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Doctor Doctor Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) heads for her morning swim. Matt (Ryan Johnson) follows behind and offers to join her. Matt is sent away, after a brief argument. Seconds later, Hugh (Rodger Corser) and Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin) arrive at the scene of an accident. Jai (Aaron McGrath) has gotten his fingers blow off by an IED. Unfortunately, the doctors are unable to reach him, since the nearby landscape is probably covered by bombs. Tugger (Lucy Durack) forces them to remain behind the fence. Hugh quickly tests the bombs by throwing a rock over the fence. Sure enough, he sets off a big explosion. After the intro, Hugh speaks with the ex-soldier, Anton (Patrick Diggins), who is responsible for the minefield.

nicole da silva and ryan johnson

Despite using his charming wits, Hugh is unable to convince the man to speak. Meanwhile, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) transports her son, Floyd (Winta McGrath), to school. With the anniversary of her husband’s death coming up, Penny tries to convince her son to write him a letter. Floyd quickly counters that a letter would be stupid, since his dad wouldn’t be able to read it anyway. At the hospital, Ken (Charles Wu) confronts Betty (Belinda Bromilow) about the storage room, which is crammed full of patient files. She insists she is working hard to get them put into the cloud. Nonetheless, Penny walks in moments later and ridicules Ken for being too easy on Betty.

Lucy Durack Doctor Doctor

Once Penny heads to her office, Ken learns about the upcoming anniversary. He quickly conjures up a plan to make up for his forgetfulness. He apologizes to Penny. He offers her a day off, without realizing her vacation has already been approved. Meanwhile, Ajax (Matt Castley) arrives at the scene of the accident and is eager to reach Jai. This forces Hugh to take immediate action. Hugh uses a tire to find a safe path through the minefield. He manages to reach Jai and get the boy to the clinic. Penny ridicules Hugh’s behavior, but he receives praise from everyone else. After taking selfies with the rest of the staff, Hugh heads to the store room and looks through Ajax’s files.

Charles Wu Doctor Doctor

Hugh discovers that Meryl (Tina Bursill) knew the truth about Ajax all along. He also realizes that he is most likely the boy’s father. Hugh gets in touch with Joey (Dave Eastgate). Meanwhile, Meryl spreads the news about Hugh’s bravery. Joey and Doctor Knight consult at the clinic. They quickly realize that Hugh was likely the only one, who slept with Callie. After being scolded by Penny in the hallway, Hugh learns about the upcoming anniversary. Seconds later, Ajax enters the clinic with Jai’s fingers. Hugh schedules for the boy to be sent to the city, while insisting his footy career shouldn’t be impacted. Matt calls Charlie at the hospital and apologizes for their earlier squabble. During the call, Charlie heads a scream. She runs to the classroom and finds a bookshelf on top of Floyd.

Aaron McGrath Doctor Doctor Episode 5

The boy is rushed to the hospital. Aoife interrupts Hugh and takes over. She pops the boy’s arm back into place. Seconds later, Penny confronts Charlie outside. Penny immediately ridicules Charlie for allowing her son to get injured. She storms off seconds later. Later, Hugh learns that Jai’s surgery wasn’t as successful as he thought it would be. Meryl and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) arrive at the clinic with Ajax. Hugh tells Ajax the truth in a private room. The boy goes insane and wrecks the place. He only calms down when Jim (Steve Bisley) speaks with him. Later that night, Hugh and Matt come up with a plan to get Joey laid. They set him up on a date with Tugger. Once the last customers leave the restaurant, the doors are closed and a private party begins.

Aoife and Hugh Doctor Doctor

Throughout the event, Aoife continues flirting with Hugh. Also, Charlie feels a pain in her stomach and rushes to the bathroom. Hugh pursues her. Charlie forces Hugh to kiss her. She quickly insists she no longer has feelings for Hugh and leaves him stunned. The next day, Aoife confronts Hugh about leaving the party so early. She insists he might’ve lost his moment with her. Next, Ken convinces Hugh to give money to get flowers for Penny. When Hugh enters his office, he finds Floyd inside. Doctor Knight is forced to take the boy home against his will. He heads inside and looks at pictures of Penny and her husband. Penny, who is relaxing on the couch, calls Hugh and forces him to get out.

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Penny rushes outside and sends Floyd in. Then, she turns her anger towards Hugh. In the morning, Matt and Charlie decide to go swimming together. Before Charlie can get inside, she collapses, while clutching her stomach. She is rushed to the hospital, where Hugh is forced to operate, without consent from Penny. After the surgery is successful, Penny arrives and admits she covered for Hugh by signing the paperwork. Doctor Knight tells Charlie she and Matt will be great parents. Once Hugh leaves, he finds Floyd beside his car. This time, he takes him to the cemetery, where he meets with his mother. Floyd reveals he was climbing the bookshelf to find a book about cars. He also admits he wrote his father a letter and explained that their vehicle was acting awkward.

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Meanwhile, Hugh visits Callie’s grave. That night, he visits Aoife’s house. In the morning, Hugh gets a call from Joey. His friend explains that he likes Tugger. Hugh tries to convince him to tell her the truth about his condition. Knight returns home and speaks with Hayley. He learns that Ajax has returned to the minefield. Hugh returns to the minefield and looks for Jai’s ring with Ajax. Ajax apologizes for his behavior. The boy manages to find Jai’s ring. Then, the pair tests the minefield and the episode ends.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 5th episode of Doctor Doctor was pretty good. The series continues to develop the characters and their relationships. Hugh discovered the truth about Ajax, while potentially hooking up with Aoife. It also seems that Hugh has finally come to the realization that he and Charlie would be no good for one another. Meanwhile, Joey has found a potential reason to live in Tugger.

Will his newfound love encourage him to get treatment? What will come of Hugh’s budding relationship with Penny and Floyd? The couple seems to be on a collision course. The episode scores a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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