Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule 46 Review

Girlfriends Guide Abby and Will

When the show opens, Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Will (Warren Christie) enjoy a nice vacation. They discuss their plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving. They question, whether or not it is too soon to share Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Delia has lunch, with her boss, Albert, when her father, Majid (Nasser Faris), interrupts then. Jo (Alanna Ubach) speaks to her daughter, Zooey (Alison Thornton), about her father, before Abby and Will arrive back home to Jo’s famous green been casserole.

The maintenance man enters and reveals his dog has discovered a metal box in the backyard. Despite cutting herself, Abby gets the box open and discovers a lot of old pictures, before receiving a call from Jake (Paul Adelstein). Jake reveals he is sick and cannot take care of the kids, which effectively ruins Abby’s plans. Next, the girls go shopping and Phoebe (Beau Garrett) tells them that Marco (Brandon Jay McLaren) flirted with her earlier in the day. Delia has lunch, with her father, when Hal enters and congratulates Delia on her addition to 40 under 40. Hal offers to to send divorce clients to Delia, before leaving. Majid tells Delia about his prostate cancer.

Girlfriends Guide Zooey Jo

Back at home, Zooey and Lilly (Conner Dwelly) have been going through the box and have discovered love letters between Frank and Bertha. With a little convincing from Jo, the girls start to wonder, if the house has a ghost, when the window slams shut. Abby cries, while reading the letters, before Will calls. Phoebe offers to help Marco out on Thanksgiving. Despite some initial reluctance, he agrees to accept her help. He also accepts her invitation.

Next, Abby attempts to tell Lilly and Charlie about Will. The kids take the news fairly well. Charlie questions, if Jack can come to Thanksgiving. After receiving the wrong answer, he throws a fit. The next morning, Jo attempts to convince Abby that the house is haunted. Jake arrives and scares them to death. Jake insists he’ll be nice, before Will and his roommate, Mike, enter. Everything seems to be going fine, until Charlie kicks Will.

girlfriends guide jo

Delia complains about her father, while Abby insists Jake should’ve known the text wasn’t from her. Phoebe and Marco arrive, before everyone begins to eat. Majid and Marco seem to agree about the true history of Thanksgiving, before Majid goes on a rant about American exceptionalism. Will attempts to change the subject, but things begin to spiral out of control. Outside, Majid insults Delia’s friends. Inside, Phoebe and Marco argue over Marco’s philosophy. At the table, Jake and Will argue, before the entire house blows up. It only stops, when a tree comes crashing down outside.

Girlfriends Guide Abby Charlie Lilly

Afterwards, Marco tells Phoebe he has only been clean for 18 months, which is why he didn’t drink. She tells him it is okay to ask for help and that her brother was an addict, before he died. At the same time, Jo attempts to get Frank out of the house. Instead, she nearly causes an explosion. Outside, Jake and Abby discuss their flaws and Frank and Bertha. Abby suggests it is impossible to not feel awkward, with Jake sitting across from her, as a guest in their home. Jake cements the fact that they’re all family, regardless. Will leaves, when he watches them hugging outside.

Marco explains to Phoebe how hard temptation is. The pair begin making out. Meanwhile, Jake prepares to say goodbye to the kids, when Abby discovers Will has left. Delia confronts her father, who gives her money back, because he had a DUI and a wreck. Afterwards, Will returns and insists he figured she wouldn’t be able to let go of Jake. The pair share a kiss, before replacing Frank and Bertha’s belongings. The pair go inside for pie, when the window slams shut.


The episode definitely had some nice touches and wasn’t bogged down, with insane make out or sex scenes. Delia’s father, Majid, definitely added a little excitement and a different perspective to the show, while Jake and Will’s confrontation was slightly underwhelming. Phoebe finally got Marco to open up and tell her about his past. Rule #46 was certainly a good episode, but a little ineffective. It deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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