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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 2

As the second episode gets underway, we see Hayley emerge from the house. She looks frightened, as she buttons her blouse. Ajax looks pleased all alone in the bed. Meryl cranks on the sewing machine to wake up Charlie (Nicole da Silva). Hayley enters and tells Charlie that she believes she might have had sex with Ajax. She gives her a rundown and Charlie confirms it was sex. Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) is frightened that she has committed a sin. Nora arrives at work, while Betty and Hugh (Rodger Corser) scheme to get rid of her. Hugh admits they need to keep patients away from her, while they come up with a plan. After the intro, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) is shown giving a presentation to a crowd. Once it ends, Dr. Toke (Angus McLaren) admits the presentation was fantastic.

hayley doctor doctor s2 e2Meanwhile, Nora (Helen Thomson) tells Mia about her golfing game. Hugh interrupts and tells her that she has a phone call in her office. He manages to get rid of her. Then, Mia (Brittany Clark) asks Hugh whether or not they’re going to get her. Moments later, Ajax (Matt Castley) meets with Matt (Ryan Johnson) at the pub. Ajax tells Matt that he plans to propose to Hayley. He insists he loves her, but Matt doesn’t seem to like the idea. Matt throws a stool and speaks about betrayal. Hugh checks on Jim (Steve Bisley) at the hospital. Jim is ready to be released, so he can return to work. Jim is warned that the wrong blood caused severe kidney damage. He is told that he’ll need dialysis every week. Jim just wants to leave. Hugh speaks with Nora and tries to convince her to take off work and head to the beach.

charlie and hayley doctor doctorNora admits she needs to money and will likely be working until she is 90. Betty shows Hugh where she has been hiding the patients. While Hugh and Betty care for the flu patients, Hayley and Charlie speak with Nora. Charlie tells Nora that Hayley needs to be put on the pill. They speak about their overwhelming urges briefly. Meanwhile, Ajax finds Jim working on the tractor. Ajax tells Jim about his desire to propose to Hayley. Nora complains to Betty about the flu patients. Mia interrupts and reveals that there has been an accident on the racetrack. Mia and Nora rush over there. Hugh is already on the scene. Hugh manages to prevent Nora from wrongfully treating a patient. When they return to the hospital, Nora makes a sexual comment about Ken (Charles Wu). Hugh finally sees his opportunity. Floyd (Winta McGrath) complains about his new home to his mother.

charlie and hayley doctor doctorFloyd believes that nobody is going to come to his housewarming party. He is surprised when Kent (Archie Chee) and his mother (Jenevieve Chang) arrive at door. Of course, Kent lets Floyd know that he hates him seconds later. Charlie tries to apologize to Matt once again. He refuses to listen. Meryl (Tina Bursill) tries to give the couple advice for getting through their problems. When Hugh returns home, Ajax tells him about his desire to propose to Hayley. Like everyone else, Hugh tries to convince him otherwise. It becomes clear the Ajax has no intention of changing his mind. Meanwhile, Penny and Toke take Floyd out for dinner. Toke tells Floyd about his time on a hospital ship. Meryl ridicules Hugh. Charlie emerges from the bathroom and tells Hugh that he needs to leave. Meryl agrees and Hugh winds up sleeping at the hospital.

rodger corser doctor doctorPenny calls Hugh and asks for advice getting Floyd to like his new home. Penny is told to give him ice cream for breakfast. In the morning, Penny and Floyd enjoy a day at the beach. He gets a scratch on his knee and she agrees to let him stay home from school. She also gives him ice cream for breakfast. Meanwhile, Hugh and the others talk Ken into flirting with Nora to get an edge over her. Mia gives him some advice. Unfortunately, Nora doesn’t fall for it. Ken gets another pep talk. Ken decides to use his body. This time, it works. Nora tries to rip off his shirt and bites his arm. Hugh enters and prepares to blackmail Nora. Ajax and Hayley sleep together again. She tells him that they need to stop, since it is a sin.

mia and ken doctor doctorAjax promises that everything will be alright. He also invites her to dinner that night. Nora prevents Hugh from blackmailing her. She tells her that she has Joey’s toxicology report. Since it could harm him and Penny, Hugh is forced to drop it. Hugh is forced to break the bad news to Ken and Betty. Before Nora leaves, Hugh offers to work her shift the following day, so she can play golf. She agrees. Then, Charlie apologizes to Matt again. Hugh arrives and Ajax invites everyone inside for dinner. Matt and Hugh get into an argument during dinner. Then, Ajax lures them all outside. We see that he has set up a romantic scene with Charlie’s help. Ajax proposes and Hayley says yes.

matt castley doctor doctor s2 e2Matt also agrees to forgive Charlie and Hugh. He tells them that they’ll put everything in the past. They agree to never speak about the kiss ever again. The following day, Penny learns that Floyd has run away from home. He makes his way back to Whyhope. Floyd pleads with Betty and Hugh to adopt him. They refuse. Nora begins golfing during the middle of a storm. Toke calls Penny and finds out about her son. He tells her that he loves her, before hanging up. Penny surprises Hugh in his office. Nora is brought in after being struck by lightning. Penny agrees to assist. With Penny’s help, Hugh manages to save Nora.

hayley mcelhinney doctor doctorHugh tries to flirt with Penny, but Ken interrupts. Ken tells Hugh that the shift change wasn’t officially documented. They try to persuade Nora to take worker’s comp and stay home from work. She agrees to the deal and also agrees to get rid of her evidence on Hugh. Hugh and Betty celebrate afterwards. Hugh admits Penny is happy, so he isn’t going to try to encourage her to comeback. Penny and Floyd visit Mark Vellar’s gravesite.


Doctor Doctor Review

The second episode of Doctor Doctor’s second series was pretty good. The episode moved things along very quickly. Ajax proposed to Hayley and she said yes. Also, it seems that Hugh has managed to get rid of Nora for the time being. Nevertheless, Penny seems eager to remain away from the small town. Now that the slate has been wiped clean, it is time to create some new drama.

I’ll be interested to see where the show goes from here. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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