Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Finale Review: Rule #101

GG2D Delia

When the finale episode opens, Abby hangs out, with Will. He discovers the necklace that Jake (Paul Adelstein) gave her. The pair contemplate a celebration for Abby’s upcoming divorce. She heads out on a run, with Delia, Jo and Phoebe. At the cafe, Phoebe (Beau Garrett) confirms she is still on the outs, with Marco, before the girls consider throwing a party. Abby speaks to Max (Patrick Heusinger), who has hit it big at work. Next, Phoebe runs into Kori and tells her she should’t take pictures of other people’s kids. The argument gets heated and Phoebe knocks Kori’s camera to the ground.

GG2D Abby and Jake

Abby and Jake continue their divorce negotiations. After the meeting is over, Delia asks Abby, if she needs alcohol, but she refuses. Delia (Necar Zadegan) tells Abby she got her invite to her divorce party. Of course, Abby never approved of the party. Abby shares a moment, with Lilly, before Jo enters. The pair discuss the ongoing bidding for Abby’s book, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Next Delia meets with her employers, who gives her some good news. The law firm makes Delia a partner, but they offer her a crappy deal. She gives them 24 hours to offer a better deal.

Next, Jo and Zooey (Alison Thronton) speak, with a psychiatrist. The group discuss Zooey’s father, with Jo throwing out tons of insults. Meanwhile, Abby (Lisa Edelstein) receives her divorce papers. Zooey reveals she has trained herself to ignore her parent’s yelling and arguing. Max prepares for a meeting, but is interrupted by Ford (J. August Richards). Ford attempts to put a spark back in their relationship, before Max runs off. Abby calls Jake and insists they should sign the papers together and wash it all down, with a little alcohol. Jake agrees, before the call ends.

GG2D Abby and Will

The next day, Abby pays a visit to Phoebe, who tells her about Marco coming to her house. She finally reveals that her and Kori did some pretty bad things back in the day. At the school, Abby tells Phoebe she has her back. Meanwhile, Beech and Delia hangout, while nearly naked. Beech continues insisting the pair get married. Delia admits she believes she is madly in love with Beech and wants to be with him for the rest of her life. Delia doesn’t want the marriage, but Beech insists it is the only way, since he is traditional.

Delia shows up to help plan Abby’s party and reveals she is single. Jo and Zooey continue to argue. Jo blames the therapy and Abby for their troubles. Abby meets with Jake, as they prepare to get drunk and sign the divorce papers. The pair get drunk and seem to be having a good time, before Abby finally pulls out the papers and signs them. Jake follows seconds later. Meanwhile, Phoebe receives a visit from Marco. Phoebe tells Marco about her time, with Kori. She insists the models were often required to party with the photographers, in order to get famous. She tells Marco how Kori got her stoned on pills and got her to do dumb things that she barely remembers.

GG2D Divorce Party

Meanwhile, Jake tells Abby about heading to Latvia to shoot a movie, before he receives a call from Becca, which he ignores. Abby insists he go and do his thing! Jake explains they don’t have to file the papers. He suggests giving their relationship one more shot. Abby immediately gets angry at Jake’s timing. After a brief fight, Jake admits he will likely always be in love with Abby. She runs off and heads to her divorce party.

Marco Phoebe GG2D

Abby finally makes it to the party and shoots her wedding dress, with paintballs. After the dress is filled with multiple colors of paint, Abby insists it is beautiful, since no one can live up to the all-white perfection. Abby makes up an excuse, in order to meet up with Jake, before the pair begin making out. In the morning, the pair wake up together. Marco and Phoebe are back on good terms and Delia seems to have accepted Beech’s proposal. Max watches as Ford hugs another man. Phoebe receives a phone call, which she suggests is outrageous. She tells Marco that Kori is pressing charges against her.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Finale

Jo apologizes to Zooey and admits she is just scared. Zooey insists she just wants to see what her father left them for. Finally, Jo gives her permission to go. Abby returns home and runs into Will. At the same time, Jake receives a visit from Becca, who tells him she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Abby sits outside and cries, while looking at her wedding dress.


All in all, The Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce finale was pretty good, although Abby and Jake trying to get back together was clear to see. Still, the episode wasn’t crazy, with overloaded laughs or sexual scenes. Instead, we received some bleak moments for each of the characters. I am glad we’re receiving a Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season 2, because it would suck for fans to end it all there. The finale was pretty good and deserves a 7 out of 10.

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