Constantine: A Whole World Out There Review

Constantine Review

At the cemetery, a group of students speak about Jacob Shaw (William Mapother), who believes he can create new worlds. The students perform a ritual, which transports each to a different location. One is confronted by an evil presence, while another is asked for help. Finally, Adam (Shamier Anderson) drops a vase, which places everyone back in their bodies.

Next, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) is visited by Manny (Harold Perrineau). Despite Constantine wanting rest, Manny urges him to check the map and take care of a situation in his own backyard. Constantine pays a visit to his old pal, Ritchie Simpson (Jeremy Davies), who is teaching a class to the students that performed the ritual. Carter (William R. Campbell) sees the man from the ritual and is transported back to the house from the ritual, where he is smothered and killed.

Ritchie tells John they had a deal that he was supposed to stay away, before tells him Gary is dead. Constantine questions him about his data-mining operation, which Ritchie insists he has shut down. Ritchie is informed about Carter’s death. This time, Lily (Erinn Westbrook) sees the evil presence, but is comforted by Adam. John steals a University Cop’s notepad, which provides him with details of Carter’s death. Ritchie says Carter was friends with Adam, who is his teaching assistant.

Lily confronts Miranda (Skyler Day) about seeing the evil man, but Miranda denies any of it was real. Miranda blames everything on group hysteria. Constantine and Ritchie speak with Lily, who tells them where she left Adam, before mentioning being at the cemetery, with some of her friends. After she leaves, Constantine suggests Lily and Ritchie are hiding something from him. John checks out the cemetery and runs into Manny. The pair discuss Ritchie and John’s relationship, while John investigates the scene of the ritual. John performs a spell, which reveals symbols on the floor. Next, Miranda is confronted by the evil presence, which transports her back to a young man (Teddy Cole), who requests she open the door, before the man returns.

John confronts Ritchie with the evidence of the Egyptian ritual. Ritchie discovers Jacob Shaw’s private journal has gone missing from his room. The journal involved writings about Shaw’s success with the Egyptian ritual. They believe Adam has gotten the journal and tried the ritual and will likely do so again. Adam and Lily discuss Miranda’s disappearance. Adam suggests Miranda could have been transported back to the evil house and suggests going back and performing the ritual again, but Lily disagrees and storms out.

Adam returns to the cemetery and performs the ritual. He discovers Miranda, who has been stabbed. Lily heads to the ballerina study to find Miranda unconscious and bloody. John and Ritchie discover Adam’s unconscious body at the cementary. In the evil house, Jacob Shaw enters and begins cutting them, while John attempts to wake them up. The next day, Ritchie informs John they found Miranda dead at the studio, while Ritchie blames himself for everyone’s deaths. Ritchie insists there is still one life they might be able to save.

John and Ritchie visit Lily, who tells them about finding Miranda’s body. She breaks down, when they tell her about Adam’s death. Adam, Carter and Miranda are still trapped in the house, despite being killed by Shaw. The trio are introduced to the man, Jacob Shaw, who runs the house. He suggests they play a game. He selects a weapon and gives the kids time to run. Adam stays and speaks with the man. Adam suggests it is impossible for him to be hurt in the house. The man grabs a sledgehammer and tries it out on Adam’s leg. Sadly, Adam’s hypothesis was wrong.

John takes Lily to his house, where she will be protected. Lily looks at her phone and is transported into the evil house, where the sledgehammer man is. Lily runs into Adam, who explains the house situation to her. He insists the evil man is hunting and killing them, before bringing them back to life and doing it again. Meanwhile, John and Ritchie argue over John’s plan to enter the house and help. Although it takes some convincing, Ritchie eventually agrees to help, before John sends the pair into the house.

Ritchie and John rendezvous inside Shaw’s house. Thanks to his studies, Ritchie is able to manipulate Shaw’s realm. John and Ritchie are confronted by Jacob Shaw. Shaw begins manipulating everything and slits Ritchie’s wrists. John convinces his mind is stronger and he will be able to overcome Shaw, which he does, by adding a sun to the world. Despite Ritchie healing the pair and defeating Shaw, they’ve left Lily behind. When John returns and gets her, she doesn’t want to leave Adam and the others behind, but she has no choice, as she escapes with Ritchie and John.

When the pair get ready to return, Ritchie seems interested in staying behind and suggests this fake world would be better than the old one back home, which is soon to be overtaken by the coming darkness. John insists Ritchie is trying to run away, before he wakes up. After a long wait, Ritchie finally wakes up in the real world. The next day, Ritchie speaks about the subject of Nirvana in his class. Meanwhile, John goes back to his peace, quite and bottle.


A Whole World Out There was one of the stronger episodes of Constantine, despite lacking appearances from Zed and Chas. Instead, we got a quirky, but effective performance from Jeremy Davis of Justified fame. The episode brought much dread and death, but a happy and colorful ending. While it didn’t necessarily move the coming darkness plot forward any, this was still a stronger episode, which deserves an 8 out of 10.

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