Constantine: The Saint of Last Resorts Review

constantine review

In the mid-season finale of Constantine, John (Matt Ryan) and Chas (Charles Halford) head to Mexico City, at the request of Anna Marine (Claire van der Boom), which brings them closer to the rising darkness. Meanwhile, Zed (Angelica Celaya) continues to fight her haunting past.

When the show opens, Hugo (Jose Pablo Cantillo, The Walking Dead) and his wife are celebrating the birth of their baby. The woman is awakened in the middle of the night and the baby is abducted. Meanwhile, Zed and John discuss Zed’s returning artistic motivations. She shows John her drawings, which depict an evil creature. John suggests Zed stick with the Crosswords and stop drawing demons!

Next, Anna Marie pays a visit to John. The woman is actually not there physically, but spiritually, as Zed runs her arm right through her. Before she vanishes, Anna requests John to come to Mexico and help investigate the disappearance of the baby. Next, the baby is carried into a dungeon and locked inside a cell.

When the show returns, John works to make a purification ball, before telling Zed she is staying behind. Much to Zed’s dismay, John admits that Anne was once a love interest, who told him she’d kill him, if she ever saw him again. Chas and Constantine arrive in Mexico City in a small Bug, which doesn’t look like it would fit both men. They quickly discover Anne, who is working as a nun. Anne Marie fills John in on all of the details and attempts to rekindle, but she is definitely not impressed. She brings up an old seance, which resulted in a lost child.

Meanwhile, Zed continues her demonic drawings, before being startled by noises in the house. John investigates the crime scene and checks out a mouse hole, as if he is in Tom & Jerry. Zed seems to be in some type of nightmare, as she opens a door to a bottomless pit. After a little flirting between John and one of the nuns, Chas gets the investigation back on track. His spell fails, which means they’re going to need to find the baby’s placenta. Constantine apologizes for hurting Anne, but she isn’t interested in his over-inflated ego. On the tree, where the placenta has been buried, John finds human/flesh fruit, which tells him the baby is alive.

While Anne, Hugo and John share drinks, John reveals that one of Eve’s sisters kidnapped the baby. He plans their next step, finding the problematic sister. After a phone call, Hugo tells the group that another baby has been taken. Meanwhile, Eddie (David A. Gregory) runs into Zed. He is obviously setting her up, as the pair head to the bar, where they discuss their careers and passions. When Zed touches Eddie, she sees herself being locked into a vault with him.

Constantine discovers that the evil demon is targeting the Lopez family. John attempts to perform a ritual, who will help him expose the evil sister, but is stopped by one of the nuns. He discovers that she is the evil entity, Lamashtu, before she attempts to drown him in the fountain. After a break, Eddie pays a visit to Zed’s place, where they begin making out, before Zed attacks him and interrogates him. Eddie tells Zed that her dad wants her home, before calling her Mary.

Meanwhile, Constantine reveals that Lamashtu likes to eat the babies. They pay a visit to Pia Lopez (Teresa Yenque), who reveals that the Brujeria are back. John realizes he is simply powerless against the warlocks. By using Hugo’s blood, John attempts to lure Lamashtu. Anne agrees to take part, since the demon will not trust Constantine. If their plan is successful, Constantine will be able to discover the location of the babies. Meanwhile, Zed continues to interrogate Eddie, who reveals they both have the same father. It seems like Zed was part of a cult or something, as a group of individuals enter with guns.

Zed threatens to kill Eddie, before he is shot dead. Meanwhile, John and Anne rekindle their relationship, before Anne takes on her dangerous task. During the sacrifice, Lamashtu appears and begins reaching for the baby, but Hugo chases her, while firing his gun, cluelessly. Next, Zed attempts to escape, before throwing a woman into the bottomless pit.

John, Chas and Anne scour the sewer dungeon for the babies, where they hear babies crying. Anne and John find the babies. While they try to leave the sewer, but Lamashtu appears and stops them. She reveals she is working with the warlocks, because they’re trying to split the wall between Earth and Hell. With the talisman and a spell, John defeats the demon with blue fire.

Zed is shot in the neck with a syringe. As John and Anne attempt to leave the sewers, they’re drawn back by the cry of a baby. A crawling creature appears, which John doesn’t know how to conquer. Anne shoots John, in order to make him find a way, while she escapes with the babies.


The first part of the midseason finale was fun to say the least. Lamashtu made an interesting villain for as long as she lasted. Of course, the episode felt like a setup for the next, which definitely looked interesting in the preview. John Constantine is shot and in danger, while Zed has possibly been abducted. The episode was good enough to make me want to stick around for the next. For that, it deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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