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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 6 Recap

As the episode gets started, Betty (Belinda Bromilow) sits with Floyd (Winta McGrath). Penny (Hayley McElhinney) and Toke (Angus McLaren) enjoy an air balloon ride. Once their balloon lands, they rush off to a romantic breakfast. Toke gives Penny some lingerie. It is quickly discovered by Floyd and the romantic dinner unravels. After the intro, we see Hugh (Rodger Corser) having a little fun with Kimberly (Vanessa Buckley). Hugh tries to get Kimberly to skip work and stick around, but she refuses. Meanwhile, Meryl (Tina Bursill) rests in bed and pretends to be ill. Matt (Ryan Johnson) listens in as Meryl asks Hugh how long she needs to stay off of her feet. He tells her to wait two weeks. We see that Hugh is performing research on his rival, Toke.

floyd and penny doctor doctorHugh heads to the lobby and speaks with Ken (Charles Wu). He seems disgusted by Penny and Toke’s hugging outside. Betty reminds Hugh that he needs to make his move quick or that door is going to close. Kim arrives at the hospital and Hugh tries to talk her into taking their relationship to the next level. Once she agrees to cooperate, Hugh changes his mind. Next, Penny cares for a down syndrome patient, Max (Chris Bunton). Hugh arrives and helps. They agree that Max’s heart is just fine. Afterwards, Hugh pulls Penny aside and gives her an ultimatum. He tells her that she needs to get rid of Toke. Penny doesn’t seem to take him serious. At the school, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) gets into trouble for taking the kids for a walk.

penny and max doctor doctorPrincipal Collins (James Lugton) writes her up and tells her that she is going to be transferred. She tells Matt about it later. Charlie explains that she wants to become a full-time writer. Matt pleads with her to talk with Collins. During this time, Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) pushes Meryl through town. They eventually run into Tim (Hamish Michael). He complains that Meryl can no longer fulfill her end of the bargain. She tells him about the nuclear rod idea, but Tim doesn’t seem interested. Charlie visits Collins. She heads around back and finds him dressed up like a baby. Collins becomes upset and suggests he will send the letter to the board immediately. Back at the hospital, Toke tries to teach Ken how to arm wrestle. Max’s father, Harry, is wheeled into the hospital seconds later.

collins doctor doctor s2 e6Max shows up seconds later. Penny explains to Max that his father needs to be flown to another hospital. Charlie returns to Matt and tells him about Collins’ baby fantasy. She admits she hasn’t been able to stop looking it up online. Hugh speaks with Penny. She complains and explains she would rather be a barmaid or a social worker. Hugh reminds her of his ultimatum. Penny tries to get Betty to watch Floyd and Max, but she cannot. Penny tells Max that he is going to have to spend the night with her. Charlie tries to sit down and type. She quickly searches for men that dress like babies. That night, Penny and Toke enjoy a romantic dinner with Max and Floyd nearby. Toke tells Penny that he would like to work on another mercy ship.

doctor doctor s2 e6 penny and hughDuring dinner, Jim Knight (Steve Bisley) is asked about his dialysis treatment. Then, Matt is forced to tell Meryl about Charlie. Seconds later, Charlie arrives and tells everyone about her firing. Meryl quickly conjures up ways to get Collins to change his mind. In the morning, Matt, Ajax (Matt Castley) and Meryl pull down a big branch into the child’s play area at the school. At Penny’s house, Floyd and Max ruin a romantic start to the day. Next, Penny helps Hugh with a young patient. She shows Hugh how to get a marble out of the boy’s nose. Meryl blackmails Collins. She reminds Collins that he was supposed to get the tree cut earlier and had agreed to. She encourages him to set up a hearing for Charlie. She also pretends to know Collins’ secret. Hugh tries to call Penny, but she doesn’t answer.

meryl and ajax doctor doctorLater, Betty offers to watch the kids for Toke. He thanks her. Charlie ridicules Meryl at her hearing. She speaks to the crowd. Hugh waits for Penny, but she never shows. She gets picked up by Toke. He proposes to her in the car. Penny admits she is thinking about fostering Max. She also explains that he will probably never leave Whyhope. She encourages Toke to think his decision over. Meryl announces that the board has decided to reinstate Charlie. Collins stands up and announces his resignation. Then, the group votes to make Charlie acting principal. In the morning, Penny finds Toke loading his belongings into his car. He explains that she might not have enough time for him. Then, he leaves.

matt hayley charlie doctor doctorMeryl meets with Charlie and Matt. She gives Charlie uranium hats to pass out to the children. Hugh finds Penny outside and suspects that he might have won. Hugh suggests getting serious. Penny reminds him that he is with Kim. He explains that she is getting clingy.


Doctor Doctor Review

I enjoy Doctor Doctor. The series is very homey and comfy. It is definitely a little cheesy, but it is still great. The episode was a little weird. Max was thrown into the picture and the writers immediately pretended that we’ve known him all along. Nevertheless, the character brought plenty of humor to the episode. Also, Toke’s departure felt a little too easy. Perhaps he’ll be back in the near future?

Despite a few cons, the episode was enjoyable. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

  1. James Cassells says:

    Doctor Doctor is a Great Show, beautiful Australian locations lots of laughs and it will do very well in Europe and the USA once they pick it up.
    If you haven’t seen it yet Click Channel Nine 8.30pm Wednesday Nights and get your dose of Doctor Doctor, it’ll get you feeling good all overπŸ˜‚πŸ‘

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