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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the third episode gets started, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) follows Floyd (Winta McGrath) all the way to school. Hugh (Rodger Corser) visits Matt (Ryan Johnson) and Charlie. He tells them that he has cleaned out his room. He gives Matt something he once stole and returns Charlie’s novel. Charlie (Nicole da Silva) insists the book was nothing serious. Nevertheless, she doesn’t allow Matt to read it. After the intro, Penny returns to Whyhope Clinic. She finds out that Nora has trashed the office. She chats with Dr. Toke (Angus McLaren) briefly, while trying to get things organized. Meryl (Tina Bursill) gets her portrait painted, as Hayley invites her family over. Meryl stops to greet David (Kenneth Ransom) and Minnie (Susan Prior).

actor ryan johnson tub doctor doctorHayley’s parents join in the celebrations. Minnie makes a comment about her daughter going to altar pure. This stirs up Hayley’s paranoia. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) and Ken (Charles Wu) try to surprise Penny, but they fail miserably. Ken tells Penny that the hospital is currently breaking 16 hospital code violations. He also tells her that they’re missing oxycodone. Then, Penny asks why Jack Howley’s urine sample was hidden in Nora’s desk. Hayley and her mother look through their scrapbook. Hayley becomes frightened to learn that the moths have eaten at the pages. Meanwhile, Charlie pleads with Matt to read her book. She reminds him that it is really no big deal, since she threw it together in four weeks.

nicole da silva doctor doctorPenny informs Jack (Matt Doran) that his sample hasn’t been tested yet. He crashes to the floor seconds later. Penny and Mia (Brittany Clark) care for the patient, while a delivery man brings sauna items for Hugh. Charlie asks Matt about her book. It is clear that he doesn’t understand its sci-fi lingo. Ajax (Matt Castley) arrives and pulls him away from his misery. Hugh spends a little time with Kimberly (Vanessa Buckley). He looks at her earring and forms a new business idea. Penny arrives with Hugh’s sauna kit. She learns that he is leasing a portion of the hospital. Penny insists that they cannot allow Nora (Helen Thomson) to go through with the insurance claim. It is clear that Hugh doesn’t want to spar with Nora. Matt complains about the book to Ajax.

penny and hugh doctor doctorAjax begins reading it and he seems to enjoy it. Penny encourages Nora to drop her claim. She refuses. Hayley and Meryl prepare for a speech. Meryl tells the crowd that he wants to work with a company and bury nuclear waste under Whyhope. The crowd doesn’t seem happy. Nevertheless, she believes that they’ll come around. Hugh contacts Trevor (Jacek Koman) and tells him about his plan to make a spiral stint. Trevor reminds him that they’ll need money. Hugh checks on Jack. The man needs a shot, but he seems afraid of needles. Hugh agrees to get him beer to calm his nerves. Gus (Dan Eady) arrives at the hospital looking for Nora. He gets Penny instead. Gus pretends he has chickenpox. Then, he admits he is there for the oxycodone. Penny finds Hugh and Jack drinking. She joins them. Then, Hugh manages to give Jack his shot, without much trouble.

hayley and meryl doctor doctorHugh speaks with Penny outside and learns about the drugs. Hugh also admits he doesn’t believe that Penny is happy to be back. That night, Penny and Floyd looks at the stars. Floyd admits that is something they can’t do Sydney. Charlie tries to speak with Matt about the novel. He admits he hasn’t finished it and pretends to fall asleep to avoid the discussion. We see that Jim (Steve Bisley) had gotten his hands on the novel. He seems to like it. He also believes that the book is about his family. Hugh stays up that night designing a new stint. In the morning, Matt tells Charlie that Ajax took the book. He eventually admits that he didn’t like it very much. Charlie explains that she wrote the book and was unable to get it published. The rejection destroyed her. She suggests that Matt’s opinion justified the rejection and her decision to stop writing.

actress hayley mcelhinney doctor doctorMatt meets with Ajax moments later. Ajax admits he loved the book. He also tells Matt that the book is about him saving Charlie from Hugh. Charlie retrieves the book from Meryl, who admits it is very good. Jim agrees and this gives Charlie new hope. Penny and Mia are dispatched to an automobile accident. The man is rushed back to the hospital and is diagnosed with crush syndrome. Hugh and Ken enjoy the sauna, while Mia and Penny work on the man’s leg. Hugh is forced to leave after a call from Penny. Meanwhile, Hayley decides to turn the ballots into the police. Matt begins reading the book for real this time. The hospital’s power goes out during the operation. Before Hayley can turn in the ballots, she calls Meryl and changes her mind.

doctor doctor series 2 episode 3 recapHugh and the others are forced to operate in the dark. Betty goes on the search for the problem causing the generator to be inoperable. Betty finds that Hugh has used all of the generator’s fuel on his new residence. Meryl and Hayley are pulled over by Tugger (Lucy Durack). She notices the ballots in the back. In the morning, Charlie learns that Matt has built a website and e-book for her novel. They publish it together. Back at the hospital, the staff convinces Nora that Gus has overdosed. She packs her items and leaves right away. Penny and Hugh celebrate Nora’s departure. Both seem eager to take the credit for it.


Doctor Doctor Review

This was another good episode of Doctor Doctor. In fact, the series has been just as good as the pervious. The show is by no means the best thing I’ve ever seen, but it is definitely a good time killer and it delivers plenty of laughter. This episode brought Penny back to Whyhope. That didn’t take long. Nevertheless, it looks like her new doctor friend will visit and that may throw a curveball into her plans.

Ken is probably the most humorous character in Doctor Doctor. He was great again during this episode. All in all, I enjoyed the episode. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now.

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