Eye Candy Review Pilot

When the episode opens, we’re introduced to Lindy Sampson (Victoria Justice) and her sister, Sara (Jordyn DiNatale). After Sara is pulled away from her friends and boyfriend, Lindy reprimands her for being missing for three days. The pair discuss the death of their mother, before admitting they need to stick together through this trying time. Lindy stops at the Hamburger Hound, where she orders food and Sara heads inside to use the bathroom. Sara is snatched off of the street, before Lindy can save her.

Next, the show jumps three years forward. Lindy meets with Susan Becker (Laura Poe), who speaks about her daughter, Julia Becker (Erica Sweany). Lindy runs the website, Never4gottengroup.com, where she helps the parents of missing children. In the daytime, she works at an IT company, where she maintains her job mainly thanks to George (Harvey Guillen) covering her back. Next, George goes to work trying to find Julia. Next, we see a first person view of someone meeting with Julia. The man’s voice gets angry, because Julia has crooked teeth, which leads to Julia’s death.

Next, Lindy heads to the New York parole office, where she meets Ben (Daniel Lissing), who she met at a club sometime before. Ben cleans Lindy’s ankle bracelet, before removing it. He tells Lindy he saved her from more time, by stopping her hack job, which would’ve hurt more people. Next, she meets up with Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) and tells her about the removal of the monitoring device. The pair end up discussing Ben, who recently broke up with Lindy. Sophia suggests it is time to fill her heart with someone new. Afterwards, Lindy returns home and hacks into the NYPD case files, where she looks up Julia Becker, but is unable to find anything. Afterwards, a group of kids playing soccer discover Julia’s body.

Sophia creates an online dating profile for Lindy, with the name Eye Candy. The pair hit up the club where Lindy speaks to the waiter, Connor (John Garet Stoker). Connor helps her use the Flirtual app to eliminate potential dates. Linda receives a potential suitor, who offers to share a drink sometime. Throughout the night, she checks out men and turns many down. She eventually runs into Resse (Nils Lawton), who imports cars, before calling it a night. Outside, she runs into Detective Galligan. He questions her about using her computer on parole, but she reveals she is finally off of parole. He questions her about accessing the NYPD database, but she denies the allegations. On her way home, Lindy receives several text messages, which seem to be coming from someone, who is watching her.

Back at home, she attempts to research the men, but discovers she is being watched through her web camera. When Sophia and Connor enter, Connor gives Lindy an idea. She attempts to access her stalker’s web camera. Instead, she gets some bloody images. Lindy suggests going on a date with the three men, in order to find out who is messing with her. During the dates, Sophia notifies Ben, who watches over the dates. Lindy convinces each of the guys to install a game on their phones, which allows her to spy on their every moves. Next, George picks up Lindy and watches all of the phones. However, her last date picked up the wrong phone. She attempts to track down Peter, but finds him dead, with her phone hanging out of his mouth. When she removes the phone, she receives a threatening message.

Ben helps to track the IP address, but it leads back to nothing. Next, Lindy reveals she hacked the Flirtual website and connected several disappearances to the website. Ben follows Lindy home and agrees to stay with her, until a protective detail can be assigned. After a shower, Ben is unable to find Lindy. Ben is able to track her down, before the pair have sex. Afterwards, she checks out her computer and sees that the stalker has rigged her whole apartment with cameras and is inside of her apartment. Ben checks out the apartment, where he is attacked.

Lindy finally makes it to the apartment, where she discovers a mannequin holding a computer. It instructs her to take seat. The computer switches to a camera, which shows Ben, who tells her not to come looking for him. Ben says, “It’ll take just one to show you the way”, before the computer shuts off. When she runs outside, she discovers Ben dead, with his throat cut. The stalker’s voice speaks, before the end of the episode.


Truth be told, I went in with low expectations, since this is a product from MTV. However, I was pleasantly impressed. Although the show still had the cheesy MTV feel, it was captivating enough to hold my attention throughout. Although the acting was a little shaky at times, it hit all the right spots, when it really mattered. The biggest flaw was the teenage drama, with alcohol every five seconds and a sex scene, which lasted nearly three minutes. Despite these flaws, Eye Candy provided a strong premiere. The premises is interesting, although some of the hacking scenes seemed a little unrealistic. Overall the pilot deserves a 7 out of 10.

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