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Doctor Doctor Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) sees a young patient, Kacey (Cassie Osborne), in his room. He pretends that the girl is pregnant and gives her a good scare. Doctor Knight tries to utilize the opportunity to convince the girl to protect herself better in the future. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) interrupts and tells Hugh that his attorney is on the phone. Moments later, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) speaks with Hugh. She learns that Doctor Knight has a legal problem he needs to settle in Sydney. Hugh is quickly given permission to go. Meanwhile, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and Matt (Ryan Johnson) get into a squabble at home. They argue about their inability to get pregnant. Hugh returns home and tells his mother, Meryl (Tina Bursill), about his trip.

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Of course, Hugh makes an excuse and pretends he is going out of town to check on Joey (Dave Eastgate). Before he leaves, Hugh attempts to speak with Jim (Steve Bisley). He tells his father about his blood disorder and insists he will need blood transfusions. Jim convinces Hugh to keep his condition a secret from his mother. On his way out of town, Hugh spots Matt working. He stops and speaks with his brother momentarily. Matt makes a quick decision that he doesn’t need to ask Charlie permission to leave town. With that, the two brothers get on the plane and head towards Sydney. Charlie teaches her children about pregnancy, before learning about Matt’s decision to flee town. Hugh finally arrives and sits down with Henry Goodearl (Peter Callan) and his lawyer.

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As it turns out, Henry recorded Hugh during his operation. The revelations are not good. Hugh is forced to pay the man a substantial amount for each negative comment and then some. Meanwhile, Penny and Betty check out local guys on Tinder. Betty also investigates the men’s medical histories and ultimately saves Penny from a potential disaster. After the lawyers come to an agreement, Hugh gets caught insulting Henry in the bathroom. Henry refuses to the agreement and insists he will take things up a notch. Hugh notices that Henry smells like a cigarette smoke. He finds Henry’s cigarettes and tries to convince him to stop smoking and destroying his work. Hugh heads to the hospital to see Joey, while Matt gets an appointment to get his fertility checked.

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Back in Whyhope, Meryl makes cupcakes with help from Charlie and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss). Meryl makes a few offhand comments, which get under Charlie’s skin. Hayley makes it known that she and Ajax (Matt Castley) will give Meryl a grandchild soon enough. Hugh speaks with Joey and learns the hospital has discharged him. He admits he doesn’t want an operation and just wants to go home. Hugh speaks with his old colleague, Gia (Emily Russell), and tries to convince her otherwise. However, Gia doesn’t cooperate. She insists there is nothing they can do for Joey. Hugh returns to Joey and tries to give him hope. Again, Joey admits he just wants to go home. Joey agrees to stay at Hugh’s apartment for the night. Hugh and Matt return to Hugh’s place, where Matt is introduced to Becky (Michelle Lim Davidson).

Actor Dave Eastgate Doctor Doctor

Matt gets flirty with Becky, as the couple begins to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. That night, Charlie manages to get in touch with Hugh. Knight doesn’t allow Charlie to speak with his brother. Meanwhile, Matt and Becky continue their fling. Matt begins to complain about his problem. Eventually, Hugh interrupts and sends him away. Charlie calls again, but is unable to get in touch with her husband. She becomes infuriated and puts the goat inside of the Knight house. During this time, Hugh speaks with Joey. He learns that Ajax could be his child. As it turns out, one of Hugh’s old flings Kelly Cross was Ajax’s mother. Meryl took the boy in after Kelly was killed. Hugh seems a little taken aback by the revelation. In the morning, Ajax finds the goat inside and all of Meryl’s cupcakes eaten.

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Meryl quickly realizes her chances of winning the contest are quickly fading. Matt wakes up alongside Becky. He immediately freaks out. Hugh tries to tell him that he did nothing wrong, but Matt refuses to listen to his brother. Meanwhile, the local festival begins. Hayley and Meryl begin serving the public, while also attempting to win votes. At this moment, Hugh and Matt arrive. Hugh returns to Penny and insists the problem has been settled. Hugh finds Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin) caring for his father. Jim admits he was just following his doctor’s orders and that is why he is at the hospital. Matt returns to Charlie. She believes Matt only wanted a lap dance and offers to give him one. Matt admits he believes he slept with Becky. Nonetheless, Charlie doesn’t believe it. She storms off. Charlie immediately heads to the hospital and confronts Hugh.

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Hugh agrees to drop his nonsense and leave Charlie alone for his brother’s sake. Meanwhile, Meryl wins the contest once again. She makes it known she intends to change her will and testament to reflect those that helped her and those that did not. Charlie returns to Matt and lets him know for sure that he didn’t do it. She also reveals that she let the goat into the house. Hugh receives bad news from his lawyer. He tells Penny that Henry intends to take the dispute to television. Penny tells Hugh to let Henry have what he wants. He follows her advice. He heads home. Ajax confronts him and manages to win a trip to Sydney. Moments later, they find themselves at Henry’s place. They head inside, where Ajax and Henry team up on Hugh. Henry also reveals he takes care of his mother, who is ill.

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Hugh eventually manages to strike a deal with the man. Henry is given permission to use Hugh’s apartment, while he is away. Henry also agrees to walk every day and consult with Hugh. At the end of the episode, Ajax confronts Hugh about his inability to call him his brother.


Doctor Doctor Review

Doctor Doctor was just as cheesy as ever. Nonetheless, that is definitely a good thing. Despite the cheesy humor, the show manages to carry a lot of weight. The bickering between Charlie and Matt is very typical and something that many viewers will be familiar with. Also, the Hugh character continues to develop over each subsequent episode. While things are going good at this point, I have a feeling the show is going to take a dark turn in the future.

Joey’s health is one concern. Those old feelings between Charlie and Hugh is another. The 4th episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

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