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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode gets started, Meryl (Tina Bursill) meets with Tim (Hamish Michael). The two discuss a business proposition. Then, Meryl accepts a bribe from Tim. Hugh (Rodger Corser) catches Meryl hiding the money back at home. Meryl explains that she is going to use Penny’s sister to defend her against prosecution. After the intro, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) goes shopping with her sister, Celia (Ella Scott Lynch). The two chat about Penny’s love life. Once they leave the store, Penny finds out that her sister stole a hat. Penny returns it, as Celia heads to meet with her new client. Meanwhile, Hugh and Mia (Brittany Clark) meet with Hilda (Jenni Baird). Hugh helps Hilda remove her friend, Allie (Olga Miller), from a piece of farm machinery.

doctor doctor s2 e5 rodger corserAs Allie is rushed to the hospital, Celia meets with Meryl and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss). Celia tells them to remain quiet and listen to her advice. She gives each an alibi. The two chat with the new detective, Darren (Uli Latukefu), moments later. They do a good job of sticking with Celia’s story. Nevertheless, Darren doesn’t seem to believe their story. At the hospital, Penny and Hugh discuss treatment options for Allie. They eventually agree to perform an operation on their own. During this time, Betty (Belinda Bromilow) becomes the only one capable of speaking with Hilda. She explains that she speaks Norwegian. She translates for Hugh and tells Hilda about her friend. Betty gives Hugh and Penny a rundown of the accident.

penny and celia doctor doctorDuring the operation, things go awry. Hugh makes the decision to remove the woman’s spleen completely. It seems like the operation is successful. Hugh and Penny celebrate the success, before Hugh is introduced to Celia. She asks for wine, before quickly flirting with Hugh. Meanwhile, Hayley freaks out. Ajax (Matt Castley) tries to calm her down. He promises that everything will be fine and that she will not end up in prison. Back at the hospital, Penny tells Hugh that he cannot sleep with Celia. He tells her that she cannot sleep with Toke. Hugh admits he has plans anyway and cannot attend the party. Then, Hugh tries to use Betty to flirt with Hilda. They play a trick on him and quickly shut him down.

hilda doctor doctor s02e05Darren visits the brewery and chats with Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and Matt (Ryan Johnson). He also encounters Tim, who tries to bribe him. This makes Darren even more suspicious of Meryl. Hugh joins the others at Penny’s house. The conversation quickly turns to Penny’s husband, Mark. The conversation continues to get worse. Hugh tries to help change the subject, but its continues on. Matt speaks with Meryl at home. He tells her about the encounter with Tim. Matt mistakenly believes that Meryl has nothing to hide and she doesn’t tell him otherwise. Hugh steps outside and tells Penny and Ken (Charles Wu) might be in danger. Then, they chat about the frustrations of having siblings. The two are forced to return to the hospital, when Allie’s condition worsens.

celia penny and hayley doctor doctorHugh blames himself and insists he shouldn’t have listened to Penny. She reminds him that she is the boss. When Penny returns home, she finds Ken gathering supplies. Meryl meets with Darren in the morning and tries to smooth things over. Meryl calls Celia, who is asleep with Ken. Meryl tells Celia that Darren is likely going to raid her home. She also calls Matt and tells him to rush to her place and hide the money. Charlie and Matt clean things up, while Hayley speaks with Celia. Hayley tells Celia the truth. At this point, Celia tells Hayley that she can no longer be her attorney, since she knows she is guilty. Darren searches Meryl’s place, but finds nothing of interest. Celia arrives and speaks with him. At this point, Darren admits he wants to make a name for himself.

celia and hayley doctor doctorHugh and Penny agree to put Allie on antibiotics and wait it out. Ken arrives at work with a neck brace. Betty puts him and Mia in a private room, since both have a hangover. Charlie and Matt demand to speak with Meryl, before they leave. Then, Celia tells Meryl that her best bet is to throw Hayley under the bus. She refuses, but quickly changes her mind. Hugh and Penny decide to evacuate Allie to Sydney. Meryl speaks with Charlie and Matt. She tells them about her decision and she is quickly ridiculed. Meanwhile, Hugh visits Betty and Hilda. He learns that Hilda and Allie ate nothing but sardines. This gives him an idea. He returns to Penny and explains that she might have staphylococcus. With the new information, they manage to save Allie. Meanwhile, Hayley shows off her wedding dress choices to Meryl and Charlie. During the event, Meryl has a change of heart.

penny doctor doctorShe meets with Darren and agrees to resign as mayor. He gives her permission to use a medical condition as an excuse. Celia prepares to leave. Before she does, she tells Penny that she knows why she likes Toke. Toke is easy, while Hugh is not. Then, she tells Hugh not to give up on Penny. Penny gets rid of the pictures of her ex-husband and chats with Toke on the phone. With Hugh’s help, Meryl stages a medical emergency.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 5th episode of Doctor Doctor’s 2nd series was good. Penny’s sister definitely brought a little more fun and excitement to the series. While we’ll miss Tugger, Darren also helped to make the episode interesting. Meryl was ultimately pushed to her limit and she nearly sold out Hayley. However, she changed her mind in the end and took the fall.

It seems Penny has made the decision to go full force with Toke. Will Hugh be able to prevent that from happening? We’ll find out soon enough. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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