Constantine: Blessed Are the Damned Review

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In the latest episode of Constantine, a preacher reviews an angel’s wing, which allows him to perform miracles. Of course, his actions come with consequences.

The episode opens with Paster Zachary (Patrick Carroll) discussing his sermons with Sarah (Juliana Harkavy). Zachary insists on using poisonous snakes like his father did. Next, he is seen handling the snakes in his church. Zachary is bit on the arm, before he drops dead. Suddnely, he awakes and receives an angel’s feather, which he places in his pocket. A man, with one leg, enters and is immediately given another leg, when touched by Zachary.

Zed Martin (Angelica Celaya) is attending an art class, when she sees something, which causes her to scream. Afterwards, she tells John Constantine (Matt Ryan) about her snake vision. Constantine is headed to Kentucky to visit the miracle preacher. Zed has driving duties, since Chas (Charles Halford) is out with his daughter. The pair visit the church and see the preacher healing a man’s blindness.

Constantine recognizes Zachary’s prayer as that of the bloody angels. He suggests there will be consequences for the preacher’s actions. Next, we see Nate Byars (Christopher Johnson) in a doctor’s office. The doctor checks out his new arm, before Nate’s eyes turn red and he kills the doctor. Afterwards, John and Zed meet with Tom (Jody Thompson), who tells them about a group baptism tomorrow. Meanwhile, Zed makes contact with the preacher and sees an eery vision. Next, John asks the preacher where he learned the language of the angels.

Meanwhile, Nate is on the prowl, when he is confronted by Officer Culver (Terry Dale Parks). Nate brutally beats him, before running away like an ape. John shows Zed a lake full of fish, which has been caused by the preacher. John calls Manny (Harold Perrineau), who refuses to show up. At the same time, Zachary tells Sarah that they need to build a bigger church and God is guiding his actions.

Constantine lures Manny using some green stuff that looks like weed and a symbol on the ground. Manny shows up through Zed’s body and tells Constantine he cannot help him. After Manny is gone, Zed returns and helps John discover their next target. They discover an angel, Imogen (Megan West). the pair take Imogen to a secluded location and she tells them how she entered their psychical plain. Zachary has Imogen’s feather. Manny shows up and speaks with Imogen. Manny reveals Imogen will die, if they don’t hurry up and give her the feather back.

Zachary is shown wearing the feather around his neck. Sarah tells him about Nate murdering two people and going on the run. She suggests it is Zachary’s fault, before coughing up blood. Zachary offers to heal her, but she refuses to let him. The pastor makes Sarah leave, after calling her a nonbeliever.

Constantine visits Zachary and questions him about the angel feather. Constantine attempts to grab the feather, but is zapped and knocked to the ground, before being forced outside. Zed is pulled out of hew tent by Nate, before John shows up and fights with Nate, who is stabbed in the stomach. After the ghoul, Nate, dies, his eyes turn to their normal color. The urgency to get the feather back begins to grow.

Zed attempts to gain Zachary’s confidence and he suggests she be baptized. During the baptism, Zed steals the feather, which causes the ghouls to attack. Zed, John and Zachary make their way to the church. Zed attempts to make her way to Imogen, while the others stay inside the church. Zachary attempts to having killed a man, which means he was on his way to hell, when he died.

The ghouls make it into the church and attack John, while Zed returns the feather to Imogen, which fixes the ghouls. However, Imogen turns out to be a fallen angel. Imogen is unable to leave, due to Constantine’s protection spell, as she reveals she killed a mortal. Constantine pleads with Manny to help Zed, who is being choked by Imogen. Manny transforms into Zed and pulls out Imogen’s heart.

Afterwards, Zachary apologizes to his congregation. Manny warns John that the barrier between Hell and Earth is browning smaller. He suggests things are going to grow worse.


This was an interesting episode of Constantine, which left Chas out in the cold. Of course, his presence wasn’t missed. While the Kentucky miracle preacher was fun, nothing seemed overly exciting or dangerous. There was very little fear that Zed or John was ever in danger. The episode was fun, but not much more. There is no real plot line, which carries from episode to episode and it really hurts the show. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10.

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