks into a clothing boutique and steals from fancy new clothes. James rendezvous with Elishia at the cemetery. They investigate the tombstones and discover 6 graves, yet they can only account for 5 people. Elishia digs through one of the holes and discovers an item from one of the survivors. James receives a call from Chris Rennox (John Leary) and is dispatched to the school.

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James heads to the school, fights with John Doe and eventually puts him into cuffs. At the clinic, Charlie Thompson (Sean Keenan) and Kate watch cartoons together. They discover that Kirstie’s (Hannah Monson) leg is beginning to worsen. On the way to the clinic, James confronts Vic (Andrew McFarlane) outside of the ransacked clothing boutique. They spar back and forth about James’ captive, before he departs. Beau (Aaron L. McGrath) witnesses the event and meets up with Paddy. Beau explains the presence of the cops, but Paddy insists he is going to reclaim what is his.

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John Doe finally arrives at the clinic. He speaks to the dead and tells them their real names. Maria (Daniela Farinacci), who thought her name was Anne, grows angry and distraught. He also tells the group about Carlo. James decides to take Kirstie to the hospital He departs with Kirstie and Charlie, who refuses to stay behind. The vehicle begins to cross the bridge, where Carlo died, when Kirstie’s eyes begin to bleed and Charlie begins to suffer from pain. James reverses the vehicle and begins to transport the pair back to the clinic.

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Vic pays a visit to the clinic and discovers dirty hand prints on the back of Elishia’s vehicle. John Doe agrees to hide, before Elishia answers the door and calmly sends Vic away. During the chaos, Maria makes a run for it and rushes towards the cemetery, with Kate following after her. Maria discovers her daughter Anne’s grave and attempts to dig her up. Kate manages to mellow her out. James returns to the clinic and Elishia checks the pair. They turn out to be healthy.

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Elishia tells James about Vic’s visit. Paddy and Beau wander the streets, as Paddy speaks about old times. Paddy tells Beau it is time for him to go and get his fortune, as he leaves his young friend behind. Paddy wanders through the woods, while Kate and Maria pay a visit to Kate’s old home. They break inside and find James and Sarah’s new wedding picture. They get stuck inside, when Sarah returns home. They manage to escape out the back door, with the family’s dog.

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Sarah calls James and tells him about the incident. Meanwhile, Paddy wanders through the brush and imagines himself being attacked by a native. Beau arrives and saves him from his imaginary attacker. Paddy insists the event was a reenactment of his death. James manages to track down Maria and learns about her daughter. He departs, before Maria imagines she sees her daughter and husband. James eventually catches up to Kate, who complains about his decision to remarry so quickly. She crosses a bridge and her eyes begin to bleed.

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He takes her back to the clinic and tells Elishia he is going to tell Vic the truth. Elishia insists they should just move the group out of town. At the police station, Chris offers to help, but James blows him off. Instead, James explains the situation to Vic. Unfortunately, Vic looks at him like a psycho. James returns to the clinic and discovers it locked up tight. Elishia transports the dead to her family’s farm.

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She receives a call from James, but refuses to divulge the details. That night, Sarah speaks to James about the break in. Kate and Maria sulk in their sorrow. Elishia finally removes the handcuffs from John Doe. Quickly, Doe takes advantage of the opportunity and chokes her. He manages to stop himself, before apologizing profusely. She runs off, without saying anything. Meanwhile, Vic drives towards the police station. His radio goes berserk and he flies off the road. Although he is injured, he manages to get out of the vehicle.


Glitch Review

The second episode of Glitch was just as compelling as the first and actually managed to enhance the series. The addition of John Doe was great and brought a potentially evil character to the array. Kate and Maria’s discoveries added a little turmoil and heartbreak to the series. Vic will likely become a thorn in James’ side throughout. Finally, Paddy and Beau continue providing the series with humor. We can only hope they stick together forever!

This episode deserves an 8 out of 10. Be sure to check out our other Glitch recaps now!

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