Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule #67 Review

Abby Martin

When the show opens, Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) tries to call Lyla (Janeane Garofalo), but she doesn’t answer. Abby speaks with her daughter, Lilly (Conner Dwelly) and discusses the upcoming party. Charlie (Dylan Schombing) enters and begins to cause trouble, before noticing cracks in the wall. Next, Phoebe (Beau Garrett) runs into Delia (Necar Zadegan) and wishes to seek legal assistance, It is revealed Lyla is taking a leave from her job, which worries Phoebe, but nobody is able to make contact with her.

Max (Patrick Heusinger) inspects Abby’s house and suggests she needs a retaining wall. Jake (Paul Adelstein) and Max annoy Abby, before they agree to buy Lilly an expensive dress for her birthday. Jake confirms he is still with Becca Riley (Julianna Guill) and that they do use protection. Charlie introduces everyone to his new, imaginary friend, Chad. Max reveals the fix is going to cost twenty thousand, which Jake offers to pay, since he might be selling one of his scripts. Lilly runs in and confirms Becca is coming to her birthday party.

During Delia’s interview, she gets a call from Abby complaining about Becca and Jack. Next, Jack reveals he has spoken with Joseph Gordon Levitt, who wants to sit down with him on Monday. Becca offers to help Jake get a directing slot, but he doesn’t seem interested in working for The CW. After Becca and Jake agree to go to Lilly’s party together, Abby shares coffee with Delia and Phoebe. The girls question Abby about the sex she had with Jake. Delia suggests calling and uninviting Becca. Nobody has been able to get in touch with Lyla, but they’re not worried.

Next, Phoebe meets with Ralf (Charles Mesure) and finds out this is likely their last sexual encounter. As a good gesture, Ralf gives Phoebe an expensive necklace. Ralf refuses Phoebe’s advances, which upsets her. Abby visits her OBGYN (Marci T. House) and questions her about her ability to get pregnant. The OBGYN offers her the morning after pill. Jake and Abby meet at the school, where Abby tells him to uninvite Becca, but Jake refuses. Abby suggests staying away, while everyone else enjoys the party.

Becca shows Jake the gift she got for Lilly, which is an expensive watch. The pair discuss Lilly’s invitation to Becca, which Becca questions, as a mistake. After a little argument, Becca storms off and insists she won’t go. Next, Max speaks to Abby about his relationship and lack of sex, before Abby reveals she had sex with Jake. The pair discuss the possibility of Abby being pregnant. Abby seems to be thrilled, by the idea of being a mother again, but Max isn’t so happy, with the idea. Lilly storms in and says Becca called and isn’t coming to the party.

After the show returns, the girls are at the party, as Abby reveals she left Becca a message and reinvited her. She finally gets a text from Lyla, which says she’ll call her soon. Abby watches, as Lilly walks off with Jade (Cleome Hope), who is untrustworthy. Becca shows up and impresses everyone, with her gift to Lilly. Becca thanks Abby for the invitation, before everyone begins to party. Abby discovers Lilly and her friends are drunk, while Jake and Becca meet inside. While searching for the booze, Jake finds Abby’s pills. Abby discovers that the girls soaked tampons in vodka, which makes sense, since they’re all jumping in the pool to cool off.

Afterwards, all of the parents complain to Jake and Abby, including a lawyer. Jake questions Abby about the morning after pills. Jake admits it was hard raising a baby, but he does miss it. Becca enters and whisks Jake away. Phoebe visits Ralf’s girlfriend, Clara, but leaves, without talking to her. Next, Delia gets cozy with her client. Jake learns that his script has fell through, while Becca questions Jake about his previous visit to Abby’s. He admits to sleeping with her, before the pair begin to fight. Becca forces Jake out of the house.

When the show returns, Abby speaks with Lilly and questions her about drinking. Lilly reveals she got drunk with Jade once before. She admits the whole thing was ridiculous. Next, Jake calls and attempts to get the director’s job, while Phoebe gets a call from Lyla, who reveals she is in Portland. Lyla insists she is happy there and invites Phoebe down.


All in all, this was a much better episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce thanks to the lack of silliness and crazy sex scenes. The show is best, when it gets down to the emotional aspect of separation and this episode did just that. Are the girls going to split up, with Lyla suggesting a permanent stay in Portland? Meanwhile, Jake’s world couldn’t be going any worse. Of course, nobody seemed to be happy in this episode, besides Delia. The show would do itself a favor, if it stuck with the dark, bleak story lines. This episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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