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Fearless Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode begins, the inn keeper forces Kevin Russell (Sam Swainsbury) to leave. Emma Banville (Helen McCrory) sneaks him outside of the motel and into an automobile. The vehicle is subsequently surrounded by protestors. PM Matthew Wild (Jamie Bamber) arrives and gives a speech to the crowd. This helps Kevin and Emma escape unscathed. Wild returns home to his wife, Laura (Emma Hamilton), and brags about his heroic behavior. Kevin is transported to Emma’s house and given a place to sleep for the night. At home, Annie Peterson (Rebecca Callard) scolds her son, Jason (Jack Hollington), for joining the protest. Olivia Greenwood (Wunmi Mosaku) and her colleagues begin watching Emma and Dominic (Jonathan Forbes) a little closer.

actress rebecca callard fearlessEmma asks Kevin about the nude pictures of Linda. He insists the police are simply grasping for straws. Then, Emma has a chat with Miriam Attar (Karima McAdams). Miriam seems weirded out living with Kevin. Emma reminds her not to contact her husband or any of his associates. In the morning, Emma and Dominic watch an interview between DCI Nick Staines and Tony Pullings (Alec Newman), who took the photographs of Linda. Tony admits to taking the photographs and insists Kevin allowed him into the school for money and a set of the pictures. Then, Emma pays a visit to Nick Staines. She asks him about the interview and questions why Tony was never charged. She also makes it clear she intends to have Linda’s body exhumed. In return, Nick (Brendan Patricks) tells Emma about burned photographs found in Kevin’s house at the time of his arrest. He admits technology may be able to reveal their contents now.

tony pullings fearless episode 2Heather Myles (Robin Weigert) meets up with Alastair (Michael Gambon). Alastair tells Heather everything he knows about Emma. Emma pays another visit to her father. When she returns to her vehicle, she calls the social worker, Delilah. Emma learns about a child whose mother died in a car crash. Emma learns that the boy is being fostered, until the mother’s family can be located. Emma quickly agrees to the idea. Emma returns home and questions Kevin about the photographs again. This time, Annie admits he was responsible for burning the images. Kevin doesn’t see having possession of the photographs as a setback. Emma looks at one of the pictures and notices a plane pendant attached to Linda’s bra. This gives her more evidence that someone from the airfield was involved.

fearless episode 2 kevin and annieWith that, Emma pays a visit to Charlie Simms (Rick Warden) and his family. Charlie points out the countless airplane figurines in his shop. He explains that Linda was around them all her life. Then, Emma asks the family for permission to exhume the body. In return, Emma is punched in the nose by Linda’s mother. Outside, Emma and Dominic discuss the possibility that Linda was buried alive at the airfield. She also believes the family could be hiding something. During this time, Heather meets up with Olivia and offers to give her information that can help her get to Miriam. Olivia refuses and admits she’d rather play by the rules. Back at home, Kevin manages to gain Miriam’s trust. Later that night, Emma misses a speaking event. She shows up late and learns that Matthew Wild filled in for her. She uses the encounter to pitch her case to Wild.

jamie bamber fearless episode 2Emma agrees not to press charges on Linda’s mother. Wild isn’t keen on the idea of exhuming the body. He admits it is cruel. He also suggests the court won’t go for it. When Emma returns home, she finds Kevin playing with Miriam’s child. She tells Kevin about the punch from Beth. He once again professes his innocence. Then, Emma tells Steve (John Bishop) about the foster child. Olivia and her team step up surveillance of Emma and her colleagues. The next day, Steve and Emma visit the child. Emma plays with him briefly. When Emma returns to the law office, she receives bad news. A video has emerged showing Kevin helping with the initial search for Linda. Maggie (Jemima Rooper) admits the prosecution will use the video as evidence that Kevin moved the body to the school at a later date. Emma quickly takes action by leaking the photographs and Tony’s name to the press. Dominic is tasked with watching Tony in case he moves.

robin weigert fearlessHeather is contacted and told to get Tony to safety quickly. Dominic follows the vehicle that picks Tony up. Then, he is smashed into by another vehicle. Olivia receives word about the photographs. Emma visits Dominic in the hospital. He explains that something is going on, since those involved were professionals. Olivia meets with Heather and agrees to accept her help. That night, the spy agency zones in on Miriam. Steve receives a call from the social worker. Miriam becomes upset and calls a friend. The call is translated, the house is raided and Miriam is taken into custody. Before Miriam leaves, she hands Emma a mysterious item. Then, Steve tells her the good news that they can foster the boy. However, he is worried that the raid will hurt their chances. At the end of the episode, Emma gets a call from a young woman, who claims Tony also took photographs of her. Olivia desperately tries to listen in.


Fearless Review

The first episode of Fearless wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, everything fell apart in the second. First and foremost, Robin Weigert’s acting is borderline horrific. The quality of acting between the American and the British is clearly distinguishable and it does not favor Robin. Simultaneously, the series has ramped up the refugee propaganda to the point that it is no longer tolerable. The case of Kevin Russell could be interesting enough without the nonsense conspiracy theory and ISIS rhetoric.

If I was interested in having sympathetic refugee propaganda crammed down my throat, I would watch the national news. There is a time and place for everything and it simply doesn’t fit here. The Kevin Russell case should take precedence over the other nonsense.  Sadly, I was very disappointed. The episode scores a 4 out of 10. Previous Fearless recaps are available on Reel Mockery.

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