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Doctor Doctor Episode 9 Recap

At the beginning of the 9th episode, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) undergoes surgery. In the morning, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) tells the doctor not to pity himself. Tugger (Lucy Durack) gives Hugh a call and informs him that Joey (Dave Eastgate) is returning home early. Hugh and Tugger meet Joey at the airport. Joey reveals that he wasn’t a good candidate for the clinical trial. Hugh immediately realizes that something suspicious is going on. Joey attempts to convince Hugh that the trial simply had too many people. Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin) interrupts and tells Hugh that he has a patient waiting. Hugh and Aoife attempt to work on the woman, but wind up getting in a childish argument.

rodger corser doctor doctor episode 9

The couple argue all the way outside, where Aoife accidentally slams Hugh’s finger in the door. During this time, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) remains home at work and gets frisky with her new boy toy, Ben (Tyler De Nawi). After sleeping together, Penny learns that she has made a terrible mistake. Ben is still in high school. Penny jumps in the shower and listens to her voicemails. She learns she has been given a dream opportunity. Meanwhile, Jim (Steve Bisley) and Meryl (Tina Bursill) look everywhere for Ajax. Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) seems unworried about his whereabouts. Meryl tells Hayley that she needs a united family for the night’s election debate.

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Back at the clinic, Ken (Charles Wu) receives a box of weird medical supplies. He questions Betty (Belinda Bromilow), who transports the box to Hugh’s office. As it turns out, Betty and Hugh have decided to treat his hand with leeches. While the leeches go to work, Hugh discovers something in Joey’s records. Hugh confronts Penny with the evidence and she confirms Joey has a tumor on his cerebellum. Hugh speaks with Joey, who already know about his condition worsening. Doctor Knight gives his friend a rundown of his future symptoms. Jim finally finds Ajax. Jim apologizes to the boy, but is unable to smooth things over. Back at the clinic, Penny gets a visit from Ben.

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Penny manages to send the boy away. However, the cat is out of the bag. Betty lets know that she is aware of her new relationship. During this time, Joey tries to convince Hugh to help him commit suicide. Knight insists he cannot do it and doesn’t want to go to jail. Next, Matt (Ryan Johnson) speaks with Ajax (Matt Castley). Matt tries to convince the boy that nothing is going to change. After a brief chat, Matt and Ajax return. Meanwhile, the locals begin to arrive for the election debate. Rod Eagle (Patrick Wilson) and Meryl argue briefly, before the debate begins. Penny is surprised to find Ben sitting behind her at the debate. Matt and Ajax arrive just as Meryl begins to speak. After she finishes, Rod takes to the stage and tells everyone about Meryl’s secrets and lies.

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Ajax rushes out, with Hugh following close behind. Hugh tries to calm the boy down, but a phone call from Tugger ruins his efforts. Hugh learns that Joey has suffered a seizure. He instructs Tugger to alert the ambulance. The next day, Ajax is forced to get dressed and return to school. Hugh pays a visit to Joey, who insists he doesn’t want to die in the hospital like his mother. Penny eventually joins the pair. Seconds later, Penny is forced to leave, since Ben has arrived outside. Ben explains that he believes he is in love. Penny tells him the truth and quickly ends their relationship. Hugh confronts Ajax moments later. The boy admits he left school early, after he was ridiculed for sucking at biology. Hugh agrees to help.

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Ajax is transported back home, where Hugh and Charlie try to tutor the boy. Jim approaches and notices this. He gets upset and storms off. Hugh tells his father about his missed transfusion. Jim ignores his son and continues on his way home. Hugh gets another call from Tugger. This time, he discovers that Joey has escaped the clinic. He heads to Joey’s house and finds the man trying to off himself. Hugh comforts his friend, before agreeing to plan a wake for him. That night, Hugh scours through old photos of himself as a boy. Meanwhile, Penny gets a call from her potential new job. The interview goes well and Penny admits she has no reason to stay in Whyhope.

Hayley McElhinney Doctor Doctor

Seconds later, Penny catches Hugh in the medicine cabinet. She learns about Joey’s wishes and insists she will not be able to help Hugh should he assist Joey. Hugh seems convinced he has nothing to lose, since his surgeon days are likely numbered. Next, the wake for Joey begins. Hugh gives a speech, before Tugger and Joey speak in private. Joey admits he wants to die, but Tugger isn’t thrilled with the idea. She wants him to fight. Moments later, Tugger is called to the microphone. She sings a song, while everyone else dances. Afterwards, Joey and Hugh sit around and chat. Joey has an accident and urinates on himself. Hugh helps the man change clothes. Then, he agrees to help Joey commit suicide, but on his terms. In the morning Tugger says goodbye to Joey.

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Jim and Ajax head into town together. During this time, Hugh carries Joey up the mountain and prepares to inject him with a lethal dose. They chat briefly, before Joey insists he is ready to go. While Hugh injects Joey, Jim receives a blood transfusion at the clinic. Hugh comforts Joey, as Ajax does the same for Jim. Joey goes to sleep as the episode ends.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 9th episode of Doctor Doctor definitely took a drastic turn. While some aspects weren’t totally unexpected, I didn’t see Hugh’s involvement coming. Hugh performed the ultimate act of selflessness. While he gave his friend exactly what he wanted, he risked his future as a surgeon. The transformation of Hugh Knight finally cumulated at this point. Meanwhile, Penny has been given an opportunity to escape Whyhope and brighten her future.

Is she really willing to leave it all behind? What consequences will Hugh’s actions have? The finale should be a good one. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with our old recaps of Doctor Doctor right now.

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