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In the latest episode of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Phoebe’s (Beau Garrett) jewelry line forces her to travel to Las Vegas. Abby (Lisa Edelstein) begins working on her next book. Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) continues her custody battle, while Jake (Paul Adelstein) takes his girlfriend to a retreat.

When the show opens, Abby and Phoebe go for a run, while Abby confesses she is ready to step up her game. The pair are greeted by Delia (Necar Zadegan), before Phoebe says she is heading to Vegas. Next, we’re gifted with a love scene between Jake and Becca Riley (Julianna Guill). Becca is growing tired of their relationship, since Jake isn’t opening up to her emotionally. Abby meets with Melissa (Shannon Chan-Kent) and pitches her next book idea, but Melissa is having none of it. Instead, Melissa suggests Abby write a guide to divorce.

Abby returns home and watches her rival belittle her on television. After a call from Lyla, all of the girls rendezvous and get into a stretch limousine. Meanwhile, Jake and Becca are seen at the retreat, where they run into an eccentric character played by Christopher Heyerdahl. The girls begin to get on Abby’s nerves, as they head towards Vegas. Abby continues scouring the web for bad comments headed in her direction. They arrive in Vegas and immediately begin drinking, except for Abby. They discover that Cleo Stevens is holding a book signing at the motel. The girls try to get a massage, but Abby argues with a fan of Cleo Stevens and gets them thrown out.

With a little encouragement from the girls, Abby agrees to forget about Cleo and enjoy their strip. Next, they’re all dressed up and downing shots. Abby’s drinking quickly leads to throwing up. After Abby feels better, the girls begin gambling. The show flashes back to Becca and Jake, who are totally stoned.

After the girls finishing gambling, Abby is hit on, by a nerdy guy, Glen (Lee Vincent), but is quickly shut down, by the arrival of Carl, aka Juan Carlos. Delia runs into her uncle and ends up causing a scene, which is witnessed by Lyla. As it turns out, Abby has been mingling with a gigolo. Jake and Becca continue to freak out at the retreat. Jake breaks down and prepares to go home. Meanwhile Abby receives a foot rub from Carl and complains about Cleo. Carl suggests Cleo is simply afraid of her.

When Becca wakes up, she discovers Jake is gone. He is shown walking down the road, with his blanket around him. Abby wakes up beside Carl, but they’re both clothed. Phoebe begins her photo shoot using babies. Of course, the shoot turns into a disaster. Did one of the babies really eat a bracelet? A photographer gets a picture of Abby and Carl together, which is definitely bad.

When the show returns, Abby plays it off and pretends Carl simply gave her a loan. Patty Wells (Jennifer Kitchen) speaks to Abby about Cleo and Abby’s current project. When the girls get back together, everyone is angry with each other. Lyla reveals the caseworker has recommended a 70-30 split in her husband’s favor. Lyla insists she wants to go home and refuses to ride back with the other girls.

When the show returns, the girls return home, without Lyla. When Abby returns home, Jake is crying in the living room. He tells her he doesn’t want to live with her, but does want to die with her. Of course, he still seems a little woozy. The pair share a kiss, before fully making out. Lyla speaks with her kids and tells them it is going to be an adventure.


There were a few wonderful moments in this episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. The series is at its best, when we get to experience real emotions from the women. This is where Lyla shined in this episode. It was definitely depressing, when she left the women in Vegas and headed home on her own. It was also fun to watch the girls enjoy themselves, before chaos broke out.

Of course, this episode was filled with lots of silliness. The retreat was a little strange, but it was the baby photo shoot, which was ludicrous. Still, the episode was alright and deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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