Exploring the Best Smart TV 2015

Throughout the years, technology has improved dramatically. Televisions are smarter than ever! Although we don’t often write up these types of posts, it is a good idea that you know the exactly what the best smart TV is! If you want to be able to watch all of your favorite television shows and movies in brilliant quality, you’re going to need the best smart TV 2015! What is the best television? Truthfully, there are many that could fit that category. By reading below, you will find a select few that could very well top the list.

What is the best smart TV 2015?

First and foremost, you need to take the time to explore the different characteristics of smart televisions. When you begin exploring the market, you will find a variety of differentials. Some televisions are LED, others are Plasma and some are even LCD.

LCD vs LED vs Plasma – It is vital to know the difference between these parameters. In basic terms, LED televisions will look much better than LCD screens. Plasma will present you with an even better picture, but you’ll need to pay more for it! Of course, the Plasma television might not always be the best. They’re not very good at resisting glare. LED screens work better in this regard.

LED televisions are typically the most commonly sold, because they’re more affordable and a little more readily available. If you’re dead set on getting the best picture quality, go for the Plasma. Otherwise, LED will suffice for most households.

Sizes – The specific television size that your after will depend on your own preferences. I would personally love a 70″ television, but this isn’t practical or affordable. Of course, it might be entirely reasonable for you and your family. For residential consumers, 32″ to 65″ will be more than enough, but you shouldn’t hold yourself back, if you’re looking to splurge.

Power Consumption – Truthfully, power consumption won’t be that big of a deal for most people. However, bigger televisions will always use more and Plasma is more demanding than LED models.

Longevity – The best TV 2015 is going to be expensive and should definitely be reliable! When first introduced to the market, Plasma televisions came under a lot of scrutiny, due to poor longevity. However, they’ve grown much more reliable in the past few years. LEDs are typically better in this area than Plasmas, but they’re catching up.

4k Televisions – In the past few years, the best HD TV 2015 has actually been overtaken by the 4k Ultra HD. They might be a little more expensive, but the 4k is definitely impressive. As the name suggests, they’re capable of delivering 4 times the resolution of the traditional HD television.

Screen and Pictures – Display resolution is another thing that matters greatly, when it comes to new televisions. Purchasing a television with a larger number of screen pixels is always better and will present you with a better picture. The price will increase, but if you want the ultimate experience, you’ll want more screen pixels.

Wi-Fi and Apps – When it comes to the best smart TV, you will want to make sure that the Wi-Fi capabilities are up to par. A smart television needs to be equipped with superbly fast Wi-Fi, if it is going to be able to stream all of your favorite movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or Hulu. Try to get an AC router, which will work on a dual band. This is typically the latest standard and will deliver the best performance. In terms of apps, you should ensure that the three already mentioned are available. If you have anymore app preferences, make sure they’ll be available with your new television.

Now, it is finally time to look at some of the best Smart televisions of 2015. Below, you will find our Best Smart TV 2015 Reviews for your convenience.

Best Television 2015 Reviews

1. LG Electronics 42LF5800 Television
best smart television

If you’re looking for the most affordable and best television 2015, you’ll want to check out this LG Electronics television! This is a 42″ television, which features total HD! It is also an LED Television, so you can guarantee that it last for a tremendously long period of time. If you’re worried about energy consumption, you shouldn’t be! The LG 42LF5800 television was rated one of Energy Stars Most Efficient products of 2015! Not only is the performance of the television impressive, but it uses very little energy, which will save you money over time.

At 20 pounds, this television is very easy to carry around, when will make installation nearly effortless. With the TruMotion 120Hz, you can rest assured that this product will provide you with the best video, without any hiccups or blurs. 3 HDMI inputs are available for all of your consoles and input sources. All of the streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and YouTube, are available for quick access.

At the end of the day, this television has everything you need and is very affordable. As long as you’re looking for a 42″ television the LG 42LF5800 is a suitable option and will perform admirably.

2. Vizio M70-C3 4k HDTV
best smart hd tv 2015

If you’re looking for one of the very best and most high-tech televisions of the year, you’ll want to check out the Vizio M70-C3. This is a 4k television, so you can guarantee that you’ll be able to experience optimum performance. The television is available in an assortment of different sizes from 43″ to 80″. Don’t worry so much about the App selection, because they’re all there, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Vudu, Crackle and Spotify. The television is impressive, when it comes to the wireless technology. It is installed with the latest AC technology, which will be ultra fast and receive the least interference.

The 70 inch television weighs approximately 60 pounds, which isn’t horrible. It could be better, but two people will be able to get it in place fairly easily. The LED HDTV will definitely provide you with a few years of use! Of course, Vizio seems to have a problem, when it comes to their remote controls. The remote control sensor tends to go bad on some of their televisions, which is something that is fairly easy to replace. Still, it can be annoying and you’ll need to cross your fingers and hope you can find a replacement.

Overall, The Vizio M70-C3 is impressive and offers astounding picture quality. It might not fit your budget, but if it does, you’ll love it!

3. Samsung UN50J5500 Smart LED TV Review

best smart television 2015Every homeowner is working diligently filling their home with Smart devices, because they offer convenience and can be connected to the Internet. This TV is equipped with a USB thumb drive, so you can easily connect your laptop, smartphone, and play your H264 and MKV files.

The picture resolution is 1080p, which will offer a  very clean and crisp display screen, so you can sit back in your recliner and watch your favorite movies, without squinting. This TV is also available in a 40” and 48”, which is awesome for those that reside in small apartments.

One downside to this TV and that is it does not come equipped with a headphone jack, but it does have 3 HDMI inputs and a Ethernet port, just in case you prefer a wired Internet connection.  The product dimensions are as follow:

  • 44” L x 27.7” H x 12.2” D
  • Weighs 29.5 pounds (shipping weight 66.1 pounds)

The quad processor has been upgraded from the older Samsung version, which will speed up the operation speed a bit, without lagging.
The remote is a little difficult to  operate, but suitable for most consumers. The plastic construction is fairly general for a mid-tier television, so if you are looking for something more expensive looking, you should search for a high-tier brand.

4. LG Electronics 55LF6300 Smart LED TV Review

smart tv 2015LG is a well-known name in the world of smart TVs, because they offer high-quality products installed with the latest high technological components. This TV is available innumerable sizes including:

  • 40″
  • 43″
  • 49″
  • 55″
  • 60″
  • 65″

The LG 6300 is equipped with 3 HMDI inputs, 3 2.0 USB ports, 1 digital audio out, 1 LAN, and 1 R232. The TV’s dimensions are 48.9” W x 8.7” D x 30.5” H and weighs 46 pounds. If you are diligent about purchasing eco-friendly products, then the LG will definitely be high on your list, because it is labeled with an Energy Star rating, which will require less energy to function appropriately.

The webOS 2.0 will offer you the convenience of operating the LG with your smartphone, which is highly desirable, by TV watchers. The LED backlight and full HD 1080p resolution will provide a crisp, clean, and bright colored picture.

The LG 6300 comes with a stand and all the hardware, so you can sit the TV on a table, instead of hanging it on the wall. The remote control is not configured perfectly and a little on the clunky side, so if you are thinking about purchasing this TV, be sure to take the time to do a bit of research on the remote, beforehand.

5. Sony KDL48R510C 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV Review

best smart televisionThe unique, slim design is very desirable, because it will not take up as much space, as other brands. The full HD 1080p screen will offer a high-quality picture. The Wi-Fi component will allow you to hook up to the Internet, without the use of a Ethernet cable.

The motionflow XR 120 technology will allow you to watch sports, without blurry or lagging movement. You will need a broadband connection speed of 2.5 Mbps, in order the SD services to work properly. If you do not have this type of Internet service, you may need to purchase an ac router.

The Sony is equipped with 2 HDMI ports and comes with an stand that measures roughly 8” D x 22.25” W, so the TV will reach up to 26.5” in height, with the stand intact. The remote control is superb and very simple to use, which is a step up from other brands.

The TV dimensions are as follows:

  • 46.8″ w x 6.2″ x 28.9″ H
  • Weight 33.1 Pound
  • Display size 47.6”
  • Shipping Weight 33.6 pounds

All in all this is a very good TV, with very simple installation and setup instructions, which are included in the purchase. The wall mount hole pattern is 200mm x 200mm, so if you are interested to hanging the TV on the wall, you will need to purchase a separate wall mount.


At the end of the day, any of the above televisions should be sufficient for your needs. Make sure to find one that suits your preferences and budget perfectly! I sincerely hope the information above has helped to some extent.

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