Galavant: S1.E3 S1.E4 Review

When the latest episode, Two Balls, of Galavant opens, Galavant (Joshua Sasse), Isabella (Karen David) and Sid (Luke Youngblood) have been riding for several days. They decide to stop at a nearby village, which happens to be Sid’s hometown and is cleverly named Sidneyland. Of course, everyone in the village seems to think Sid is some type of hero and not Galavant’s squire. Instead, Galavant takes the Squire role and Sid pretends to be the hero.

Meanwhile, King Richard (Timothy Omundson) and Madalena (Mallory Jansen) accept visits from the citizens of Valencia. A man shows up, who has no feelings below the waist, which makes for a good time for Gareth (Vinnie Jones) and the others. Since the king has executed all of the musicians, they rely on the executioners (Tim Plester) to perform at the festival. Of course, they only know the dead man walking song.

Back in Sidneyland, Galavant realizes his ego is overinflated. Back at the castle, Richard tries to entertain the guests, with the help of the Jester (Ben Presley). After burning all of the food, the executioners perform and they’re not too shabby. Sid’s mom (Faith Prince) and dad (Michael Brandon) tell Sid how proud they are of him, while Richard interrupts the festival, after discovering nobody is having fun. As the citizens insult the King, at his request, Bald Enuch (Nick Holder) reveals Madalena is having an affair with the Jester. The King grows angry and storms out, after telling Gareth to kill Enuch.

Next, Galavant apologizes to Sid and attempts to comfort him, which impresses Isabella. When the next episode, Comedy Gold, starts, Galavant and the group advance toward Valencia. Of course, their relationships begin to sour. Out of nowhere, they’re captured by a group of pirates.

At the castle, King Richard complains to Gareth about his wife’s affair with the Jester. Gareth attempts to help make Richard funny, he fails miserably. Richard confronts the Jester and scares him with a rubber sword. Instead of killing him, Richard wants help to become funny.

Next, the group, which is still fighting, is transported to the Pirate King (Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey. As it turns out, the pirates have become stranded on land, which forces them to rob those that pass by. Thanks to Isabella hiding the jewel in her purse, the pirates are going to be rich. Back at the castle, King Richard continues to request help from the Jester, who is terrified. With the Jester’s help, the King feels prepared to impress his wife.

Back with the pirates, the group continues to fight and argue. Galavant and the Pirate King have a conversation and admit to knowing one another from the past. Galavant is invited to join the pirates and save Sid and Isabella or die along with them. Gal grows angry at the Pirate King’s mouth breather jokes, switches roles and takes the pirate king hostage.

Meanwhile, the Chef (Darren Evans) takes Madalena to King Richard, who attempts to tell some jokes, but fails. Instead, the Chef gives him a pie, which he smashes into Gareth’s face. Although it gets a laugh, Gareth is anything, but happy. When Galavant returns to Sid and Isabella, he discovers that the pirates were defeated, by his comrades. Galavant agrees to work with the pirates to put their ship back into the water, if they transport his ground to Valencia.

At the castle, the Jester turns down Madalena’s advances, which forces her to put him in the dungeon. Richard shows up and attempts to make her laugh, but continues to fail. By working together, the pirates get their ship back in the water. Galavant, Isabella and Sid make their way towards Valencia. Isabella tells Gal about the trap, but he wasn’t listening. After he turns around, she makes no mention of the King’s plans.


Galavant is what Galavant is and thats a quirky, cheesy comedy that some will love and others will despise. The show has a cool, cheerful atmosphere that is hard not to enjoy, when compared to the more popular dark, grittier shows that can be found on every other station. Were the episodes perfect? Not by any means. However, they were clever and quirky enough to hold my attention for the full hour. For that, the episodes deserve a 7 out of 10.

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