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helen mccrory fearless episode 1

Fearless Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see a young girl with a doll dancing on a ledge. Seconds later, Jason receivesĀ a letter from his father, Kevin (Sam Swainsbury). Jason heads downstairs, where he is greeted with a birthday surprise. After the celebrations die down, Jason’s stepfather, tells his mother, Annie (Rebecca Callard), about the letter. Later that night, Annie performs an… Read more →

the loch actress laura fraser

The Loch Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see a body submerged under water. The man’s body seems to be tied to a curling stone. Then, we see Detective Sergeant Annie Redford (Laura Fraser) curling with her friends. Seconds later, Evie Redford (Shona McHugh) and her friends arrive near the beach. Kieran Whitehead (Jack Bannon) pulls a bag out of the back of… Read more →

alice sophie rundle jamestown

Jamestown Episode 6 Recap

As the 6th episode begins, Silas (Stuart Martin) leaves Alice (Sophie Rundle) in hopes of finding his brother. Verity (Niamh Walsh) makes it clear that she is angry over Nathan Bailey’s murder. Meredith (Dean Lennox Kelly) tells her to leave it alone, since his murderers are in charge. As she reenters the town, Verity is approached by Nicholas Farlow (Burn… Read more →

Sinead Keenan Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue Finale Recap

At the opening, we see that the trial is just getting underway. Dave (Stephen Graham) and the other detectives escort Mel (Sinead Keenan) and Steve through the journalists. In the courtroom, Dave points out the suspects and their family members. He also confirms he plans to go after the parents, once this trial is settled. Seconds later, the boys are… Read more →

actress sinead keenan little boy blue

Little Boy Blue Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Dave Kelly (Stephen Graham) and his colleagues listen to the ballistic expert’s evidence. Dave refuses to accept it and encourages the man to return to his lab and retest the gun. Steve Jones (Brian F. O’Byrne) drives Owen (Matthew Roberts) to school. Owen pleads with his dad to let him out a good distance away… Read more →

kevin little boy blue

Little Boy Blue Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, James Yates (James Nelson-Joyce) watches news footage of Rhys. Eventually, his mother, Marie (Lizzie Hopley), forces him to turn it off. Then, she burns his phone’s sim card thinking it will stop the police from listening in. Dave (Stephen Graham) admits to DC Danny Jones (Robbie O’Neill) that they need to get the gun. Kevin Moody… Read more →

queen elizabeth children white princess

The White Princess Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, Elizabeth (Essie Davis) receives a letter from Burgundy detailing her son’s slow uprising. Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) supervises his sons as they practice their swordsmanship. The Duchess of Burgundy receives another letter from Elizabeth. She invites the King to Richard’s upcoming wedding. Henry receives the letter and contemplates his move. Jasper (Vincent Regan) encourages Henry to… Read more →