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Doctor Doctor Series 2 Episode 1 Recap

As the series gets underway, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) swims at the beach. He tells us that he is a genius and is about to have his day. After returning to the beach, Floyd (Winta McGrath) reveals that he got stung, but it isn’t serious. Then, Hugh speaks with Penny (Hayley McElhinney). Hugh insists he is not nervous, but wishes he was putting in the heart. Then, they agree to have dinner that night. Floyd complains about his knee, but Penny seems adamant about sending him to school anyway. Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) helps Meryl (Tina Bursill) find a wardrobe for her upcoming inauguration. Ajax (Matt Castley) suggests that Meryl switches to something purple. Matt (Ryan Johnson) continues to ignore Charlie’s calls. Next, Hugh and Trevor (Jacek Koman) watch the operation.

hugh and penny doctor doctor s2 e1Unfortunately, things go awry and the test subject passes away. Hugh boards his plane and completely ignores Penny’s dinner date. That night, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) seeks advice from Meryl. Meryl tries to tell her how to encourage Matt to return home. The following day, Charlie finds Hugh near the pond. She hears him apologize to Penny on the phone. When Hugh departs, Charlie makes a dirty video with the intention of luring Matt back home. Hugh also lies about the outcome of the operation. A jealous Matt calls Charlie and asks who filmed the video. Once he finds out the truth, he hangs up. Hugh returns to work and is bombarded by Betty (Belinda Bromilow) She wants to know all about the operation. Hugh remains mum.

penny doctor doctor s2 e1After running a ram out of his office, Hugh learns that Nora (Helen Thomson) has been driving everyone crazy. He doesn’t care. He just wants to serve his time, so he can return to the city. Ken (Charles Wu) arrives seconds later and complains about the ram. Ken also complains about Nora. Aoife’s replacement, Mia Halston (Brittany Clark), enters and introduces herself. Hugh learns that the immigration office forced Aoife to return to Dublin. Hugh and Mia are rushed to a pregnant woman. They find Nora struggling with her. Hugh and Mia take over. Together, they manage to deliver three babies. Meanwhile, Hayley and Ajax prepare for Meryl’s inauguration. Moments later, Hayley and Meryl find two boxes of uncounted ballots. Meryl is reminded that she only won by 11 votes.

chloe bayliss doctor doctor series 2Meryl insists that the boxes need to be hidden. Rod Eagle (Patrick Wilson) enters seconds later. Meryl keeps him busy, while Hayley sneaks the ballots outside. Meanwhile, Jim (Steve Bisley) has a health scare. Ajax rushes him to the hospital. Nora takes over and gives him blood. Hayley spots Tugger (Lucy Durack) on the road. She is given a fright, but she manages to keep calm. Meryl finds a frightened Hayley at home. They hide the boxes moments later. At the hospital, Hugh runs into Kimberly (Vanessa Buckley). They agree to meet up at the hotel later that night. Ken tries to have a serious conversation with Nora about her inefficiencies. She flirts with him, but signs his documents anyway. That night, Hugh calls Penny and tells her about his disaster of an operation. Dr. Toke (Angus McLaren) enters. Hugh snaps his picture.

hugh and betty doctor doctor s2 e1Penny heads to dinner with Toke, while Hugh heads to the hotel with Kimberly. Next, Betty tries to get Hugh to her them bring down Nora. He refuses. Then, Mia interrupts and tells Hugh that the new mother has returned. He learns that the woman has retained placenta. He heads outside and finds Nora playing gold. He ridicules Nora for not catching the placenta. Nora doesn’t seem to care in the least. Ajax helps Charlie prepare the pub. Then, she comes up with an idea to lure Matt back home. She calls him and tells him that the beer is almost out and she will need to brew it herself. She tries to stay up and wait for Matt to show. Of course, she falls asleep. Matt sneaks inside and makes the brew, before sneaking away. Hugh spends the night with Kimberly. In the morning, he steps outside of the motel and finds Matt staying next door.

mia doctor doctor s2They speak about Matt and Charlie. Meanwhile, Jim begins to freak out. He goes on the hunt for his sons and tracks them down moments later. Hugh quickly realizes that something is going on. Jim is transported to the hospital. Hugh discovers that Nora gave him the wrong type of blood. The problem is rectified, but Jim is no longer to hide his blood disorder. Charlie arrives and speaks with Matt outside. They quickly manage to rekindle their relationship. Meryl is sworn in as the mayor of the town. Rod arrives and admits that two ballot boxes are missing. Meryl informs Hayley and orders her to burn the boxes. At the hospital, Betty tells Hugh that she is no longer talking to him. He finally relents and admits they need to get rid of Nora. Hayley covers the boxes, but doesn’t burn them.

doctor doctor s02 rodCharlie and Matt’s relationship hits another speedbump, when Charlie admits she kissed Hugh in the past. Matt travels to Meryl’s place and gives Hugh a punch in the gut. That night, Hugh calls Penny, but she doesn’t answer. Then, he gets a call from Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin). She reveals that she is traveling to India. She also gives Hugh encouragement and insists his heart will mend.


Doctor Doctor Review

Doctor Doctor isn’t the best series I’ve ever watched, but it is far from the worst. In fact, I’ve enjoyed each episode. The series is definitely cliché and very cheesy. Nevertheless, it does have a certain charm about it. It is one of the better doctor shows I’ve watched, if you can call it a doctor show. The series is humorous and lighthearted, but there is a little emotion thrown in here and there.

I enjoyed the opener. It did a good job of establishing a storyline for the rest of the second series. It scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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