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Doctor Foster Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode gets started, Kate (Jodie Comer) is awoken by Simon (Bertie Carvel). They playfully argue over who should check on Amelie (Joanie Kent). Eventually, Kate takes over. She gets the baby and checks the mail. She receives a mysterious letter, but doesn’t open it right away. She eventually tears it open and finds a letter from Gemma (Suranne Jones) and Simon’s tie inside. After the intro, Kate asks Simon about the tie. He makes up excuse after excuse. He also remains convinced that Gemma has left town. After Simon leaves, Kate checks the letter that Gemma gave her earlier. Then, she heads to her parents place. She leaves the baby with Susie (Sara Stewart) and Chris (Neil Stuke).

simon and kate doctor fosterKate tells her parents about Gemma’s departure, before leaving. She heads to school and then hangs out with a friend. After school, she runs into Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey). Carly remains standoffish with Kate. Kate accuses Carly of following her for Gemma. Carly promises she isn’t. However, she does tell Kate that a cheater is always a cheater. Kate visits Simon’s work. She chats with Mark briefly then visits Simon. Simon leaves the room to get food, before Kate checks his phone. She finds the photograph of a drunken Gemma. Simon asks about allowing Tom (Tom Taylor) to come back and stay with them. Kate doesn’t like the idea. Kate forces Simon to explain the Gemma photograph. He admits he wanted to shame her.

kate and simon doctor fosterShe heads outside and believes she spots Gemma. She does run into Sian (Sian Brooke). Sian speaks about Gemma and shows Kate pictures of her new residence. Then, Kate tours Gemma’s property. She heads upstairs and finds a picture of Kate and Simon. She also finds an address for Gemma’s hotel. Seconds later, Anna (Victoria Hamilton) enters. Anna tells Kate about Simon sleeping with Gemma. Kate heads to the address and finds Gemma with her daughter. We jump back in time. Susie receives a text from Gemma. She keeps it hidden from Chris and Kate. After Kate arrives and drops off the baby, Susie meets with Gemma. Susie sympathizes with Gemma. Then, Gemma begins to explain Simon’s deceitful actions. Moments later, Simon gets a threatening call from Gemma. He seems worried, but ignores it.

susie and gemma doctor fosterThen, Kate arrives at the motel and speaks with Gemma. When told the truth, Kate lies and pretends that Simon told her about the sex. Kate storms off moments later. Gemma returns to Tom. She explains that everything has been sorted out with Isabel and school. However, she isn’t sure they can return home, since her plan did not work. That night, Kate confronts Simon once again. He admits to sleeping with Gemma. They argue briefly, but seem to agree to work everything out. Back at the motel, Gemma consoles a sobbing Tom. Kate tells Simon that they have to get through this for their daughter. A little later, Gemma gets a call from Kate. They meet at the hotel and Gemma agrees to show her more. Gemma snaps a picture of Kate and they visit Gemma’s old home.

tom taylor doctor fosterGemma shows her pictures of herself dressed similarly. She explains that the wedding music was her favorite song. She insists that Simon is still obsessed with her. Gemma tells Kate that she should not bring up her child with a man that is going to ruin her. In the morning, Simon finds his bank account drained. Mark is nowhere to be found. He gets a text from Kate pleading with him to return home. When he does, he finds a moving truck. Chris tells Simon that this is the day he has been waiting for. Eventually, Simon is left with nothing but a small bag of items. Once everyone leaves, Gemma drives up. Simon kicks her car a few times, before she drives away. She calls Tom and prepares to tell him the good news.

chris doctor foster series 2Tom asks whether or not his father is okay. Gemma has a change of heart and returns. She offers to let Simon stay in her hotel room for a few days. Simon flips and insists he is not leaving town, unless he is in a coffin. Simon alludes to something he told Tom. He grabs Gemma’s phone and gets the address to the hotel. Then, he exclaims that he is going to get his son. He begins walking down the street. Gemma follows in her vehicle. She floors it and swerves as the episode ends.


Doctor Foster Review

The 4th episode definitely felt like we were going in circles. Gemma’s plan also seemed a little too easy. How would she know that Kate would take the bait and play along? Nevertheless, the episode was pretty good in the end. Gemma has seemingly gotten the best of Simon for once. Nevertheless, Simon isn’t ready to quit yet. He pretty much has nothing to lose at this point.

I am petty sure that Gemma isn’t going to mow him down, but I could be wrong. So, how will things play out? Despite having flaws here and there, I can’t wait to see the season finale. This episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Foster now!

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