Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce: Rule 17 Review

GG2D Lisa Edelstein

Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) begins work on her book about divorce, with a pregnancy test beside of her. Jake (Paul Adelstein) speaks with Abby about her potential pregnancy. Abby tells him Jo is coming, before Jake tells her about his new directing job on Blood Sisters. Jo (Alanna Ubach) arrives and immediately insults Jake. Jo continues her snarky comments at the cafe. Abby runs into Phoebe (Beau Garrett) and asks her about potential baby sitters, before Jo and Phoebe are introduced. Phoebe speaks about her press preview for the infant jewelry line. She mentions her continued interest in Ralf (Charles Mesure).

Phoebe meets with Ralf’s girlfriend Carla and insists he help her setup the interior design for the presser.  Max (Patrick Heusinger) and Ford (J. August Richards) share an intimate moment, which is destroyed when Ford runs to work. Next, Delia (Necar Zadegan) and Gordon Beech (Matthew Glave) meet with Courtney Beech (Virgina Williams) and her attorney. The negotiations stall out. Abby continues to freak out about her proposal at WME, while Charlie (Dylan Schombing) destroys Abby’s Macbook Pro laptop.

Joe arrives, while Abby begins questioning the ideal of keeping the baby. Next, Max and Ford have a conversation about their lack of sex. The pair agree to go on a date. Jake begins his job and runs into Becca (Julianne Guill). He thanks Becca, before Abby calls for help, but Jake has none. Jo reveals her friend is coming, which means she’ll be staying longer than expected. Meanwhile, Gordon and Delia have sex, before Delia admits she could potentially get disbarred for her behavior. Gordon insists he is tired of sneaking around and wishes to spend the rest of his life with Delia.

Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to grow close to Ralf’s girl, while the pair prepare the design. Ralf arrives and invites his girl out for dinner, before speaking to Phoebe. Ralf reveals to Carla that Phoebe is his ex-wife. Next, Abby is informed the meeting has been moved forward, while Charlie continues to show bad behavior. Abby is forced to take Charlie with her, since the teacher (Nesta Cooper) suspends him for the day.

Next, Abby is forced to ask Jake for help, while Delia and the Breech couple continue their battle. Delia goes against Gordon and attempts to follow through with the Korea deal. Gordon insists Delia is scared of his proposal. Abby’s phone goes off and ruins Becca’s shoot. Abby attempts to get Jake to look after Charlie, but he refuses. Max and Ford hit up the club, which is awaked for Max, since he was interested in going to a quiet place, where they could talk. Ford’s attempt to get Max to chill out falls through and he winds up leaving early.

Jo and Abby enjoy some Chinese food, while reminiscing about their past. The pair discuss their wishes for a time machine. Meanwhile, Phoebe cries, as she watches Ralf and Carla make out. Next, Jo and Abby discuss Abby’s past relationship with Jake. The couple begin to argue and Jo insists Abby up and disappeared on her. Before Jo leaves, she tells Abby she is bleeding. Meanwhile, Max and Ford face their own problems, as they argue back and forth. Next, Abby throws away the pregnancy test and begins to sob, before Jo enters and attempts to comfort her. Abby insists this was her last chance, while Jo reveals she left Frumpkins. She insists she is going to start over, which was the reasoning behind Zooey coming down.

Phoebe arrives in tears. Phoebe opens up to Abby and Jo. The group begin to discuss Abby’s group idea. Phoebe and Jo aren’t too impressed with Abby’s proposal. Abby gets mad and shows some true emotions, which impresses Jo. Next, Courtney confronts Delia and reveals she knows about the affair. Courtney insists Delia will give her Asia or she’ll expose everything. Next, Abby arrives at the meeting and begins to release her stress. She tells them everything that has happened over the past episodes. They wind up loving Abby’s pitch.

Phoebe holds her showcase and everyone attends. Delia is introduced to Jo, while Max speaks to Abby about the creepy women, who keep touching him. Phoebe is interviewed and describes how she came up with the idea for baby jewelry. Ralf and Carla making out in the background throws her off her game. Phoebe and Abby agree the entire idea is stupid and beneath Phoebe. Next, Abby attempts to get Delia to open up about her problems, but she refuses. Afterwards, Phoebe tosses the dolls off of the bridge.


This episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce was definitely an improvement. There were fewer silly sex scenes and crazy drunken antics, which helps. Of course, the episode brought the emotions from everyone. Fights and sobbing galore. Abby’s miscarriage was definitely a low point, but her friends were able to bring her back to life and help her seal her book deal. With things going so well, the future could get really scary. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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