Constantine Review S1.E9

Constantine Harold Perrineau

When the show opens, Anne Marie (Claire van der Boom) escapes from the sewer with the babies. Chas (Charles Halford) questions her about John (Matt Ryan), who is still fighting the monster inside, while bleeding from the gunshot wound. Constantine turns himself into a gem, which stops the attack. Manny appears and questions John’s decision. Manny (Harold Perrineau) insists he can help him, but will not.

Zed (Angelica Celaya) awakes in a dark room and witnesses premonitions of Anne, before she awakes in the back of a van with Michael (Mann Alfonso), who questions her. He insists her daddy will be pleased, since she is still able to see the visions. Zed attempts to escape and insists she doesn’t want to return to her father. Michael stops the van and tries to knock Zed out with some medication, but Zed overpowers him and injects him with the syringe. Michael insists her father will never stop. Back in Mexico, Chas finds John in the sewer and helps him escape. John admits to letting Pazuzu into his body to protect himself. He insists he has a few days to get rid of the demon, otherwise Chas must kill him. His plan? Self-exorcism.

Constantine transforms and attacks Chas, before making his escape. Chas informs Zed of the situation and she leans about Anne. Zed heads to Mexico to help. Meanwhile, Constantine is surrounded by Police, with half a dozen dead bodies around him. When he stands up, he is taken into police custody. Constantine is taken to the prison, where he speaks with Stanley Gibson (Jeremy Crutchley) from the British Consulate. Const admits he was attacked by a street gang, Saint Death. Despite this, Stanley is unable to help Constantine for the time being. Zed finally rendezvous with Chas, who hasn’t been able to find Const. Zed suggests using Anne Marie to use bi-location to track John.

Back at the prison, Constantine speaks with a gangster in hopes of gaining information. John gives the gangster, Julio (Efren Ramirez, Napoleon Dynamite), a wallet, which belongs to Stanley. Some members of the Saint Death gang attempt to intimidate John, before Manny appears and questions him. John admits he isn’t ready to die. Julio leads Constantine to the prison chapel. Meanwhile, Chas and Zed track down Anne. She learns about John casting the demon king, Pazuzu, into himself. Zed tells Annie about John speaking to the angel, Manny, which convinces her to help.

Next, a man, Vincente (Werner Daehn), shows up in Stanley’s office and questions him about John. Stanley admits he has fixed it to ensure John won’t be leaving the prison anytime soon. Vinente attacks Stanley. Meanwhile, John searches the chapel for some holy water, when the Santa Muerte gangsters arrive for a fight. John transforms, which scares the gangsters, who try to escape. However, they’re killed easily. When the show returns, Constantine awakes outside, with all of the prisoners afraid of him. He confronts Julio, who insists he was forced to set John up. Anne Marie arrives using bi-location. Anne tells John about Chas and Zed’s intentions to rescue him. Anne agrees to pray for John, before she disappears.

Next, Chas and Zed arrive at the prison. Chas has all of the tools, which will be used for John’s exorcism, including an audio tape, with recordings of the exorcism rites in John’s voice. Zed pretends to be a hook to get inside. Meanwhile, Zed attacks a guard, which gets him locked up. Zed meets with John. After a brief conversation, Anne Marie enters, with a change of clothes for John. Anne tells Zed that she should leave John and never come back. Next, John is tied to a weight bench for the exorcism. Outside, Stanley arrives and is obviously possessed.

When the show returns, Anne, Chas and Zed begin the exorcism. The holy water doesn’t work, which is bad. Next, Vincente, or the trickster, enters and insists he came to end John’s life, but once he is a demon, he will become his comrade. Anne Marie stabs Vincente with the knife. Next, John is strapped to a stretcher. The trio decide to use sedatives to slow down the demon. Julio brings a cache of heroine to help. Anne Marie helps them escape the prison, by getting naked and using bi-location. Next, Zed tells Anne about her gift and her father trying to use it.

John insists Anne Marie will need to perform the exorcism. During the process, John transforms and Pazuzu begins insulting everyone. Anne Marie begins to doubt her ability to save John. Zed tells Anne she must forgive herself, before she can help John. Anne finally pulls off the exorcism. John wakes up and insists he wants a drink, before he sees Manny watching over him. Anne insists Zed must tell John about the people that are after her. Anne Marie leaves, after a friendly goodbye.


Well, Constantine is finally back, but it still hasn’t staved off the rumors of cancellation. While some of the previous episodes were indeed lacking, The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2 was definitely a major improvement. A strong performance from Matt Ryan helped to solidify the dangers of the evil Pazuzu demon. Of course, the prison atmosphere was welcoming and fun. Despite knowing no legitimate danger lingered, the episode was still successfully and deserves an 8 out of 10.

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