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Doctor Doctor Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser) wakes up in Aoife’s house. After he collects himself, he checks on Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin). The girl reminds him of the woman, who overdosed in his house. Thankfully, Aoife is just fine. Hugh discovers the dope bag empty and quickly realizes he has done something incredibly stupid. After the intro, Charlie (Nicole da Silva) climbs out of the water and looks around for Hugh. She discovers nothing, but a goat. When she returns home, she scours through old pictures of herself and Hugh. Moments later, Hugh arrives at the airport and speaks with his friend Joey (Dave Eastgate).

doctor doctor episode 2 recap

Hugh discovers that his friend is making a bucket list. Joey seems prepared to get on the plane. Hugh receives a phone call from his colleague back home. Jill (Zoe Carides) asks for Hugh’s help performing surgery. Since Hugh knows the patient, he provides Jill with assistance from afar. During this time, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) takes up donations from the local school and tallies up the total. Hugh stumbles in and makes a fool of himself. Hugh makes his way to his office. He has a quick conversation with Ken (Charles Wu) and then Betty (Belinda Bromilow). With Hugh’s help, Jill successfully performs the surgery. Penny enters seconds later and asks Hugh about his night.

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Penny quickly realizes that Hugh was up to no good. She requests another urine sample from the doctor. Meanwhile, Charlie speaks with Meryl (Tina Bursill), while brushing up on her French. Charlie admits the family is barely making ends meet. She is then invited to dinner with the family later that night. Doctor Knight gets a young patient named Aaron Moore. The boy admits he just wanted a day off of school. Knight agrees to give him a 2-day doctor’s note in exchange for clean urine. Seconds later, Knight and Aoife are forced to fly out to another patient. Eventually, they arrive at their destination and find James Tanner trapped under a tractor.

hugh and aoife doctor doctor

Aoife works to keep the boy calm, while the tractor is lifted. Hugh manages to stop the bleeding. Then, they attempt to move the boy. Once he is moved to the back of a truck, the boy beings to bleed profusely again. This time, Knight is unable to stop the bleed and the boy passes away. The pair returns to the clinic and Betty is ordered to get Hugh new clothes. After a shower, Hugh learns that his friend Joey didn’t get on the plane and missed his appointment. Moments later, Hugh gets a visit from Penny, who reveals he had marijuana in his urine. Hugh curses the young boy and quickly gives himself away. During their conversation, Penny admits she pretended to be into women, so Hugh wouldn’t hit on her.

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Penny demands another urine sample. Of course, Hugh simply leaves the clinic in search of Joey. Hugh heads to a local restaurant and speaks with Jane (Amy Kersey). After they insult one another, Hugh finds his mother at a table with Nathan (John Batchelor). Hugh receives compliments for his new clothes, while Nathan reveals he sold a mine lease. Knight is invited to a celebration party. Nathan steps away and Hugh speaks to his mother in private. Meryl invites Hugh to dinner, before leaving. Moments later, Hugh finds his buddy trying to climb to the top of a nearby mountain. During his hike, he receives a call and another ultimatum.

Tina Bursill Doctor Doctor

Hugh finally finds Joey. The man agrees to get the MRI, as long as Hugh carries him up the hill. He does so. Joey gets a picture, before they stare at the beautiful landscape nearby. Matt (Ryan Johnson) finds Charlie dressed up for the dinner. He praises her dress. Meryl does the same moments later. Hugh pulls up outside and avoids the family. Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) notices Hugh missing and brings him a drink. They speak briefly, before Doctor Knight joins the others. Hugh tells the others about his day. Ajax (Matt Castley) and Hayley admit they knew the boy, who died. Later at dinner, Meryl gives a live streaming speech about the upcoming flower show. Afterwards, Hayley questions Charlie and Hugh about their past relationship.

Dave Eastgate doctor doctor

Charlie tries to make Hugh jealous, before Hugh admits his brother was smart to grab Charlie. Meryl eventually interrupts by announcing that Jim (Steve Bisley) has found a new podcast about a murder in Tennessee. Matt and Hugh speaks about their father outside. Matt admits his dad feels awkward about him taking over the family business. Seconds later, Matt exits and Charlie enters. Charlie asks Hugh whether or not he loved the one he married in Vegas. He admits he did and tries to make Charlie jealous like she did to him earlier. On the way home, Matt and Charlie argue over the question. She tries to convince him he is just being insecure. Later that night, Hugh finds his mother burying money in the backyard.

doctor doctor episode 2 charlie

Hugh learns about his mom’s naughty behavior and accepting bribes from Nathan. She admits she will protect the community’s best interest, even if she is caught. The next day, Hugh hits the lake. He looks around and discovers that Charlie is nowhere to be found. Moments later, Charlie arrives and asks Hugh to leave town. She insists his presence is making his brother insane. Hugh doesn’t take the question serious. Back at the clinic, Penny comforts Aoife. The girl admits she is fine and was thinking about going to the funeral. Penny tells her she should do so. Hugh arrives and is hounded by Penny once again. Hugh goes on the hunt for Joey once again. This time, he finds him at a party for Nathan.

hugh and joey doctor doctor

After consulting with Joey, Nathan arrives. Hugh confronts him about bribing his mother. Hugh uses his charm and wits to convince Nathan to give money to the hospital for an MRI machine. Later, Hugh teams up with his brother to help track down Joey and get him on a plane. They track him down, drug him and put him on a plane. Hugh wakes him up, before giving him an address and money for a taxi. Hugh returns to the clinic and sees a patient. He gives the woman valium for her flight anxiety. Then, he learns that she is an addict from Penny. He chases the woman down and takes her drugs. Once he returns, he gives up with urine and his badge. He also alerts Penny to Joey’s donation. Despite his intention to quit, Penny manages to convince Hugh to stick around.


Doctor Doctor Review

Doctor Doctor continues to be plenty of fun. The show isn’t over-the-top funny, but it is the perfect combination of humor and cheesy emotions. Rodger Corser definitely does a good job, as does the rest of the cast. The show might not be a homerun, but it is certainly well worth watching. Thus far, it is very charming and manages to keep me entertained throughout the entire episode. I also appreciate the soundtrack.

This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Doctor Doctor right now!

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