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Doctor Foster Series 2 Episode 1 Recap

As the episode begins, we see someone preparing cards. Gemma (Suranne Jones) heads to work, while Tom (Tom Taylor) does a little shopping. The cards are dropped in the mail box. It seems that each family in the neighborhood gets a red invitation. Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera) rips hers open right away. Tom opens his and Gemma spots it seconds later. The letter is from Simon (Bertie Carvel). It invites Gemma and Tom to Simon’s house warming party with Kate (Jodie Comer). Old feelings being to return to Gemma. Gemma finds Tom texting with Max (Frank Kauer) and Isobel (Hope Lloyd). Their conversation quickly turns to Simon. Tom makes it clear that he doesn’t want to go to the party. Tom explains that Max’s parents are away for the weekend and he’d rather go there. Gemma is happy with the decision. Later that night, Gemma gets a text message from Simon with his new address.

gemma doctor foster series 2 episode 1The following day, Gemma travels to Simon’s new house. Since nobody is home, she decides to tour it. Simon arrives. Simon promises that he did not hide anything during the divorce. Then, he makes a few snide comments about Gemma and her wardrobe. He urges her to move on, before she rushes out. She gives his car a good dent on her way out. At work, Gemma speaks with a co-worker about the importance of being organized. Then, she speaks to Ros about Simon. Ros reveals that she got a letter as well. Then, Gemma checks on her patient, James (Prasanna Puwanarajah). Their conversation eventually gets a little flirty, before James asks Gemma out for lunch. She turns down the offer and then complains to Ros about Simon nearly bankrupting the family. Ros reminds her that it is not her problem.

simon doctor foster episode 2 series 2Gemma returns home and gets dressed up. Anna (Victoria Hamilton) and Neil (Adam James) help Tom get ready. Gemma sends Tom to the party and urges him not to drink. She also gives him a present to give to Kate. Neil compliments Gemma, before she meets up with James. She quickly manages to drag James to Simon’s party. Moments after arriving, Gemma tells James about her relationship with James. Simon shows up seconds later. He explains that he sent the picture of him and Tom to give her reassurance. Gemma doesn’t believe it. She picks lent off of Simon’s shoulder and eyeballs Kate. Then, Gemma meets back up with James. Tom arrives and reveals that James is his teacher. Tom seems a little weirded out that his mother is dating his teacher. He is also worried that his friends might find out. Tom and Isobel head outside, while Kate gives a speech.

james and gemma doctor fosterKate eventually thanks Gemma for being there. She seems to believe that Gemma is over the past and wishes the couple the best. After the speech ends, Gemma heads upstairs. She is approached by Simon moments later. Gemma flirts with Simon and forced him to admit that he still attracted to her. Gemma explains that Kate is no longer a secret and therefore she will become boring to Simon. Then, Gemma runs into Kate. She gives her the gift and tells her to hide it from Simon. Kate does just that. Gemma becomes distraught when she is unable to find Tom. She eventually manages to track him down. James hails them a cab. At home, Gemma complains about Simon. Tom tells her that she is not desperate, but she looked like it tonight with James. Once Tom goes to bed, Gemma chugs the wine.

kate and gemma doctor foster series 2The following day, Gemma speaks with her co-worker about her time at the hospital. Then, Gemma runs into her long-time patient, Gordan (Daniel Cerqueira). She becomes distracted when she gets a bundle of flowers. She prepares to call James and thank him, but she opens the letter and finds a derogatory word on the card. Gemma leaves work and heads to Simon’s house. Gemma speaks with Kate and accuses Simon of sending the flowers. Kate denies it and suggests that Simon wouldn’t. When Gemma returns home, she finds Simon in the kitchen. He admits to sending the flowers. He confesses he did it for fun the following night.

tom taylor doctor foster series 2Simon mentions something about Tom getting his bag. Gemma is shocked to learn that Tom has decided to leave with Simon. She cannot do anything to stop him. Gemma heads back inside and pulls out her medications. Tom is shown eating with Simon and the family, while Gemma mixes up some type of concoction. She puts a ring in the glass and stirs it up with a spoon. Then, she pulls out some medications and syringes.


Doctor Foster Review

When the first season of Doctor Foster ended, I wasn’t sure we needed a second. I am still not sure we do. Nevertheless, the new series got off to a good start. It is a little annoying to see Gemma still so obsessed with Simon and so eager to get even. As annoying as it might be at times, this is actually very realistic. Many men and women are unable to escape the clutches of their past relationships and many would do anything to see their ex lose it all.

Gemma had nothing left except for Tom. Now, she has possibly lost him too. Where will she go from here? How did Simon get so much money? Is Gemma right about Simon’s lust for secrecy? Will that lead Simon into another affair? There is plenty that could happen this season.

The opener was pretty good and it quickly established an interesting foundation for the story going forward from here. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Doctor Foster now!

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