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Doctor Doctor Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of Doctor Doctor, we’re introduced to surgeon Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser). Knight is somewhat of a wild man and toys around in the operating room. He asks his team whether or not they should save their most recent patient. Afterwards, Hugh hits the club. He is ridiculed for his behavior, before buying everyone drinks. The next day, Hugh is forced to appear in front of the board. He is punished for his recent behavior and sent to work in Whyhope for at least a year. We quickly find out that Hugh is horrible with airplanes. Nonetheless, he reaches his destination, which is in the middle of nowhere.

Rodger Corser Doctor Doctor

Moments later, Hugh is picked up by his colleague Ken (Charles Wu). Ken transports Hugh to the hospital. Along the way, we learn about Ken’s Instagram hobby and his 5 followers. Ken explains that the hospital charters planes for emergencies. Hugh quickly tries to convince Ken to keep him off of the airplanes. Moments later, Hugh is introduced to his boss, Penny (Hayley McElhinney). Hugh tries to score points with the money with a little flirting. It fails when he learns she is a lesbian. Penny forces Hugh to give urine for a blood test and she does so in the most humiliating manner. Afterwards, Hugh heads to Arcadia to his mother and father’s place. His family is hosting a party for his parent’s anniversary.

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Hugh speaks with his old friend Nathan (John Batchelor), before the others become aware of his presence. Hugh’s mother, Meryl (Tina Bursill), rushes over to reunite with her son. It is obvious the family thinks very highly of the doctor. Hugh meets his brother Matt (Ryan Johnson). Charlie (Nicole da Silva) joins the couple seconds later. Hugh’s father, Jim (Steve Bisley), takes to the stage and a speech is delivered. Meryl also uses the opportunity to make everyone aware of Hugh’s presence. Hugh speaks with his father briefly and awkwardly. Hugh turns in early. In his bedroom, we see old pictures of Hugh and Charlie together. His mother confronts him seconds later. The doctor insists he will only be staying for a few days. The next day, Hugh heads to the lake and discovers Charlie swimming naked.

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The encounter is very awkward. Meanwhile, Penny tails her son, as he walks to school. The boy attempts to convince his mother to leave him alone, but she refuses. At the clinic, Hugh meets with Betty (Belinda Bromilow). He also learns he is scheduled to speak with a pharmaceutical rep later. Seconds later, Hugh begins seeing patients. He uses the Internet to help him deliver his diagnosis. After several patients, Hugh returns to the lobby and speaks with Betty. Penny interrupts and playfully accuses Hugh of being Doctor Google. He quickly attempts to cover up his tracks. Then, Penny introduces Hugh to Aoife (Shalom Brune-Franklin). Knight learns about a current patient with respiratory problems.

Rodger Corser Doctor Doctor

Hugh recognizes the man, Joey (Dave Eastgate). They agree to meet up later, while Hugh suggests Joey will need to get an MRI. Next, Nathan speaks with Meryl. Nathan attempts to convince Meryl to build a road to his mine. He gives her money for her upcoming flower show as a bribe. Meanwhile, Ken prepares for the pharmaceutical rep to arrive. He sets up lunch for both. Kimberly (Vanessa Buckley) arrives and takes a liking to Hugh. The couple ends up making love and getting caught by Ken. This sends Ken over the edge. Meanwhile, Hugh’s consultation with a patient is interrupted by his mother. She learns about his decision to remain in town. Hugh tells her he wishes to give back and encourages her to tell the others the same.

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Charlie teaches her students. Penny’s son asks a naught question and forces Charlie to end the conversation quickly. Meanwhile, Hugh meets with his brother at the brewery. They chat about their current lives, while ordering beers from Jesse (Savannah Lamble). Hugh opts for water, while simultaneously flirting with the girl. He is told very quickly that the woman is simply too young for him. They fight outside briefly before Hugh returns home. He finds his younger brother, Ajax (Matt Castley), and father playing video games. They mostly ignore Hugh. Hugh returns to work and discovers he is scheduled to fly to a patient’s location. Despite some pushback from Hugh, he has no choice but to board the plane. Aoife goes along and helps to keep Hugh calm during the trip.

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Once the plane lands, they find their patient. The young boy has a minor cut, but not an emergency. Nonetheless, Hugh patches the boy up and returns to the clinic. Later, Hugh returns to the lake. He discovers Charlie once again, but this time she is wearing a swimsuit. They sit around and talk about their previous relationship. Hugh also reveals what got him in trouble back home. He admits a woman overdosed on cocaine in his flat. Charlie also complains about Hugh’s inability to apologize for leaving her behind and getting hitched in Vegas. When Hugh returns to work, he learns from Penny that Ken is mad at him. Afterwards, Hugh uses his connections to help Joey get a doctor’s appointment for the MRI.

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Later, Hugh learns that a patient is on the way to the hospital. With help from Aoife, Hugh successfully saves the man’s life. Once the surgery is finished, Aoife reveals she stole drugs from the man. She invites the doctor over to party, but he refuses. Hugh returns home and quickly becomes bored. He heads to his brother’s place and finds him outside with Charlie. At the end of the episode, he finds himself at Aoife’s door.


Doctor Doctor Review

Doctor Doctor reminds me a great deal of Rake. It hasn’t hit the same level of hilarity as Rake just yet, but it still feels somewhat similar. Rodger Corser does a good job as the screw-up, who has been forced to return home to get his life back together. Charles Wu as Ken was very hilarious. I am sure he’ll have plenty of good moments with his new coworker. Ryan Johnson and Nicole da Silva also did equally well.

So far, Doctor Doctor has been great. The first episode offered plenty of laughs and perfectly established the storyline going forward. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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