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Glitch Episode 3 Recap

When the episode begins, Vic (Andrew McFarlane) makes it to a bathroom and cleans himself up. His attitude has completely changed and he seems borderline possessed. James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) again tries to contact Elishia McKeller (Genevieve O’Rielly). She ignores his call and fails to learn about the information James has collected on Maria Massola. James and Sarah (Emily Barclay) spend a few minutes chatting, before Vic shows up at the door and interrupts.

Glitch TV Series Andrew McFarlane

Vic tells James that he has had a change of heart and now believes his story. Vic tries to prod James for Elishia’s whereabouts. Next, Elishia and the others prepare for their first mission together. Charlie (Sean Keenan) agrees to be their test subject and attempt to pass through the invisible barrier. John Doe (Rodger Corser) brings the group some dead rabbits and gets upset, when they ridicule his tastes. Meanwhile, Maria (Daniela Farinacci) ventures out on her own and visits her old house. While there, she has a vision of her husband and daughter. She is run out of the home, by the new occupants.

Glitch TV Series Patrick Brammall

Elishia and John Doe watch an airplane fly over their location. When asked, John Doe insists he cannot remember anything. Maria makes her way to a church, where he professes herself to be a miracle from God. James receives a call about a psycho in a church and he heads in Maria’s direction. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) and Beau (Aaron McGrath) visit Paddy’s old house. Paddy leads the pair inside, before he watches his former self travel upstairs with a box. He winds up getting Beau trapped inside, when the current owners return.

Glitch Television Show Elishia and Charlie

Beau attempts to escape, but is captured by the owners, who turn out to be party kids. One of the boys identifies himself as a Fitzgerald. Paddy stays behind and continues searching for his belongings. James finally makes it to the church and takes Maria into custody. She learns that her husband is still alive and James begrudgingly agrees to take her to see him. Vic breaks into Elishia’s clinic and learns that she works for Noregard. Meanwhile, Elishia continues formulating her plan to find the others a way to escape the town.

Paddy and Beau Glitch Television Show

Paddy discovers his box, but is unable to get it open. Beau gets drunk and high with the boys, before their mother arrives. They rat on Beau and blame him for everything. Maria is transported to the retirement center, where she speaks to her husband, Leon (Gerard Kennedy). Unfortunately, he belittles her and refers to her as a cheater. Back in the police car, Maria has a flashback of one of her students touching her leg. Despite James’ pleas, Maria forces him to take her the student’s establishment. Vic steals a police car and attempts to gain access to Elishia’s workplace, but fails.

Glitch Television Series

Charlie attempts to cross past the barrier, but is overwhelmed with pain. Maria arrives at Don Sharp’s car lot. She speaks to him and pretends to be someone else. She learns how she died and Don tells her that she never cheated on her husband. James calls Katie (Emma Booth) and tells her not to try crossing the barrier. Afterwards, he tells Maria that he has had enough and insists she is going to transport him to Elishia’s hiding place! Meanwhile, Vic pays a visit to his wife, Caroline (Anni Finsterer). The pair end up having intercourse, before Vic leaves her, without concern.

Sean Keenan Glitch

Chris Rennox (John Leary) arrives at Paddy’s old house and takes Beau into custody. Paddy watches the pair depart from the balcony. Charlie attempts to cross another barrier, but Elishia gets overzealous and pushes him too far. He manages to survive, but Kirstie (Hannah Monson) and Kate begin to turn on Elishia. Everyone meets back at Elishia’s barn and Charlie is rushed inside. Charlie recovers, while James attempts to smooth things over with Kate.

Actress Anni Finsterer

James takes Kate to his hidden getaway, which he bought after she died. The building is filled with Kate’s belongings. She falls in love again and the pair wind up sleeping together. Vic pays a visit to Sarah and scares the crap out of her. Back at Elishia’s place, Kirstie and John Doe argue, before a fight ensues. Everyone gets shook up and Charlie gets punched. Maria rushes off on her own and returns to her husband. She agrees to play the piano for him, before she has a flashback of Leon referring to her as a cheater. She rushes out and gets into the vehicle, before driving off.

Leon Massola Glitch

She discovers her daughter in the backseat. She winds up wrecking the vehicle and killing her daughter. In the present, Maria reminiscences from the side of the road. Elishia discovers that John Doe is prepared to leave the hideout. She attempts to talk him out of it, but fails. Maria returns to her daughter’s gravestone and apologizes repeatedly. Vic arrives and convinces Maria he is there to help her.


Glitch Review

This episode of Glitch was excellent just like the previous episodes. Maria’s story is one that is realistic, which makes it even sadder. The show has a bit of bleakness about it, since the characters are somewhat hopeless and stuck in their current predicaments. Charlie’s attempts to break through the barrier were intense and very enthralling.

Finally, Vic has established himself as the show’s villain. As for John Doe, who knows? His past definitely seems to be filled with violence. The episode deserves an 8 out of 10! Be sure to check out the previous Glitch episodes now!

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