Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Rule #174 Review


When the show opens, the Today Show is replaying Abby’s breakdown at her book signing. The women ridicule Abby’s actions, before Abby makes contact with Lyla (Janeane Garofalo), who tells her not to worry about the comments. Of course, Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) immediately gets on the phone to check out the comments. She mentions she wants to have a clean divorce, in order to prevent the kids from becoming serial killers.

Next, she wakes up Jake (Paul Adelstein) and tells him to get up and take the kids to school, so she can meet with her book editor, Cat. When she heads to work, she discovers she has a new book editor Melissa (Shannon Chan-Kent). Melissa informs her that the book tour has been cancelled, since the writer doesn’t believe in her own book. Melissa suggests going to rehab for a short stay.

Jake and Abby check out rental property that is completely trashed. They argue over the cancelled tour and Jake’s 10-year unemployment. Next, Abby meets with Lyla and Phoebe (Beau Garrett) and tells them that Nate has texted her. They question her resistance to a new relationship. Meanwhile, Becca Riley (Julianna Guill) and Jake are seen doing the dirty. They discuss Jake’s current situation and lack of employment. Becca suggests hooking Jake up with her director and finding him a job on her show. She offers Jake to stay in one of her properties downtown.

Becca gives the girls some good news, she got them invited to a baby shower. Next, they try to coax Abby into getting a divorce attorney. Phoebe suggests Delia (Necar Zadegan, Rake, 24), but Lyla doesn’t seem too happy with the idea. Meanwhile, Dan (Michael Weaver) has been messing with Lyla’s vehicle and sending her pictures of his actions. He gets a fun logo painted on the side of it. Lyla heads to Compton, where her car has been impounded.

Next, Jake talks with Max, at Charlie’s baseball game and is offered a landscaping job. Of course, he isn’t interested in it. Lyla gets her car and seems to be setting up a plot to get revenge on Dan. He receives numerous phone calls from low paying employers. Abby tries to get into shape, with the help of Max, who insists he overstepped his bounds and apologizes. Max is responsible for getting Jake and Abby together and he obviously doesn’t want them to split. Next, Abby is invited on a date with Phoebe (Beau Garrett), who kissed her at the club in the previous episode. Max suggests Abby should go gay as well.

When she arrives at the restaurant, Phoebe has set up a meeting between Delia and Abby. Delia recommends Abby get rid of her mediator. She suggests Jake might be responsible now, but he’ll try to take everything he can, when it comes down to it. Next, Lyla and Dan argue over Dan allowing his dominatrix girlfriend to drive the kids to school.

At the school, Abby runs into Nate (C. Thomas Howell, Outsiders) and tells him he needs to stop texting her. Nate admits to feeling responsible for Abby’s current status, but she insists it wasn’t his fault. Of course, Jake catches them chatting. Before she leaves, Abby tells him he is married and should stay away. Phoebe has an encounter with her lover, Ralf (Charles Mesure), who loves paying her for sex. They discuss her current business venture.

Meanwhile, Abby runs into the maid, Rosa (Kaaren de Zilva), who questions her career status, after the divorce. Abby insists they’ll keep her and they’re still a family. Next, she talks to her daughter Lilly (Conner Dwelly), who has a poster of Becca on her wall. She says Jake told her she might be able to meet her in the future.

Lyla meets with Dan’s dominatrix friend, Mistress Veruca Salt (Leah Gibson). She attempts to offer her a proposal. Next, Abby and Jake meet with a mediator. They argue over their ideas and Jewish religion. The pair continue their argument at home. Abby insists Jake is a full Jew, in order to smooth things over. She notices Jake has been wearing a new ring.

Next, the girls head to the baby shower. Phoebe gives away the gift, which she received from Ralf. Becca Riley enters the party, which upsets Abby. Afterwards, Lyla’s plan goes into play, as Mistress Veruca tells Dan she can no longer see him. Next, Becca introduces herself to Abby. Becca says she is impressed with how the couple has been handling the situation. She also reveals that Jake has signed a lease, which causes Abby to get upset and flee the party.

Afterward, Phoebe meets with a jewelry maker and shows off her jewelry collection. At a restaurant, all of Dan’s credit cards are getting denied. Dan explains he was unable to pay for food for the kids and that Lyla should have never had children, before leaving. Next, Jake returns home to find Abby packing his belongings. She is furious at the news of Jake’s lease. The pair argue over money and each other’s love interest.

When the show returns, Abby makes contact with Delia, in order to use her services. Meanwhile, Jake begins working to find a lawyer for himself. They share a moment as a family, before the show ends, perhaps for the last time.


The show continues to move along at a pretty good pace. Jake has all but moved out and each are beginning to come to the realization they’re going to need divorce attorneys. Meanwhile, Phoebe appears to be trying to build a career for herself and maybe break away from her free spirit lifestyle.

On the other hand, Lyla’s relationship with Dan continues to spiral out of control. Pranks turn into a serious revenge plan from Lyla, which leaves Dan furious. When will the pair grow up? Of course, it is fun to watch them behave like children.

This episode contained a little too much unnecessary sex and bad language. If it was used in a more conservative manner,  it would have more impact, instead of throwing it in there and hoping it’ll stick. Still, the episode was as good as the last. A 7 out of 10 should do it.

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