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Fearless Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode beings, Kevin’s trial gets underway. The medical examiner takes to the stand and tells the jury that Linda wasn’t hit by a shovel. She shows a video suggesting the girl was hit by a vehicle. Then, Kevin (Sam Swainsbury) takes the stand. He tries to explain why he confessed to the murder. Since Kevin’s testimony goes so well, Heather Myles (Robin Weigert) makes contact with the prosecutor and provides her with crucial information. Kevin insists he didn’t have access to an automobile at the time and couldn’t have ran Linda over. However, Heather’s picture proves otherwise. Kevin finds himself in a difficult situation. He freaks out on the stand and pleads with Emma (Helen McCrory) for instructions. That night, Emma and Dominic (Jonathan Forbes) visit the bar. Emma complains and tries to drink away her frustrations. Both seem convinced that Kevin is screwed.

emma banville fearless episode 1Meanwhile, Heather and Alastair (Michael Gambon) listen to Matthew Wild (Jamie Bamber) speak. Heather speaks with Alastair and lets him know that she was responsible for the courtroom turnaround. Emma returns home and drinks more. Then, she receives a call from Miriam (Karima McAdams). Miriam pleads with Emma to get her out of the jail as quickly as possible. She admits the other women want to fight her. Alastair calls a friend and tells them he wants to call in his favor. He mentions Kevin’s name. The following day, the prosecution speaks with Emma about a possible plea bargain. Emma isn’t interested, but agrees to discuss it with Kevin. Emma and her partner chat with Kevin. He admits he doesn’t know what to do and asks Emma for guidance. Back in the courtroom, Kevin pleads guilty to manslaughter and walks free.

fearless itv series episode 4Emma speaks with Olivia (Wunmi Mosaku) outside of the courtroom. Emma maintains her belief that Kevin is innocent. She also pleads with Olivia to give her the location of Tony Pullings (Alec Newman). Olivia refuses and demands to know where Yusef is. Emma begins doubting herself. She contemplates giving up. Then, Dominic and Emma pick up Kevin. Emma takes Kevin to a restaurant. Jason Russell (Jack Hollington) and Kevin remain inside. Annie (Rebecca Callard) steps outside with Emma. Seconds later, Jason emerges. He confesses he told Kevin to stay away from him. He also told him he was guilty. Kevin exits and steps in front of a truck. Dominic and Emma meet at the hospital. It is revealed that Kevin could survive. He is still in surgery. Emma also curses Jason. Emma turns her attention to the SIM card. Matthew gets a visit from Heather.

kevin russell fearless episode 4Heather admits her American colleagues didn’t like his recent speech. Heather also promises that the Kevin Russell situation is over. Tony will soon be transported out of the country. Emma calls Olivia and tells her about Kevin. Again, she asks about Tony. When the call ends, Emma takes the battery out of her phone. The authorities track Emma, as she meets up with the men from Syria. She sits down with Youssef (Dhafer L’Abidine). Youssef remains cryptic and refuses to tell who he is working with. Likewise, Emma refuses to give up the SIM card. Emma is thrown into a van and escorted away. She turns the phone back on and allows Olivia to get Youssef’s location. He and his colleagues are arrested moments later. In return, Olivia gives up Tony’s location.

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Dominic and Emma visit Tony. Dominic grabs his balls and forces him to speak. Emma gives Tony a quick rundown of how she can destroy his reputation and life. Tony insists Linda came to him, because she wanted to be a model. Then, he explains that Linda suggested the pictures were a going away present for her boyfriend. Dominic squeezes his balls and forces him to give up the name Logan. Dominic and Emma leave without a last name. Emma plans to travel to America to investigate more. She arrives seconds later and pretends to be in the country for a copyright conference. She is allowed in. Once she visits her motel room, he finds a package containing her cellphone. Then, Emma meets with an American friend in a cemetery.

tony pullings fearless episode 4She is given more information about Logan, who happens to a staff sergeant. Heather meets with a colleague and learns about Emma’s visit. She plans to stop her at all costs. The following day, Emma visits Logan, while Heather and a colleague search her motel room. Emma stops Logan Bradley and asks him about Linda. He promises he did not harm the girl. He also pleads with Emma to leave. She doesn’t and is taken into custody. Military police take her to a secure location and lock her in a cell.


Fearless Review

Fearless is on the verge of being so bad that it is borderline good. The series is so cliché that it isn’t even funny at this point. And of course, Robin Weigert never fails to horrify me episode after episode. The series is horrendously bad. It doesn’t know whether it wants to be a legal drama, refugee propaganda or a spy thriller. It tries too hard to be so many different things at once and fails equally on all levels. Now, the series has removed Kevin Russell in the most idiotic way possible.

The only likeable character is now removed from the equation. It is hard to find anything likeable about the series. The intro scene is somewhat clever though. Some people may enjoy the series, but I am over it at this point. A 4.5 out of 10 is given to the 4th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Fearless now!

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