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Cardinal Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, we see Woody (Gord Rand) staking out local malls. During his stalking, he watches Edie (Allie MacDonald) and Eric (Brendan Fletcher) leave the store with Keith’s guitar. He follows the couple home and stakes out their house. Meanwhile, John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) has a nightmare envisioning himself calling out Keith’s name. In the morning, John pays a visit to Catherine (Deborah Hay). Catherine complains that John didn’t tell him about finding Kate. They embrace, before John leaves. Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) is shown inside of her vehicle. She intentionally burns a hole in her seat with a cigarette. She seems distraught. Once Lise enters the station, she learns that the media has picked up on the second victim. She follows Jerry Commanda (Glen Gould) outside and asks him about the casino chips.

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Commanda agrees to look into the money that changed hands. Seconds later, Cardinal steps outside and whisks Delorme away. Delorme pretends she worked with Commanda on a previous case. During their commute, Delorme receives a call from Josh (Alden Adair). After the call ends, Delorme apologizes and admits her switch from financial hasn’t been easy for her boyfriend. We jump over to Eric and Keith (Robert Naylor). Eric speaks about Edie’s condition, while hooking up a VCR. Cardinal and Delorme arrive at the bus depot and speak with a worker there. The boy agrees to get in touch with his boss. Next, the couple decides to visit local shops and bars, where Keith might have visited. Meanwhile, Edie prepares another cup of drugs for Keith. He chugs it down, before Eric turns on the television and VCR.

keith cardinal episode 4

The video shows Eric killing Todd Curry (Dylan Colton) with a hammer. Next, we see Woody playing with his child. Kristin (Trenna Keating) enters seconds later. She tells him that her brother may have a job for him. Woody doesn’t like the idea of working with Kristin’s brother. Nonetheless, he agrees to meet with him later. John and Delorme visit the bar, where Keith was drugged. The bartender admits to seeing Keith and tells the detectives about Keith’s behavior. Once they exit, they agree to visit local pharmacies and see if they can find out who mixed the drugs. Jerry Commanda pays a visit to Francis (Lawrence Bayne). He asks the man about the chips and eventually seems to convince him to hand over a sample of the money. The detectives return to the station. They’re stopped by Noelle Dyson (Kristen Thomson), who informs them that there will be a press conference soon.

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Cardinal doesn’t like the idea. Next, Cardinal sits down with Keith’s parents. He is asked about the killer. Cardinal is forced to admit that someone is killing people in town. Keith’s mother admits she didn’t want her son traveling all over the country to write music. During this time, Eric and Edie head out in the middle of nowhere. Edie complains about Eric’s earlier comments, before they dispose of Keith’s finger. Woody meets with Kristin’s brother. The man agrees to give him a job, as long as he changes his lifestyle. Woody agrees to do so. Later that night, Eric and Edie watch the press conference with Keith’s parents. Cardinal allows Keith’s mother, Melissa (Irene Poole), to speak. Eric watches intently and seems to enjoy the moment.

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Noelle ridicules Cardinal’s decision to let the woman speak. Cardinal insists he has probably bought Keith more time. Meanwhile, Eric speaks with Keith about his mother. He agrees to give the boy a chance to send a message to his mother. Later that night, Eric and Edie go for a stroll. Commanda gives Delorme information about the money. When Cardinal returns home, he finds Josh outside of his house. Josh, who is totally drunk, asks about Delorme. He also wonders whether the couple has been having an affair. During the conversation, Cardinal discovers that Delorme has only be transferred temporarily. He knows something is up. Josh reveals he found Delorme’s birth control pills. Delorme gets Detective Hannam (James Thomas) to investigate the money. Surprisingly, the money comes back clean.

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When Delorme returns home, she discovers that Cardinal has gotten Josh home. Delorme thanks her partner, before he leaves. Next, Woody breaks into Edie’s place. He sneaks downstairs and finds Keith. He tries to help the boy escape. However, they wind up trapped by Eric, who has a gun. Eric manages to stab Woody in the stomach. Keith grabs Edie and places a blade to her neck. Nonetheless, Eric knocks her in the face with the gun and retakes control of the situation.


Cardinal Review

Cardinal has progressively gotten better with each subsequent episode. The acting is a little hit and miss sometimes, but the interactions between the characters and the writing make the show well worth watching. The series is very raw, especially when it comes to Keith’s torture. I was hoping Woody would’ve saved Keith and exposed Eric’s crimes. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen. Now, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Cardinal and piece together the puzzle in time to save Keith.

A 7.5 out of 10 is awarded to the 4th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Cardinal now!

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