Empire: Unto the Breach Review

When the episode opens, Cookie interrupts Anika and Lucious’s conversation and breaks the news about Anika meets with Beretti. Lucious questions her actions, but she runs off, without answering, while Cookie and her assistant throw out Anika’s clothes. Anika attempts to leave, but Lucious pleads with her to tell him what she did with Beretti. During the heated situation, Lucious threatens Anika. After it is all said and done, Anika (Grace Gealey) leaves with Beretti.

Next, Jamal (Jussie Smollett) hangs out with Ryan, while watching his own music video. Jamal is summoned to Empire, since they are now at war with Beretti. While Malcolm (Derek Luke) has everything at the headquarters covered, Andre (Trai Byers) seems to be going off of his rocker, at home. He flushes all of his pills down the toilet, after remembering what Lucious said about Rhonda. Lucious gives the group a pep talk and orders them to draw blood.

Empire Claude Monet

Meanwhile, Anika seems to have settled in well, at Creedmoor Records. She already has helped get several artists to switch record companies, but she believes Tiana might be a little difficult. Andre finally shows up at work, while Lucious continues to harass Jamal about his sexuality. Billy Beretti (Judd Nelson) tells Anika about his past relationship with Lucious. He explains he lost his 9 year old son to Leukemia and that he didn’t produce a record for a year, after Lucious left his record company.

Creedmoor Records

Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) arrives at the ghetto recording studio and speaks with Royale-T (Ivan Ellis). Jamal meets with Delphine (Estelle), who is impressed with his coming out. After a quick introduction, the pair prepare to perform together. Hakeem, Lucious and Andre meet with Travie Wild (Shane Kenyon), who insists the Internet killed the record business. With a little convincing from a hyped up Andre, Travis seems interested in their ideals. Jamal and Delphine perform, while Ryan films their performance.

Royale T

After a competitive drinking game, Cookie convinces Royale-T to stay with Empire. Lucious explains to Hakeem that he plans on giving him the company, once he can handle it. Cookie nearly robbed on the street, but Malcolm saves her. Cookie tries like heck to seduce Malcolm, but he refuses her advances. Hakeem is tasked with hunting down Andre, but he arrives and announces that he has bought a new car. Andre goes crazy on the brothers in the elevator, until they find themselves trapped inside.

Billy Beretti

Lucious and Malcolm meet with Beretti. After an intense showdown, Lucious and his crew leave. On the way back to Empire, Malcolm confirms the company is being hacked, which explains the elevator problem. Eventually, the group rendezvous back at the boardroom and Cookie reveals that Tiana is headed to meet with Anika. Jamal insists he can help sign Delphine. Jamal demands Lucious to put aside his homophobe and allow him to sign Delphine. They trap Andre in the building, until Rhonda can arrive.

Empire Jamal Delphine

Afterwards, Hakeem tracks down Anika and questions her motives. Some of Hakeem’s girls keep Anika distracted, while Cookie and Hakkem attempt to keep Tiana with Empire. Tiana insists she wants to be at Empire, if Hakeem will forgive her and give their relationship one more chance. However, Hakeem insists he still loves Camilla. Next, Jamal and Lucious meet with Delphine and her manager. Lucious agrees to perform with Jamal and Delphine, at the club. Hakeem, Cookie and Tiana show up and join in.

Hakeem Anika

Back at Empire, Rhonda attempts to calm Andre. Instead, he lashes out at Lucious, when he enters. Andre is eventually given some sedatives, before he is taken out on a stretcher.


This was definitely a solid episode of Empire, which packed a lot of intense moments, some interesting twists and a few emotional scenes. Sadly, Lucious seems to have pushed Anika out of his life. Of course, this will only lead to a hookup with Cookie, which was obvious to happen sooner or later. Andre’s breakdown was definitely brutal, but depressing. The only moment that was slightly cringy was the scene, where Cookie got drunk and attempted to seduce Malcolm. Otherwise, the episode was good and deserved an 8 out of 10. Oh and the impressionist art from Claude Monet was fabulous! Nice touch there.

Claude Monet

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