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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 7 Recap

As the 7th episode gets started, Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) participates in the Miss Whyhope contest. The contest is surprisingly more grueling and physical than she initially expected, since Charlie (Nicole da Silva) took over and changed it. Ajax (Matt Castley) is impressed with Millie’s (Madeleine Madden) shooting. He seems infatuated with the girl. Hugh (Rodger Corser) shows Penny (Hayley McElhinney) their new stent. She is satisfied with it and admits it is beautiful. After the intro, Hugh visits a young girl, who is suffering from an asthma attack. She is rushed to the hospital right away. Penny suggests that the girl will need a bronchial thermoplasty.

hayley doctor doctor s02e05Hugh admits he hasn’t done one of those before. No need to fear, Mia (Brittany Clark) finds it on YouTube. Nevertheless, the operation is a success. Back at the contest, Hayley is forced to cook scones. Millie gives a scone to Ajax and flirts with him. After the day’s contest ends, Meryl (Tina Bursill) complains to Charlie about the changes. She doesn’t listen. She also changes the upcoming swimsuit contest to add in Shakespeare. Back at the hospital, Penny and Hugh agree to dinner. Before that though, Hugh is forced to take a drug test. We also learn that Betty (Belinda Bromilow) is one of the secret judges. Hugh chats with Betty, while Penny checks the drug test.

doctor doctor s02e07 penny and hughSurprisingly, the test comes back positive. During the dinner, Penny remains hostile with Hugh. The truth eventually comes out, but Hugh promises that he hasn’t used drugs. Penny doesn’t buy it. They return to the clinic and test Hugh several more times. He continues to be positive. Mia is tested and she is negative for drugs. Penny becomes upset and leaves in a hurry. That night, Hayley ices her feet. Meryl remains obnoxious about Hayley winning the contest. When she leaves, Ajax promises Hayley that everything will be fine. He compliments Millie’s shooting, but criticizes her scones. Then, Ajax visits the brewery and tells Hugh and Matt (Ryan Johnson) about Millie. Hugh tells him to end the engagement.

doctor doctor s02e07 meryl and hayleyMatt suggests otherwise. He believes that Ajax’s fascination with Millie will pass. Meryl keeps Jim (Steve Bisley) up all night talking about the contest. He tries his best to calm her down. The following day, Hugh calls the manufacturer of the drug test and asks them about its accuracy. Unfortunately, he is unable to figure out why he tested positive for meth. He returns to the young girl’s house believing it could be something environmental. He quickly discovers that the house might be the problem. Penny learns the same, while speaking with the girl’s mother at the clinic. Hugh speaks with Penny and asks for an apology. Penny refuses. Next, the swimsuit portion of the contest begins. Millie asks Ajax for help spreading glittery makeup on her body. He helps reluctantly.

rodger corser doctor doctorAfter Hayley takes the stage, she sits with Ajax. They watch Millie take her turn. Ken (Charles Wu) isn’t impressed with the glitter, but Betty is. At this point, we also learn that Ken is a secret judge as well. Afterwards, Ajax meets with Hugh and admits he wants to sleep with Millie. Hugh explains that his feelings are normal. Ajax believes it has something to do with Hugh’s genes. Ajax thinks it would be best to tell Hayley the truth. Hugh does not. After another operation on the young girl, Penny and Hugh agree to have dinner. They also agree to put the drug test behind them. Hayley tells Meryl that she is afraid losing will upset her. Meryl promises she will be satisfied, if he just does her best. Meryl meets with Matt and asks for the questions for the next part of the contest.

meryl and hayley doctor doctorHe agrees to help in exchange for more land. He returns home and prints out the questions. However, Charlie enters and quickly changes his mind. Charlie meets with Meryl and learns about her mother and the importance of the contest to her. Charlie gives Meryl the questions, but she destroys them. That night, Hayley and Ajax express their grievances. Ajax tells Hayley about his crush on Millie. He admits he is worried that he might be like Hugh. Hayley returns the engagement ring. During dinner, Hugh continues bringing up the drug test. Meanwhile, the contest continues. Millie takes to the stage and answers her question. Another girl does the same. Hayley tells the crowd about the park bench where Ajax first kissed her.

hayley mcelhinney actress doctor doctorBefore a winner is announced, a tribute for Meryl’s mother is played. Hayley is announced the winner. Hugh walks Penny home. Penny questions whether they’re relationship is a good idea. They get into a spat and go in opposite directions. Back at the contest, Ajax learns that Millie is a lesbian. Penny returns home and cuddles with Floyd. Ajax seeks support from Hugh at the clinic.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 7th episode of Doctor Doctor was good. The episode was funny from start to finish, but it got serious there in the end. Two relationships have been thrown for a loop. Hayley and Ajax have run into their first sign of trouble. Hugh and Penny have experienced yet another setback. It is likely that Ajax and Hayley will be able to overcome their problems. As for Hugh and Penny, it is questionable whether she will ever be able to trust him.

From the commercials, it looks like the next episode will be dramatic. Can’t wait to see where Doctor Doctor goes from here. This episode scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

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