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Doctor Doctor Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the third episode, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) hears a man moaning on his way home. He makes it home and finds his father, Jim (Steve Bisley), screaming in pain. He has a shot glass to his head and insists he will be fine. Hugh confronts his mother, Meryl (Tina Bursill), and learns that his father has been suffering for many months. Nonetheless, Jim refuses to accept help. Next, we see Charlie (Nicole da Silva) bathing in the sun. Hugh sneaks up on her and the couple chats briefly. Hugh returns home and confronts his father about his problem. Hugh attempts to learn more about his father’s condition. However, Jim refuses to open up. Seconds later, Charlie speaks with Matt (Ryan Johnson).

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The couple playfully argues back and forth. Hugh heads to the airport and speaks with Ken (Charles Wu). It is revealed that Penny (Hayley McElhinney) has decided to use Nathan’s donation for other supplies and not an MRI machine. Moments later, Hugh’s business partner, Trevor (Jacek Koman), arrives. Trevor reveals he has brought along the couple’s artificial heart. They quickly agree that they need to test out the device. Seconds later, Nathan (John Batchelor) interrupts and asks about the MRI machine. Hugh is forced to make up an excuse and push the can further down the road. Once Nathan departs, Hugh and Trevor agree to test the heart on a pig. On their way back home, a man crashes his vehicle into a tree. The man, Dale (Mark Simpson), is transported to the hospital.

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Hugh confronts Penny and complains about her decision not to purchase an MRI machine. Hugh and Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin) inspect the man. While everything is fine, the man immediately complains about his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Meryl stirs up trouble at the courthouse. She manages to get under the mayor’s skin. Meryl and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) make their escape, while the mayor fumes and hits the car window. Meryl tells her husband about the encounter at home. She insists it is nothing, before Hugh enters and introduces Trevor to the family. Meanwhile, Matt tells Charlie that they’re going in hunting in the morning, since his father wants to. In the morning, the family heads out hunting and Hugh decides to follow along.

trevor and hugh doctor doctor

Along the way, Hugh attempts to convince his father to visit the doctor. Doctor Knight makes a fool of himself and gets his rifle taken away. The doctor turns his attention to Ajax (Matt Castley) and tries to convince him to help. Also, Hugh tells Matt that his sex life with Charlie was terrible. This helps to put Matt’s mind at ease. Jim leads the group to Mayor Eagle’s (Patrick Wilson) place. He lures the mayor outside and punches him in the stomach. During their escape, Hugh convinces Ajax to help him steal one of the mayor’s pigs. Seconds later, Hugh and Trevor pick up Aoife. They head back to the hospital with the pig. Betty (Belinda Bromilow) and Penny decide to join the group, as they  prepare to implant the artificial heart into the pig.

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During this time, Ajax lets it slip and Meryl learns about her husband’s attack on the mayor. After the pig surgery, Hugh asks Penny why she didn’t get the MRI machine. She insists she was making a judgment call. The couple speaks with Dale. Penny quickly discovers that the man didn’t have an accident. Instead, he intentionally crashed his vehicle. Penny tells Hugh that he might be a good doctor, but he is not a good listener. Afterwards, the group sits around and waits for the pig to wake up. Trevor monitors the pig’s vital signs. The group cheers, as the pig gets up and walks around without any difficulty. Trevor and Hugh take the pig home. They monitor its vitals throughout the night. In the morning, Charlie and Matt fix their problems. Matt admits he is no longer jealous, since he learned about Charlie’s terrible sex life with Hugh.

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Meanwhile, Meryl gets a visit from Chantel. This forces Hayley to hide the pig from the police officer. Chantel agrees to try and convince Rod to drop the charges, as long as the pig is returned. Hugh finally wakes up and realizes the pig has gone missing. As it turns out, Hayley let it loose. They quickly begin to freak out. Hugh insults Hayley and is punched by Ajax. Ajax agrees to hunt down the pig, as long as Hugh stays behind. Ajax and Trevor go on the hunt. While they’re away, Jim speaks with his son. Jim admits he pushed his son hard. He also reveals he feels useless. That night, a party is held at the brewery. Hugh tells the others about the lost pig, while they prepare to care for the drunks. During the party, Rod confronts Meryl about his pig.

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He threatens to have Jim charged, if the pig is not returned. Meryl relays the information to Hugh and insists he needs to give the pig back. Penny and Hugh receive a patient with a snake bite. Penny uses the opportunity to prove she was right to buy snake antidote instead of the MRI machine. Matt leaves the party momentarily. During his absence, Charlie thanks Hugh for lying about their sex life. He uses the opportunity to try and kiss Charlie, but is smacked several times. When Hugh heads back into the venue, he argues with Rod. Hugh convinces Rod to punch him a few times. Chantel intervenes and Hugh uses the opportunity to force Rod to drop his charges.

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Matt finally returns. He and Charlie quickly cuddle up to one another. Hugh returns home and discovers Ajax has found his pig. Trevor and Hugh head inside, where Jim is grunting in pain once more. The couple tries to convince Jim to visit the clinic. The next day, Penny forces Hugh to speak with Dale and try to help the man overcome his mental anguish. Doctor Knight speaks with the man and convinces him to visit his son. At the end of the episode, Jim arrives at the clinic and forces Hugh to give him a prostate exam.


Doctor Doctor Review

The 3rd episode of Doctor Doctor was just as good as the previous two. The character development with Hugh Knight is pretty good. The doctor is starting to change dramatically. Despite the cheesiness of the series, it is still very good. There are plenty of laughs throughout each episode and Hugh’s future remains an interesting mystery. All in all, I enjoyed the episode. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor now!

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