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Empire TV Show Recap Season 2 Episode 3

When the episode opens, Roxanne Ford (Tyra Ferrell) speaks with the media about Lucious obtaining bail. Lucious (Terence Howard) walks free moments later. Cookie harasses Hakeem and learns about his new relationship with Valentina (Becky G.). Lucious and Thirsty speak about Cookie’s attempt to keep him out of his own house. Lucious gives a publish speech about his intention of taking over the entire music industry. Next, Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) does an interview with Sway.

roxanne ford empire

Sway calls Lucious, during the interview. After Lucious and Hakeem diss one another, Hakeem brings up his new female group and Sway convinces him to let the group perform on the show. Meanwhile, the family has group with Jamal (Jussie Smollett). Lucious interrupts and immediately eyeballs Cookie. Andre (Trai Byers) attempts to apologize to Lucious once more. Lucious attempts to convince Cookie to drop everything and all of her devious actions will be forgotten. Cookie get angry, makes a mess and leaves.

Empire TV Series Sway

Next, Lucious calls in Anika and attempts to enlist her help against the others. Despite the threats from Lucious, Anika attempts to remain faithful to the Lyon Dynasty. However, Lucious eventually seems to sway her to his advantage. Hakeem and Cookie work with Mirage a Trois. They quick begin to argue, when Cookie becomes controlling and overwhelming. After a little singing, Andre and Lucious share a drink and a chat. Despite Andre’s pleas, Lucious still doesn’t want Andre back at Empire. Jamal interrupts and tells Lucious about Freda breaking into the studio and insisting Lucious was going to sign her.

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Jamal passes along the papers to Freda (Bre-Z) and tells her to sign them. They refuse to believe Jamal and leave, without signing. Jamal speaks with Lucious and is belittled for allowing Freda to leave. Lucious reveals his intention of reviving an entire record label with Freda’s abilities. Thirsty interrupts and tells the pair where to find Freda. Next, Anika speaks to Cookie. Anika tells Cookie about Lucious’ proposition. When asked about her motives, Anika admits she wants to hurt Lucious. She tells Cookie about his upcoming party. Back at the club, Jamal and Pitbull perform together, while Lucious watches on.

Empire TV Series Jamal

Out of nowhere, the music stops. Cookie interrupts and introduces Hakeem. He performs a song, which disses Empire, with Timbaland. After the chaos, Pitbull tells Cookie she could have her own stage in Miami, while Lucious watches on angrily. The next day, phone calls begin overwhelming Lyon Dynasty’s headquarters. Unfortunately, Hakeem’s girls can’t seem to get along. Andre speaks to Hakeem, before speaking with Cookie. Andre tells Cookie about Rhonda’s (Kaitlin Doubleday) pregnancy. Andre admits he hasn’t told Lucious yet.

Empire Series 2 Cookie

Andre insists he isn’t going to use his unborn child as leverage. She convinces him otherwise and he follows her orders. Lucious asks Andre, if he is worried about the child’s mental health. A flashback shows Lucious with his crazy mother. Lucious accuses him of using the child as a way to get what he wants, but Andre denies it. Andre is sent away empty handed. Freda battles another rapper out in the streets. Freda gets angry and pulls a gun, before Lucious interrupts. Freda rushes off and seemingly refuses his help.

Empire Season 2 Andre

Jamal and Becky speak, with Becky insisting Jamal should call his mother. Back in the hood, Lucious runs into Miss Ford. Lucious attempts to flirt with her, before she tries to scare the pair with a mention of Vernon. They spar back and forth, before Miss Ford departs. Next, Cookie attempts to teach the girl band to dance together. Valentina refuses to do pushups, but Cookie convinces her to do them fairly easily. Jamal and Lucious speak about their current situation. Jamal insists he needs a Cookie, in order to make solid music. Lucious agrees to produce Jamal.

Empire Season 2 Jamal

Lucious thanks Jamal for pushing him. Meanwhile, Cookie and Jamal wait for Valentina to arrive. Lucious arrives and shocks the pair. Lucious reveals he bought Apex radio. When Valentina arrives, Lucious admits he signed her this morning, as well. She hits the radio and Lucious insists Cookie’s label will dry up and die without access to the radio.


Empire Review

The third episode of Empire was pretty good. Lucious and Cookie’s battle continues, as both make progress. In the end, Lucious got the better of his ex-wife, but the action was fun nonetheless. However, his acquirement of the radio station and Valentina seemed a little too easy. Obviously, it was meant to shock, but it still felt a little cheesy overall.

In the end a 7 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with our previous Empire recaps now!

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