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Fearless Finale Recap

As the finale begins, we see Emma (Helen McCrory) comforting Annie (Rebecca Callard) at the hospital. Annie complains that she should’ve just left Kevin in jail. If she had, he might still be alive. Emma is allowed to say goodbye to Kevin seconds later. Jason (Jack Hollington) speaks with Emma. He asks her what evidence she had that could clear his father. Jason seems convinced that nobody cares. Emma meets with Dominic and kicks a wall a few times. She also blames herself for Kevin’s death. Matthew Wild (Jamie Bamber) and Heather Myles (Robin Weigert) stand on a rooftop and chat about Matthew’s future glory. Matthew admits he still has a long road ahead. He also seems concerned about Emma knowing the truth. Heather makes it clear that it doesn’t matter anymore.

fearless finale heather and matthewHeather insists that Matthew still needs her. Emma joins her team at the law firm. They speak about the firm’s bills. The boss questions whether they’re willing to take a loss on the Attars. It seems they have little choice. Emma says nothing, before walking out. She returns home and begins to drink. In the middle of the night, she wakes up Steve and tells him that she had that dream again. She explains that she was on the wall with her father. The ending remains unknown, but Emma believes her father is going to pass away soon. In the morning, Steve (John Bishop) makes breakfast and tries to help Emma forget the case. However, the phone rings and throws that plan out of the window. It turns out to be Olivia (Wunmi Mosaku). She tells Emma about finding the mother of Linda’s friend, Rachel. Emma seems eager to speak with the woman, who just happens to be suffering from dementia.

fearless olivia finaleEmma meets with the woman seconds later. The woman is unable to say anything of interest. However, she makes a strange comment when Laura Wild (Emma Hamilton) is shown on television. Emma shows the woman the picture of Linda and her friend. She is asked when she last saw Rachel. The woman explains that she last saw Rachel knocking on doors and handing out papers. It becomes clear that Laura is Rachel. Emma looks her up online and confirms the connection. Laura meets with Heather and explains the situation. Heather ridicules Laura for returning and sleeping with Matthew. She promises to take care of the problem with Emma. Next, Emma joins the family at Kevin’s funeral. Heather returns home and watches the meeting between Dominic (Jonathan Forbes) and Miriam (Karima McAdams). It seems she has found a golden opportunity.

linda and rachel fearless finaleOlivia shows up at the funeral. Olivia makes Emma aware of the threat made against her. She warns her to be careful and check her vehicle before driving. By at the spy lab, the surveillance of Emma is ceased. That night, Emma drinks with Steve. Of course, Steve decides to head to the pub to drink with his buddies. Emma looks through pictures of the funeral and spots two men in a van spying on her. She gets a call from Douglas, who provides her with information about Matthew Wild in 2003. It seems Wild was in London at the time and was likely at the party with Linda. He fled London shortly after Linda’s death. Emma notices a strange vehicle outside. We see a Middle Eastern man at the pub. He picks up a suspicious object of sorts. Emma calls Dominic and admits she is afraid she is being followed. He tells her to notify the police or Olivia.

dominic fearless finaleJason arrives at the door and gives Emma a scare. It appears the Middle Eastern man plants evidence and assembles a bomb or something another. Meanwhile, Jason encourages Emma to continue fighting to prove his father’s innocence. She admits she is dealing with dangerous people, before Jason falls asleep. Seconds later, Emma calls Zeinab. She obtains the phone number for Matthew and gets in touch with his wife. Heather then receives a call from Laura. Laura has no interest in meeting Emma, but Heather demands that she does. Heather makes it clear she intends to deal with Emma during the meeting. Emma meets with Laura and is invited inside. While she is inside, it appears the Middle Eastern man plants the bomb in her vehicle. Emma tries her best to get Laura to tell the truth about the night at the base. She denies everything. Seconds later, Matthew arrives.

emma hamilton fearless recapMatthew learns about the bomb and tries to stop Emma from getting in her car. Then, he manages to convince him to tell the truth about the night of the murder. He admits he accidentally ran her down. Emma jumps into the vehicle and turns it on. It doesn’t explode. The police arrive seconds later and arrest Matthew. We see Heather getting arrested as well. As for Alastair, it appears he has killed himself. Emma tells Jason about her former lover at the cemetery.


Fearless Review

I am glad Fearless is finally over. I wanted to get into the series and desperately wanted to like it. Sadly, I couldn’t force myself to do so. The finale made things even worse. The big surprise that Matthew was involved wasn’t a surprise at all. And, the twist about Laura being Rachel was cheesy. Emma supposedly masterfully trapping Matthew into exposing himself was too easy and didn’t help matters any. On top of that, Linda’s family was completely forgotten.

Fearless didn’t seem to be a big audience grabber, so I doubt it’ll get a second series. I’ll admit that I am glad. The finale was disappointing as was the entire series really. A 5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of Fearless before you go.

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