rodger corser doctor doctor s01e08 recap

Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 8 Recap

As the episode begins, Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) helps Meryl (Tina Bursill) in the garden. Ajax (Matt Castley) arrives and speaks with them briefly. Then, he makes an excuse to leave. After the intro, Betty (Belinda Bromilow) receives a call about an unconscious male. Hugh (Rodger Corser) is put on the phone immediately. He learns that the patient is Jim. Penny (Hayley McElhinney) helps haul Jim into the hospital seconds later. Matt (Ryan Johnson) tells Ajax that he should never get married. He quickly apologizes for his insensitive comment. Then, they duo discovers that someone has been stealing their trees. At the clinic, Jim (Steve Bisley) comes to. He admits he needs to stick with his dialysis or die.

doctor doctor series 2 episode 8 recapKen (Charles Wu) asks Betty how to approach a female. She gives him some advice. Charlie (Nicole da Silva) learns that people have been bashing her book online. A colleague enters and asks about an upcoming event. Of course, Charlie is lost in her own world. Hugh schedules for Jim to be sent to the city for treatment. Penny tells him about Jim missing his treatments. She makes a comment about Hugh becoming his donor. He doesn’t seem interested in the least. Ken gets rid of Mia’s sandwich. Matt speaks with Darren (Uli Latukefu) about the tree thief. Darren promises to look into it. Ken uses the lost sandwich to invite Mia (Brittany Clark) to lunch. Matt and Ajax get supplies, so they can catch the thief. When Hugh heads to his vehicle, he spots Ken and Mia kissing. He rushes right back inside.

charlie writing doctor doctorCharlie holds a reading for her book. Many people in outlandish costumes listen intently. They beg for autographs, once Charlie finishes reading. Charlie returns home with a little extra hope. Penny chats with Betty about her men problems. Moments later, Penny surprises Hugh. She tells him that she has managed to arranged for Jim to have a personal dialysis machine at home. She explains that Meryl will force him to use it. Hugh is impressed. He calls her a genius. The machine is set up and Jim is provided with instructions at home. Charlie learns that someone has been giving her gifts and it isn’t Matt. Charlie tries to writing in the morning. However, more negative comments prevent her from doing so.

rodger corser doctor doctor s01e08 recapMeryl chats with Hugh about getting Jim bumped higher on the organ recipient list. Ajax asks Hugh what his blood type is. Meryl interrupts and suggests they’ll find another donor. Ajax returns to Matt and asks him the same. Another tree is stolen shortly thereafter. Jim chats with Hayley. He asks her about her current argument with Ajax. Hugh and Penny begin running out of options. Hayley arrives and admits she is O negative. That night, Matt is forced to comfort Ajax due to his problem with Hayley. Ken tries to end his relationship with Mia, so he doesn’t hurt the clinic. She refuses to allow that to happen. The next day, Charlie finds someone snooping through her tent. Darren is called in. Hayley is put through tests at the clinic.

jim doctor doctor s02e08Hayley has a condition that rules her out as a possible donor. Charlie is introduced to Francesca (Ambrose McNamara). The girl is a huge fan. They quickly hit it off. Hugh meets with Meryl. He tells Meryl that he is a match for Jim. Unfortunately, Jim is nowhere to be found. He has teamed up with Matt and Ajax to stop the tree thief. Charlie and Frank work on the sequel, while Matt and the others chase the thief. Ken tells Mia that honesty should come first. Hugh calls Penny and tells her to prepare for Jim’s arrival. The thief’s truck is stopped. The man admits his kids have never had a real tree. Hugh and Meryl arrive seconds later. They haul Jim away.

ajax and jim doctor doctorEveryone seems surprised that Hugh is actually willing to be Jim’s donor.


Doctor Doctor Review

As always, Doctor Doctor was a little silly and lighthearted. In the end there, it got pretty emotional. It seems that Hugh’s decision to become Jim’s donor could put their past troubles behind them. It also seems like Penny is trying her best to smooth things over with Hugh. So far, he hasn’t taken the bait. Ajax hasn’t been able to solve his troubles with Hayley either.

There are only two episodes left this season. Something big is bound to happen pretty soon. This episode was good. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

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