Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule #32 Review

Abby Martin

When the show opens, Jo (Alanna Ubach) wakes everyone in the house, during an angry call to her ex Rob Frumpkis. Lilly (Conner Dwelly) enters and receives a moral lesson about men, before she is informed Jo’s daughter, Zooey (Alison Thornton) is coming. Delia (Necar Zadegan) tells Gordon (Matthew Glave) that his wife, Courtney (Virginia Williams) knows about their relationship. Gordon shows very little interest in keeping Delia’s career safe.

Abby (Lisa Edelstein) gets a call from Warren (Giles Panton) and gives her praise for her speech. He offers her to write a piece for the Huffington Post about bad dates. They suggest 10 bad dates in 2 days. Next, Max (Patrick Heusinger) and Ford talk about their relationship. They set a meeting to work through their issues. Abby meets with Delia and learns about Jake’s (Paul Adelstein) demands, which were calculated using the court’s state guidelines, DissoMaster. Delia agrees to negotiate, but sticks with the 5 grand a money figure for child support.

Abby and Jo meet up with Phoebe (Beau Garrett), who tells them she is on a vacation from men. The trio work together to find Abby some terrible dates. Phoebe tracks down her children, Luco (Callum Seagram Airlie) and Anouk (Lilah Fitzgerald), who she is watching for her therapy. She discovers the Homegrown Urban Farm, which attempts to help recovering addicts and Marco. When Abby arrives, Phoebe volunteers to work at the farm. She tells Abby she isn’t interested in Marco, which is likely a big lie.

Meanwhile, Joe helps Abby find a date using the Internet. Abby confirms she has spoke to Will and Doug Franklin from NYU. During their search, Zooey arrives. Delia visits Courtney and questions her about closing a factory in Seoul, after Gordon’s departure. She insists it was a union dispute, but Delia suggests Courtney moved the operations to a sweatshop, before agreeing to negotiate. Jake arrives to pick up the kids and discovers Abby is going on a date with Will. Abby begins her first date with Steve (Cameron Bancroft), who works as a stuntman. The pair end up going skydiving.

Delia, Jo and Abby go get groomed, while Phoebe works at the farm, but hurts her back. Marco offers to take $200 for the cabbages Phoebe won’t load, if she leaves and doesn’t come back. He definitely isn’t impressed with her efforts. Meanwhile, Ford and Max attempt to work out their problems. Ford suggests Max should take some casual encounter, in order to help get their fire back. Max agrees, before the pair work together to set some guidelines. Abby goes on several dates. Needless to say, each one is a complete disaster.

Abby prepares for her next date, which happens to be with a dad from school. The kicker? He is married. Abby tells Erick she will let his wife know she ran into him, but he pleads with her not to. Ford heads to Austin to give the pair some separation. Abby confronts Erick about posting a picture of his junk on the Internet. Abby attempts to guide Erick through his martial problems, by using his own experiences as a guide. Delia receives a gift from Gordon, before he admits to having sex with Courtney. The pair argue, before Gordon leaves.

Jo tells Abby she is thinking about giving Frumpkis another chance. Abby has a date with Franklin, which turns out to be more of a date between Franklin and Jo. Next, Jake and Max hit the bar. A pair of nurses give Jake the eye. Max gets eyeballed by a familiar face. Meanwhile, Abby meets up with Will. The pair instantly share a kiss, before they head home for sex. The pair discover Jo and Franklin having sex.

Abby argues with Jo over Jo’s terrible parenting and irresponsible choices. Abby kicks Jo out. Jake leaves Max at the bar, with his new friend. Meanwhile, Will makes breakfast for Abby. Will explains he has been experimenting writing a good about his trip to Everest. Abby agrees to check it out and provide him with feedback. Will asks Abby to pass it on to her editor, if she likes it. Abby tells Phoebe and Delia about Will’s underhanded move. Abby and Delia complain about their jobs, while Phoebe whines about being fired from volunteering. Delia spills stuff all over her dress, before she breaks down and tells them about her affair. Abby suggests Delia is in love with Gordon, but she refuses to admit it.

Next, Jo begins packing all of her clothes, when Abby enters and apologizes. Abby insists Jo shouldn’t go. Jo begins to speak about divorce, while Zooey eavesdrops on the conversation. Zooey enters and admits she wants to stay and Jo agrees. Phoebe goes back to the farm, where she worked hard and ends up impressing Marco. Jo reads Abby’s article and seems to be impressed. Abby sends her article to the Huffington Post.


This episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce was much better. Abby had a clear cut task to fill, which sent her on a crazy adventure and numerous insane dates. Of course, the finale with Will was interesting, since he could potentially be using Abby for her contacts. Meanwhile, Phoebe finally achieved something worthwhile! It is hard to understand her true motives, but she seems to finding her own way. The episode was better and deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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