Death to BBC America Thanks to AMC

Over the past four seasons of The Walking Dead, we’ve seen show runners change and product values remain abysmally low. If you follow the drama between AMC and Frank Darabont, you understand how low AMC will stoop to keep money flowing into the network. So, exactly where has that money been going? Now, we finally find out and its going to be nasty for BBC America fans. News broke the hearts of BBC America fans yesterday that AMC purchased 49.99% stake of BBC America. Why does this matter? What is BBC America and how will it effect the network?
For those of you television newbies that aren’t familiar with BBC America, the network is an offshoot of BBC for, you guessed it, Americans. While most people aren’t familiar with their programming, BBC America has had some popular and worthwhile shows over the past few years including Copper, Jekyll, Orphan Black, Broadchurch, Ripper Street and Whitechapel. Each of these shows are very entertaining and worth watching. Of course, you should not forget the wildly popular Dr Who and Sherlock. Both of which air on BBC America.
So how will this impact the network? Obviously, only time will tell and BBC Worldwide still owns the majority at 50.1% stake in the network. However, this could be quite scary for BBC fans in America. The impact could be more widespread and could dramatically impact other networks as well. If AMC can get away with low product costs and still draw massive viewers, it is possible for other networks to do the same? Will this impact your favorite shows?
However, perhaps it is the way that AMC airs its most popular shows that will have fans steaming the most. With AMC’s most popular content, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and even Hell on Wheels, viewers have to suffer through mid-season finales. Is this going to be a coming trend to BBC America? Are Americans going to have to wait to catch the finale of Orphan Black two months down the road, while it is available months earlier in Britain?
Instead of building their company and staking out their expedition, shouldn’t AMC give back to their loyal viewers, who’ve made their network widely popular? Perhaps they should take a page out of HBO’s book and throw some money behind their most popular show, The Walking Dead. With The Walking Dead cast among the lowest paid on the small screen, despite the show’s massive revenue, shouldn’t AMC give back to the actors? At the end of the day, AMC is raking in the cash, while fans continue to receive a mediocre show, due to low production costs, and actors continue to work for slave wages. Shame on AMC and BBC America fans should pray that the same doesn’t befall their favorite network.
And I started singing, Bye Bye Miss BBC America…..this will be the day I die. This’ll be the day, I die.

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