Constantine: Danse Vaudou Review

Constantine Papa Midnite

In the latest episode of Constantine, Constantine (Matt Ryan) travels to New Orleans to investigate a string of crimes. In order to deal with the negative consequences of a voodoo ritual, Const teams up with Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) to save the day.

In New Orleans, a young woman is stabbed to death on the streets. Despite some shots from Jim Corrigan (Emmett J Scanlan), the killer makes her escape. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, since this happens every day in The Big Easy. Back at the hideout, Constantine has a new toy, which can hypnotize. During her dream state, Zed Martin (Angelica Celaya) sees a woman teaching a boy how to shoot a gun. With the new information, the team heads to New Orleans, where they learn about the murder.

Constantine uses another magical gadget to check for spirits in the area. He is quickly becoming the modern, demonized MacGyver. Const and Zed are introduced to Jim, who tells them about the murder. Zed feels this is the boy she saw in her premonition.

While Const tries to get to know Zed a little better, Philip Carlberg (Colin Dennard) is seen hitchhiking forty miles outside of New Orleans. After getting picked up, he becomes the victim of a potential sexual assault. Zed sees the vehicle and it appears to crash into her, before she snaps back into reality. Next, the car, with Philip, nearly runs someone over, before crashing into a tree. Philip stands over the driver and says he thought he would get him to the city. Very creepy.

The next day, Chas leads Zed and Const to the crash scene, where they discover the victim is a male, who kept asking about a hitchhiker named Philip. Jim arrests Constantine, by claiming he is the murdered. Meanwhile, Chas encounters the masked woman on the streets and is brutally slashed with scissors. During his interview with Jim, Const discovers a string of murders, which were committed using a pair of scissors. He discovers the former super model, Misaki Ross (Chasty Ballesteros), who died five years ago. After her face got cut up, she was forced to wear a mask to hide her scars, before dying of an overdose. Philip was forced out of his house by his grandma because of his irresponsibility and drug use. Philip died in a car wreck.

When Chas (Charles Halford) is awaked by EMS on the streets, his wounds magically heal back together. He requests a new shirt, which seems familiar to No Country for Old Men. Constantine and Zed visit friends of Misaki and Philip. It is revealed that both of the friends of the dead visited a medium, Papa Midnite, in order to speak to the dead. It seems Const is going to have another run in with his old pal Midnite.

We see Papa Midnite reuniting Madeline Devereaux (Charity Jordan) with her husband, Clarke Devereaux (Yohance Myles). Const shows up and stops the ritual. Midnite insists the spell isn’t a resurrection spell. Midnite knocks Constantine out with some magical dust, before he is thrown into the trunk of a vehicle.

Jim and Zed meet on the road, where Philip had been. Zed suggests stopping people from picking Philip up, while Jim suggests picking him up together. Next, Midnite is seem performing another spell to determine whether or not Const is telling the truth. After receiving his answer, he visits Madeline and discovers that Clarke has been resurrected and is living with her. When he returns back outside, Const is already out of the vehicle and in the driver’s seat. Const suggests the rising darkness is corrupting Midnite’s magic. Midnite erases Constantine’s debt, as the pair agree to work together.

Jim seems to know Zed and questions her about her name change. Finally, they find Philip and pick him up. Again, Philip wants to go to the city, as the vehicle begins to move. When Zed questions Philip about being a stoner, he vanishes from the vehicle and appears on the roadway. Instead of swerving or slowing down, she runs directly into him and he vanishes into dust.

Const suggests putting the ghosts down at their source. Midnite and Const begin breaking into the crypt to steal their corpses. With all of the corpses, Midnite begins his spell, as Constantine sets fire to the corpses. Meanwhile, Zed and Jim pick up Philip once again. This time, Zed tells Philip about his grandmother and her reasons for kicking him out. After a request from Philip, Zed pulls over the car. Meanwhile, Const and Midnite continue their ritual, but the fire goes out. The two begin blaming one another for the spell’s failure.

After a brief scuffle, Constantine belittles himself, before requesting Midnite’s phone and suggesting he knows what went wrong. When the show returns, Chas tracks down Misaki and begins asking her questions. Meanwhile, the friends of the dead are brought to the ritual site. It has to be their responsibility to correct their actions. With everyone around, Const and Midnite attempt the spell again. All of the ghosts vanish one by one, as Midnite finishes the spell.

Jim tells Zed he noticed her picture from a missing person’s report and got rid of it for her. When the two touch, she sees a premonition of him dying and transforming into the Spectre. Meanwhile, Constantine asks Midnite to discover more information about the rising darkness. After Midnite performs his ritual, he tells Constantine the darkness is coming and it is being brought by someone close to him, who will betray him.


Overall, this episode of Constantine was good, but it wasn’t great. Despite some creepy and clever moments, there really wasn’t much excitement or suspense. However, the episode did reveal some interesting tidbits on Zed, who was recently reported missing. On the other hand, Constantine discovered that someone close to him is bringing in the darkness. This is likely the only suspenseful part of the episode. Is it Zed that is going to betray Constantine? Or could it be his friend, Chas?

When all is said and done, Danse Vaudou was a fun episode, but little more. The show still has room to improve and hopefully it gets there sooner rather than later. Still, the episode deserves an 8 out of 10.

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