Constantine: Quid Pro Quo Review

Constantine Quid Pro Quo
When the show opens, we witness an evil spirit casting a wicked spell. Next, we’re introduced to Chas’s daughter, Geraldine Chandler (Alexa Nisenson). While she plays with her dolls, the evil rushes in and attacks her. John Constantine (Matt Ryan) attempts to comfort Zed (Angelica Celaya), by telling her he casted a spell, which will protect the property, but she doesn’t seem convinced. Zed tells John about her attackers, who call themselves the Resurrection Crusade. She finally reveals it is her father, who is coming after her. John tries to sweet talk Zed to help her. Meanwhile, they discover the map is bleeding. Next, we flash back two years and see Chas (Charles Halford) talking to Renee (Amanda Clayton) on the phone. Renee insists Chas come home right away and tuck in his daughter.
John leaves Chas at the bar, after putting a magical protection spell on him. The Lilian Axe band arrives and performs, while a fire breaks out and burns the band members. Chas attempts to help some of the people escape, but ends up getting trapped inside. Zed shows John the news, which reports on the people in Brooklyn, who are falling into comas. Next, Chas returns home and is belittled by Renee for being late. When Chas goes upstairs, he discovers Geraldine unconscious on the floor, with blood streaming from her nose.
John and Zed head to the hospital to meet with Chas. John uses a chemical on the girl’s lips, which shows celestial burn marks. He suggests she likely has a day or two. John insists getting touch with an old medium friend, who can get in touch with Geraldine. Renee arrives and suggests Zed get away from John. Chas and Renee argue over John’s presence. Next, the show flashes back and Chas is in the hospitals, with his daughter and wife by his side. John and crew head to a surplus army shop to find the medium. Inside, they find Fennel (Roger Floyd).
Fennel is not happy to see John. Of course, Chas puts a quick beat down on Fennel and forces him to help. After a quick seance, Geraldine speaks through Fennel. During the conversation, Fennel begins to levitate and speak with a demonic voice. Afterwards, Fennel shoots up in flames. Afterwards, John and crew attempt to figure out who the demon is. With Zed’s help and her visions, she is able to transport herself to a laboratory, which is at the Haskins Railroad Yard. A man in a cloak attacks Zed with a knife, which sends her back to the real world. Next, the trio head for Haskins Railroad Yard.
When they arrive, they discover nothing, but land. John throws a hubcap, which reveals a hidden building. With a little magic, he makes the invisible building appear, before everyone enters. Inside, the group discover Felix Faust (Mark Margolis), who happens to be the man in the cloak. John and Felix argue over Felix’s legacy. Chas attempts to attack Felix, but is contorted and attacked, by Felix’s magic. Felix and John agree to a deal, which requires John to send a demonic being back to hell.
Outside, Chas argues that they’re not doing enough to help, but John insists they need to wait until Felix drops his defenses, before they make their move. John sends Chas to the hospital to be with Renee. Afterwards, John and Zed head to the warehouse, in order to find Karabasan, who preys on sleeping victims and sucks their lives away. The pair prepare for John to confront the demon, by setting a trap. John uses the relic from Felix to look for the demon. Eventually, the demon is spotted eating a body.
The pair begin working on a plan to get the demon to come to them, in order to lure it to the trap. When the show returns, Chas returns to Renee and Geraldine. Chas makes his way back to the hospital, before flashing back. He speaks with John about the bar fire, which took 48 people. Of course, the newspaper only reports 47 people. John suggests his protection spell protected Chas. He insists John gained the lives of the dead, which means he’ll be able to die 47 times now.
Next, John sets a trap for Karabasan, by using Zed. The demon attempts to attack Zed, but John’s lighter seems to be out of fuel, which forces John to intervene in a physical manner. After the demon is put down, the pair return to the hospital to get Chas, but Renee intervenes and slaps John, but insisting she comes along. Zed convinces Renee to stay behind and be with Geraldine, when she wakes up.
The pair return to Felix, who isn’t impressed, since John didn’t send the demon to hell. Felix insists John will feel his pain and demands he pays the price again, before he releases Geraldine. Outside, Chas attempts to convince John to pull a little magic to defeat Felix, which John suggests is a bad idea. Chas punches John, before sticking him in the back of the cab. Afterward, the show flashes back to one of Geraldine’s birthdays and he is late again, because he had to help John. Renee attempts to convince Chas to stop working for John. Next, Chas returns to Felix and offers him 32 souls for his daughter’s.
Felix suggests Chas is desperate and pathetic, before threatening to take his soul. Chas admits to only having 31 souls, before slitting his own throat. Next, Renee and Zed listen to a news report about the comas, while speaking about Chas. Zed tells Renee about her psychic abilities and agrees to try to talk to Geraldine. Zed is able to channel Geraldine and speak to Renee. However, Zed loses it and begins to scream. Her purse falls off the counter, which reveals the address to the Haskins Railroad Yard to Renee.
Meanwhile, Chas comes back to life and confronts Felix, while John finally awakes. Felix agrees to Chas’s deal, but John enters and insists Chas will die, if he follows through with it. Chas traps Felix and drops a grenade on the ground, as Renee enters. John protects Renee, as the bomb explodes. Renee begins to blame her husband’s death on John.
Afterwards, John apologize to Renee for having to watch her husband’s death, before admitting he never tried to come between the pair. He sends Renee to go be with Geraldine, since she’ll be waking up soon. In the past, Chas tries to get John to reserve his spell, but John suggests he should work by his side. Chas returns home and shows Geraldine pictures of the people, who died in the fire.
Afterwards, John returns to the hospital and visits Zed, who wakes and wonders what happened to her. Zed tells John that his mother said her death wasn’t John’s fault, which startles John.

The latest episode of Constantine attempted to bring the emotions and pulled it off, with moderate success. The episode was definitely different and a look at Chas and his personal life. This made for an emotional episode, which forced Chas to step out of his comfort zone and attempt to save his daughter. There were certainly a few exciting moments in the episode, as well as a few that were gloomy and bleak. Ultimately, John and Chas worked together to save the day, while we got a few reveals about John’s mother and Chas’s numerable lives.
The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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