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Doctor Foster Recap Episode 4

When the episode begins, Gemma (Suranne Jones) begins to rethink her relationship. She seems to be back on good terms with her husband, Simon (Bertie Carvel). At work, Gemma is confronted by Nick (Peter De Jersey), who tells her about an anonymous complaint filed against her. After the conversation, Gemma goes about her normal day and meets with Gordon (Daniel Cerqueira). He complains about his feet, which he believes is miraculously shrinking. Once the day has concluded, Gemma returns home and has a terrible time trying to make dinner.

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During dinner, Gemma makes Simon aware of the date. As it turns out, the day is a special occasion for couple and Simon pretends to have forgotten. However, he redeems himself at the last minute and winds up putting a smile on Gemma’s face. The action really gets Gemma in the mood and the couple take advantage of it that night. In the morning, Nick and Ros pull Gemma aside and force her to take a little while off work. She learns about the deals of the complaint, which insists she threatened a patient with a lit cigarette.

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While cleaning out her office, Ros enters and attempts to smooth things over with Gemma. Unfortunately, Gemma accuses her of trying to steal her position with the company. On the way out of the clinic, Gemma breaks the news to Gordon, who is at a loss for words. Gemma’s next destination is Carly’s place. When she arrives, she encounters Carly’s boyfriend, Daniel Spencer (Ricky Nixon), who is also the complainant. She attempts to pay the couple money, but Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey) turns down the offer.

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Afterwards, Gemma heads to the school, where Tom is playing soccer. She also encounters the Parks family. She speaks to Chris (Neil Stuke) and Susie (Sara Stewart), while prodding Kate (Jodie Comer) about her short skirt. During the conversation, Susie invites Gemma and the family to dinner in a few weeks. She joins Simon and they cheer on Tom. After the game, Gemma breaks the news to Simon. During the conversation, Simon receives a text message, which Simon ignores. The action gives Gemma concern and the pair argue.

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Tom finally arrives and Gemma suggests the family should go out for pizza. Unfortunately, Simon receives another message, pretends it is work and cancels. Gemma and Tom agree to go anyway, as everyone departs. Instead of heading to the pizza place, Gemma follows Simon to work. With Tom outside, Gemma heads in and speaks to Becky (Martha Howe-Douglas). She learns about Simon using his office, as a way to escape detection. Becky prompts Gemma to look out of the window. When she does, she witnesses Simon flirting with Kate. Becky admits Simon will never leave Kate.

BBC Doctor Foster Simon and Kate

Gemma forces Becky to show her the pictures on her cell phone. She does and they show Simon and Kate happily together on vacation. Moments late, Tom arrives and interrupts. Gemma comes up with a scheme to leave town. She convinces Tom and Becky to tell Simon she has to attend a conference. Gemma leaves town and meets up with Jack Reynolds (Robert Pugh). Gemma enters the house of her old friend, Mary (Elizabeth Rider), who she knows from her younger days.

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After a little chatter, Mary learns about Gemma’s troubles and agrees to allow her to stay. Simon attempts to call, but Mary forces Gemma to ignore the phone call. That night, the trio speaks about their troubles. Jack and Gemma argue over whose situation is worse. After everyone goes to sleep, Gemma awakes in the middle of the night and goes for a walk. She receives a call from Simon and attempts to get him to come clean, but he doesn’t acknowledge anything. She freaks out and wades into the water. She begins to cough, as she sinks underneath.

BBC TV Doctor Foster Episode 4

Jack awakes in the morning and searches for Gemma. He finds her cell phone on the beech and eventually discovers Gemma soaking wet. She admits she wanted to grown, but changed her mind. With a new outlook on life, Gemma heads back into town and meets with Becky at the school. She convinces Becky to help her out, before heading home and getting dressed up. While Becky watches Tom and Isobel (Megan Roberts), Gemma takes Simon on a surprise trip. They arrives at the Parks’ house and Simon freaks out.¬†Despite being several weeks early, they make their way inside and prepare for dinner.


Doctor Foster Episode 4 Review

Oh boy, the fourth episode of Doctor Foster was really dramatic. We knew it was only going to get worse for Gemma and it did. She hit rockbottom, before realizing she wasn’t going to go down quietly. Simon and Kate are likely in over their heads. We’ve already seen Gemma handle Daniel. What will she do to those two? All in all, an excellent episode, which perfectly setup the finale. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous Doctor Foster Episodes now!

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