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Copper BBC

Copper is a 1860’s historical crime drama that revolves around the unpolished Five Points slum of New York City. This television series aired on BBC.

When the show opens, we are introduced to the former Union soldier, Irish Detective Kevin Corcoran, Corky (Tom Weston-Jones, World Without End). He believes in merciless justice for ruthless criminals. After the disapearance of his wife, Ellen (Alex Paxton-Beesley) and their young daughter, he buries himself deep into his work, fighting crime. 

Kevin’s most trusted mate, so he thinks, Francis Maguire (Kevin Ryan), works alongside him trying to ease the civil unrest and keeping crime low with martial justice, to no avail. Francis has worked diligently holding a deep dark secret, one if revealed, could ruin his long standing friendship with Corky. Will Corky discover the truth hidden behind this potentially damaging secret? 

Former Major Robert Morehouse (Kyle Schmid, Blood Ties), proves time and time again his loyalty towards Corcoran. Although he is from an affluent family blood line and Kevin is an impoverished Irish immagrant, they have a long standing friendship and respect for each other. At Five Points, they find themselves butting heads and disagreeing quite often, but they successfuly solve a huge crime that involved police corruption and saved a lot of innocent lives. 

Although African Americans were yet to be accepted into society, Matthew Freeman (Ato Essandoh, Blue Bloods), was a genuis and far more intelligent than all the others. Matthew served in the Union Army under Morehouse and fought alongside Corcoran, as well. They all still hold a special bond that would carry them through the rest of their lives. Freeman was constantly being pulled in to solve murders through his intellectual knowledge of pathology and his history of medicine. His wife, Sara (Tessa Thompson), has a more difficult time adjusting to life in Five Points, because her two brothers were strapped to a lamp post and linched to death.

The brothels are used as a sanctuary from the harsh reality of life in Five Points. Corcoran, Morehouse, and Maguire find themselves in the bed of a prostitute every time they are faced with an emotional challenge, which is usually flared up by their closest friends and family members.They do this in order to save themselves from despair and a mental breakdown.


Cooper is a brillantly written and produced television series. It brings to light the real life struggles of Irish immagrants that relocated to America for a better life. They were promised a better life, but were sorely disapointed by what they found in the slums of New York City. It is still true today, how immagrants sacrifice everything to get into the United States in hopes of finding freedom, peace, and prosperity, only to be offered a life on homelessness and negativity brought to them by others. Another touchy subject that is often goes unsaid, is the child prostituion crimes that began with the beginning of time and today has reached a full blown epedemic. 


If you like historical drama, you definitley should sit down to watch Copper from the beginning to the end. The dark and dreary scene is perfect for the 1800’s setting, along with the superb wardrobe and makeup. Just a warning: if you do not like real hard core violence and nudity, you probably should not watch this show, because it is not written for the weak of heart. Some scenes show much violence towards women and children, alike. Tom Weston-Jones does an excellent job protraying a tough copper trying to bring justice to a lawless city. This show deserves an 8.5 out of 10. 

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