Simon and Gemma Fight Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster Finale Recap

When the episode begins, Gemma (Suranne Jones) and Simon (Bertie Carvel) chat with Chris Parks (Neil Stuke) about his house. Chris speaks about his house in France, which he calls Pierre Blanche. When prompted, Chris refuses to tell Gemma what the name means. Moments later, Chris goes for drinks and Kate (Jodie Comer) joins him. When alone with Simon, Gemma drops and destroys one of Susie’s (Sara Stewarts) precious items. Chris forces Kate to clean it up and she complains throughout the entire process.

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Next, dinner begins and Kate is forced to sit right next to Gemma. This allows Gemma to poke and prod her regarding sexual matters. Eventually, Gemma lets it slip about Kate’s pregnancy and abortion. Gemma also puts two and two together. She announces that Pierre Blanche means White Stone and Chris is Simon’s mystery donor. Due to Chris’ position, the move is illegal and could get Chris and Simon in legal trouble. Chaos ensues and Kate smacks Gemma in the back of the head. Of course, Gemma loves every minute of it and it is totally obvious, as she exits with a smirk on her face.

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Outside, Simon attempts to plead with Gemma not to tell Tom. Instead, she tells him about her affair with Neil. Kate comes outside and Gemma discovers she is still pregnant. When given a choice, Simon leaves with Kate and Gemma heads off alone. She stops at Neil (Adam James) and Anna’s (Victoria Hamilton) place. While there, Anna admits to leaving the anonymous messages online and reveals she knew about Neil’s behavior all along. Anna insists the stories might’ve been lies, but they’re true in a sense. Gemma finally makes it home and discover Isobel (Megan Roberts) asleep on her couch. After a little chatter, Isobel and Becky (Martha Howe-Douglas) leave.

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Simon and Kate awake together in the morning. Kate admits she wishes to keep the baby and Simon agrees. The pair is disturbed, by a knock at the door. Kate answers the door and discovers Tom (Tom Taylor) alone. Tom seems bewildered, as he nervously asks about his father. Simon comes downstairs in his robe and Tom explains the situation, while also unraveling the mystery on his own.

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When Simon heads upstairs to get dressed, Tom tells Kate about her brother calling her a harlot. Kate denies everything. The pair take Tom to school and he refuses to allow them to drop him off closer to the gate. The pair concur they need to sort things out. Simon agrees to speak with Gemma, while Kate insists she can convince her father to continue investing in Simon’s business. Simon returns home and cries alone. Meanwhile, Kate pays a visit to her father, but he refuses to help. He suggests he is going to find another developer and get rid of Simon. Kate tells her father is still pregnant.

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When Kate leaves, Gemma comes downstairs and Chris asks her how he did. She leaves without responding. Next, Gemma heads to work and is confronted by Ros (Thusitha Jayasundera). Ros takes her to private room, where Simon has been hiding. She leaves them alone and attempts to force them to work things out. Unfortunately, matters only worsen and Gemma learns that Simon is trying to prevent her from taking Tom. Ros attempts to intervene, but Gemma storms off and plans to head for Tom’s school.

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Outside of the clinic, she encounters a young patient and breaks the news that her last name is going to change, since she is getting a divorce. She also argues with Simon, before tossing his car keys onto the roof and driving away. She manages to get Tom from the school and departs. Simon arrives at the school too late. Meanwhile, Tom complains about his mother leaving him at the home with Kate and Simon earlier. They begin to argue, before Gemma pulls into a field and both get out. Tom makes matters worse, by sympathizing with his father.

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Gemma goes to the back of the vehicle and grabs a pair of scissors. Tom panics and asks her what she is doing, before the screen cuts to black. Gemma returns home and Simon asks about Tom. Gemma insists he is with Becky, before she begins speaking about the past. She suggests that Simon has ruined everything. Simon calls Becky and learns that Tom isn’t with her. Eventually, Gemma pulls out a wad of hair and insists she was only protecting Tom, by preventing him from growing up to be like his father.

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Gemma accuses Simon on nearly smiling, despite the circumstances. He freaks out, rushes outside and discovers Tom and Carly (Clare-Hope Ashitey). Simon attempts to apologize to Tom, but he doesn’t allow it. Tom is sent away, while Simon and Gemma argue. The fighting gets physical and Simon ends up busting Gemma’s face into the door. Anna rushes over, after getting a call from Simon. Everyone hurries inside and discovers an unconscious and bloody Gemma. Simon pleads with the others to call an ambulance and the police.

Simon and Gemma Fight Doctor Foster

Tom comforts his mother. After a black screen, we flash ahead an unspecified period of time. Gemma and Tom head out. Gemma meets with Anwar (Navin Chowdhry) and signs the divorce papers. Then, Gemma returns to the hospital and Ros invites her to come back, since the complaint has been dropped. Instead, Gemma and Tom head to the store and hang out. A visibly pregnant Kate confronts Gemma and tells her they’re moving to London. Gemma and Tom hang out and watch Simon and Kate drive away. Suddenly, a woman calls for a doctor and Gemma springs into action.


Doctor Foster Review

Oh boy, the finale of Doctor Foster was absolutely fantastic. The acting throughout the series has been beyond good. Each role was perfectly acted and all of the actresses and actors should be heralded for their performances. The story has been realistic, thrilling, mysterious and very depressing. Few shows can parallel the brutal realism that Doctor Foster has managed to achieve.

According to IMDB, a Doctor Foster Season 2 is in the works. I am not sure this is necessary, as the finale wrapped up everything fairly well. However, I will definitely watch it! This season was one of the best shows of 2015. A 9.5 out of 10 is deserved for the Doctor Foster finale. Be sure to catch up with the previous Doctor Foster episodes now!

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