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Empire TV Show Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

When the episode opens, Cookie attempts to convince her sons to start their own business. Hakeem insists they need Anika, but Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) refuses. Andre agrees to think about it. Hakeem and Cookie come to the conclusion that they need to create an all-girl group like Destiny’s Child. The trio check out a rundown building and Cookie attempts to secure a deal for the studio. They learn that Anika (Grace Gealey) is inside with one of her musicians, Veronica (Veronika Bozeman).

Empire Season 2 Episode 2

Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) is visited by a doctor at the prison. The doctor refuses to give Lucious his medication, without an authorization form. The doctor tells him to call his lawyer right away. Next, Jamal performs for Michael and an interviewer. The interview is very awkward and turns to Jamal’s female fans. Afterwards, Cookie arrives and attempt to convince Jamal (Jussie Smollett) to give Hakeem’s album back. She also tells Jamal about their new company, before she departs quickly.

Season 2 Empire Cookie

At the prison, Clyde (Petey Pablo) complains about the war, before Guy (Max Beesley) interrupts and questions Lucious about his verse. Lucious spits a rhyme, before he gets sick and begins coughing. Officer McKnight (Ludacris) interrupts and tells Lucious and his friends to get off of his table. McKnight pushes his alarm and calls in backup, who immediately slams and removes the inmates. Next, Hakeem and his group listens to some potential female singers. Valentina Galindo (Becky G.) arrives and impresses Hakeem. After Valentina leaves, Andre enters and ridicules him for making moves, without permission.

Empire The TV Series

Back at the prison, Lucious confronts McKnight and attempts to discover his problem. McKnight insists the world would be a better place, without Lucious. He tells him Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrell) might be a little more forgiving, if Lucious was a little more cooperative. Afterwards, Hakeem, Andre and Cookie hang out. Cookie tells Hakeem about Tiana (Serayah) and her upcoming single. Anika enters and an argument immediately begins and ends with Anika’s departure. Jamal visits Lucious and tells him he is thinking about giving Hakeem his album back. Lucious insists he needs to bring Hakeem back to Empire first.

Guy Empire

Lucious insists he is thinking about making songs from inside prison. Thirsty Rawlings (Andre Royo) interrupts and hands Jamal a business card, while proclaiming he might be able to assist them. Rawlings reveals he is a lawyer and insists he can do better than Lucious’s current lawyer. Rawlings mentions Roxanne withholding Lucious’s meds, before he is escorted out. Lucious tells Jamal to setup a meeting. Tiana performs for Hakeem. After she finishes, Hakeem invites her to join his new group. Cookie enters and shut down Hakeem’s operation.

Empire Ludacris

As soon as he steps outside, Jamal invites Hakeem into his vehicle. He attempts to persuade Hakeem to rejoin Empire. Cookie wanders outside and catches the conversation. Next, Hakeem and Valentina bath together. She insists she would become a part of an all girl group, if it was with Empire. Jamal speaks with Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday). She asks to speak in confidence, before admitting Andre is miserable without Empire. Rhonda pleads with Jamal to forgive Andre and allow him to come back. When he refuses, Rhonda reveals she is pregnant. Jamal opens up and agrees to speak with Lucious.

Becky G Empire

Lucious finally gets some medication from Thirsty Rawlings. The guard takes Lucious to a storage closet and shows him a makeshift study courtesy of Rawlings. The group makes some music, before Officer McKnight rushes in and puts an end to their session. McKnight transfers Lucious to the hole. Lucious and McKnight argue back and forth, before Lucious is shut into darkness. On his way home, McKnight is attacked and the music he took is stolen. His muggers take the laptop to Rawlings and are paid handsomely.

Thirsty Empire

Hakeem speaks to Cookie about Empire and his inability to find three diverse girls. He admits he isn’t going back to Empire and reveals that he has leaked his album online. Andre calls him an idiot and leaves. Cookie tries to stop him, but he admits his heart isn’t in it and that Cookie needs to let him go. Next, Cookie is introduced to her new headquarters. Andre (Trai Byers) pays a visit to Lucious and admits he wants to come back to Empire. Despite Andre’s pleas, Lucious refuses to forgive him. Andre brings up Jamal and Hakeem’s failures and his own loyalty.

Empire Jamal Rhonda

Andre asks Lucious why he hates him, before a flashback shows Lucious with his mother. Lucious insists he doesn’t hate him, before rushing away. Next, Hakeem and Jamal hang out. Hakeem admits he isn’t coming back to Empire and reveals he leaked his album. Jamal threatens Hakeem with a lawsuit. The pair argue, before Jamal joins Cookie at Lyon Dynasty. On the radio, the DJ speaks about Lucious’s new track. Cookie insists they need to hurry up and get their crap together, before Lucious gets out of jail. Next, Lucious is shown in the courtroom.


Thirsty comes in late with evidence against the judge. It forces the judge to release Lucious on bail.


Empire Review

The second episode of season 2 had some decent moments. Andre’s craziness is notable, as it is always fun to watch him spiral out of control. Thirsty Rawlings was definitely a nice addition and Andre Royo fit the part perfectly. However, Ludacris was horrendous as Officer McKnight. Also, things seemed a little too easy. There were no real struggles or hardships. What Lucious wanted, he got. This definitely made the episode a little ridiculous and very cheesy. Finally, the bickering back and forth between Anika and Cookie is starting to get annoying and stale.

Overall, a 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with the previous Empire Recaps now! What did you think? Add a comment below!

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