Galavant: Pilot Review

When the musical opens, we’re introduced to Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and his fair lady, Madalena (Mallory Jansen). King Richard (Timothy Omundson) stole Galavant’s love and tarnished his reputation. Galavant enters the castle and attempts to reclaim Madealena, who is set to be married to the King. Instead of offering to duel the King, he confesses his love to Madalena, but she turns town his advances and admits she wishes to marry the King. Gareth (Vinnie Jones) proceeds to knock out Galavant, before stomping him for good measure.

The show advances one year and we see Galavant and his squire, Sid (Luke Youngblood). Princess Isabella (Karen David) of Valencia has come to seek Galavant’s assistance. She offers him a precious gem to save her kingdom of Valencia. Instead, Galavant sings a tune and pushes her out the door, before shutting it behind her. A Jester (Ben Presley) attempts to entertain the King and Queen. Madalena coaxes Richard into questioning the King (Stanley Townsend, Ripper Street, Quirke) and Queen of Valencia (Genevieve Allenbury) about a precious jewel. Next, the Chef (Darren Evans) enters and expresses fear of Richard, who has killed the last few chefs.

Another song breaks out, which speaks about King Richard’s hatred for Galavant. Afterwards, Richard requests to speak with the Queen and King of Valencia, in order to get his hands on the jewel. Next, Gal hits up the bar, where Tommy the Barman (Rory Wilton) cuts him off. Gal runs into the Princess, who tells him about her parent’s meeting with King Richard. They refuse to give up the jewel, which makes Richard order their deaths.

Gal says he wishes he could help, but doesn’t seem to want to get involved. After he hears the name King Richard, he instantly becomes interested in the arrangement. When the show returns, King Richard captures Princess Isabella during his meeting with the King and Queen and takes the jewel. Richard tells Isabella to go to Galavant with the jewel. The Princess repeats the words to Gal, as Richard tells them to her. Finally, Galavant agrees to help.


All in all, Galavant is a cheesy, charming show that is definitely light hearted. Despite a few jokes, this would make a perfect family-friendly show. However, the question remains whether or not the quality is enough to entertain the entire family. I found a few funny moments, but much of it was simply try-hard. At this point, some people will like the show and others will not. I’d give the opening a 6 out of 10.

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