Doctor Throne TV Series

Doctor Thorne TV Series Review

Doctor Thorne is a British television drama, which aired on the ITV Channel. The series only spans 3 episodes, but it covers a dramatic story, which stars Tom Hollander, as Doctor Thorne. During the show’s introduction, we’re taken back twenty years and witness the murder of a man. We soon discover that the murdered man is actually the brother of Doctor Thorne. He was murdered by Sir Roger Scatcherd (Ian McShane), due to a love triangle of shorts. This mystery will be unraveled, as the series drags out.

Doctor Throne TV Series

We also learn about a relationship between the Doctor’s niece, Mary Thorne (Stefanie Martini) and Frank Gresham (Harry Richardson). The relationship has sprung into romanticism, but they’re being held back by Frank’s mother and father. Lady Arabella Gresham (Rebecca Front) and Frank Gresham Snr (Richard McCabe) are not interested in the potential marriage, since Mary isn’t rich and will not be able to save the dwindling Gresham family. Instead, Arabella has a few other potential suitors for her son.

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Despite only being three episodes long, the show manages to cover a great deal. One of the more interesting scenes involves a political showdown between Sir Roger Scatcherd, who is drunk and on his deathbed, and the newcomer, Mr. Moffatt (Danny Kirrane). Despite his drunken stupor, Scatcherd manages up to humiliate his rival terribly. The Doctor Thorne series manages to sneak lots of comedic scenes into hits story, despite being a romantic tale at its core.

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The Doctor Thorne TV show has an abundance working in its favor. First and foremost, the acting is absolutely brilliant. Everyone from Ian McShane, to Edward Franklin, to Tom Hollander really delivers an excellent performance. The sympathetic characters are easy to connect with, while the villains will truly test your nerves. Despite the terrible nature of the show’s greedy villains, their mindset and motives are understandable. This helps to keep everyone realistic.


All of the characters are likable, including those that you’d like to smash in the nose. The only real con associated with Doctor Thorne is the show’s length. It is simply 3 episodes at 43-45 minutes apiece. Once you’ve watched the entire series, you’ll most likely agree that that the charming affair could’ve carried on for much longer. Still, the show does many things right in 3 episodes. It builds each character and develops a realistic struggle, which is still relevant to today’s society.


Throw in some witty one-liners along the way, terrific acting and a few plot twists and Doctor Thorne is a great experience. It is a bit cheesy and somewhat predictable, but it really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. You’ll be swept up in the charming, romantic tale and will have little time to complain about the show’s flaws, which are minute. All in all, Doctor Throne is a great series, which could’ve lasted much longer. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. If you get the opportunity, you should do yourself a favor and check out the series! It is short, sweet and never trails too far off of its destined path.

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