Empire Review: Sins of the Father

Andre Bipolar

At the beginning of the episode, we see flashbacks of Lucious and Angie (Mary J. Blige), while Andre Lyon (Trai Byers) speaks to Dr. Sirak, his psychiatrist, and his music therapist, Michelle White (Jennifer Hudson). Hakeem, Cookie, Jamal and Rhonda attempt to straighten out Andre, but he continues to appear out of it. Again, we flashback and witness Andre’s first mental breakdown. Despite their attempts, Andre refuses to speak.

Jennifer Hudson Empire

Lucious and Vernon prepare his will, as it reveals he is giving Cookie the same amount of shares as the boys. Vernon attempts to take credit for helping build Empire, but Lucious isn’t amused. Cookie researches bipolar disease, before Malcolm enters and admits he violated his own personal code and admits he’s fallen for Cookie. Before he can leave, the pair share a kiss.

Lola Empire

Meanwhile, Jamal sings about his daughter, Lola. After he exits the studio, he admits to Ryan (Eka Darville) that he is thinking about taking Lola (Leah Jeffries) and raising her. Ryan admits he respects his decision, but doesn’t know if he wants to get involved. Meanwhile, Olivia (Raven Symone) is caught off guard by Reg (Jerod Haynes). Olivia tries to make her escape, but Reg insists they go get Lola.

Cookie and Malcolm

Next, Camilla takes photographs of Hakeem, who is concerned about his brother. Rhonda speaks to Andre and insists he needs to go to the Empire IPO signing, but Andre refuses. Rhonda attempts to talk some sense into Andre, but it is futile, as he tries to make her leave. Afterwards, Lola tells Jamal about the scary birds, who tries to get her mommy. She agrees to live with Jamal. Afterwards, Lucious informs Cookie that she is now the head of A&R for Empire Records. He refers to the pair being together again, before Jamal interrupts.

Empire Mary J Blige

Meanwhile, Vernon gets high at the club, before he meets Olivia and Reg, who attempts to discover Lola’s location. Jamal informs Lucious that he wants to take and raise Lola, but Lucious insists she shouldn’t be raised in that type of lifestyle. Malcolm tracks Cookie’s phone, before she calls and the pair talk dirty to one another, before Lucious walks in. Lucious talks to her about Lola, before Hakeem and Camilla enter. The family gets together to sign up papers, but they hold off and wait for Rhonda and Andre. While they wait, Camilla attempts to pitch a new idea about Hakeem’s music, before he performs. Afterwards, Camilla speaks to Lucious in his office.

Lucious suggests she isn’t here for nothing. Lucious traps her in his office and demands to know how much it is going to cost to make Camilla disappear. He reveals that she is in major debt and offers money to fix her situation. We jump back to Olivia, who questions about Lola. Next, Hakeem and Jamal attempt to get Lola to fall asleep. After a little musical performance, she goes to sleep. Lucious writes a big check to Camilla, but she insists she doesn’t want his money, before ripping up the check. The pair argue, before Camilla is escorted out by Malcolm.

Empire Reg

Rhonda shows up in Andre’s place, which upsets Lucious. Rhonda discovers that Lucious reduced everyone’s shares in order to give to Cookie. The pair argue, as Lucious insists everything is his. Vernon enters with Olivia and Reg. Camilla grows, as she is driven away. At the same time, Andre receives his musical therapy. Back at the mansion, Lucious reprimands Vernon for bringing Olivia and Reg. Lucious sends him home, after figuring out about his drug use.

Empire Vernon

Andre insists the music isn’t going to help. Michelle insists Andre pray with her. Lucious informs Hakeem of Camilla’s departure. Of course, Lucious insists Camilla took the money. Jamal glances at Reg’s tattoos and connects them to Lola’s scary bird. When he attempts to confront him, Reg pulls a gun. Lucious breaks up the argument and admits he is the father of Lola. During a struggle, Reg grabs Cookie and holds the gun to her.

Rhonda Lyon

Lucious comes clean about everything and admits Reg would be a hero, if he shot him. However, Malcolm sneaks up and shoots Reg. Afterwards, Lucious insists he saved everyone. Lola and Olivia depart. Before Lola leaves, she gives Jamal her teddy bear. Afterwards, Lucious speaks to Cookie and admits he was afraid he was going to lose her. He asks Cookie to be his lady again. Cookie insists Lucious destroys everything he touches and suggests he is only afraid to die alone, before leaving.

Cookie speaks to Malcolm and insists he take her somewhere that they can be alone, as the episode ends.


Overall, Sins of the Father was a pretty good episode, which pushed each of the characters a little closer to the edge. Lucious was forced to reveal some very interesting history regarding himself, in order to save Cookie. Of course, this pushed everyone away from him. The lack of Beretti or Anika this episode was definitely confusing considering the amount of build up we got last week. Still, a decent episode, which deserves a 7 out of 10.

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